How closing your eyes changes other people.

Did you know that your meditation practice changes other people?

There have been various studies done on the correlation between populations of meditators and statistics like crime rates.

Transcendental meditation even used to have a crack squad of elite meditators who would fly into conflict zones, for example, to bring more harmony and peace.

I’m not sure if they still do that,  but the stats in the studies are significant and have been repeated.

Google something like "meditation and crime rate" if you don't believe me.

The fact is you don't even need to leave home.

I was involved in an informal one the Ishayas did about ten years ago together with a contact in the police department of a major US city.

We were in BC, Canada at the time.

We also found - in a city many hours from where we were - a big drop in crime rates, especially amongst violent crime.

The only rate that didn’t go down was speeding.

Given the Ishayas at the time were heavily into go-karting on their time off, we got wondering…

There are various theories as to why this happens, some more outrageous than others, but for me the fact is meditation gives me so much. When I’m solid, when I’m calm and clear and content, everyone around me has the chance to be solid.

If there is also some unseen fringe benefit to the people around me, well, that's just great.

Maybe I should start charging for the calm and clarity influence…?

Set up a “I meditate so you don’t have to” business?

Don’t steal my idea.