A little bit funny story about time flying and regret

The other day I was telling someone how old I was and then the fiancee (still love using that word - so fancy pants) told me I was wrong.

That came as a considerable shock. I am not often wrong, but she proved her case with the clever (and I'm not entirely sure, honest) use of "mathematics" (whatever that is).

How did that happen? I’ve gotten to the age where I have forgotten how old I am.

Just crept up on me I guess.

I was so busy doing stuff, time just passed. My age just passed.

Funny thing time. We think we have so much of it.

Good example - I used to love to kayak on the river. It was everything to me. It was all I talked about, all I thought about. Actually, all I dreamed about too.

I finally joined the local club and got a little practice session in at the pool.

It’s been 10 years.

Something that was once so crucial to my being, and I left it so long.

Obviously I’d moved on, had different priorities so it wasn’t at the very top of my list, but I always intended on joining a club and meeting some people and doing some sooner rather than later.

The mistake with time that I made - and so many people make - is that they will get to it “later”.

The mistake is you think there will be a magic time where you have all this “free time” to do all those things you were going to do “later”.

You think you have will have time. But you don’t.

You just do ... "stuff". Time fills itself.

The sad bit? The things that would really enhance your life? These are the things that are usually pushed aside for something else, to do “later”.

Your inner commitments are reflected in what you actually do. Take a look - it’s a little shocking - but what you are actually committed to is a lot times different from what you say you are committed to.

The upshot of this is a kick in the backside, of the good variety.

If you are like me, you have so many things you want to do. So many goals and things.

But to make sure you do them, you have to actively prioritise them.

Actively remind yourself, and take the steps to make sure those things happen. Do them now, or make a date to start, and a plan.

And do it!

Otherwise you’ll be sitting here 10 years on going, “holy cow! Where did the time go?”

You don’t want to get to “later” and regret not doing it sooner. Make your actions match your true priorities.

How about today?

Do it now. Do it now. Do it now.