Iggy Pop and Anthony Bourdain on contentment vs drive

Wouldn't it be great to be able to choose yourself an honorary uncle or auntie? You'd be able to pop over and hang out and soak in their wisdom and life experience. Get advice, hear stories, ask questions. Learn and laugh, all at the same time.

Two uncles I would have chosen would be Iggy Pop and the recently deceased Anthony Bourdain.

I love these two gentlemen for the lives they have lived, because they seem to have taken life choices less made – and I recently read a great interview with the both of them.

Here it is, if you’re interested:

They’re asking each other about contentment versus drive.

Both are in a place where they no longer need to work for money, and they’re talking about why they keep doing what they’re doing, as opposed to retiring to a sunny locale and “waiting to die.”

Have a read, but contentment vs drive used to be a big personal question for me, and one I now get asked a lot (funny that!)

Contentment and drive are seen to be an either/or thing in our society.

"If I’m content then that means I won’t be able to do the things I want to do, I’ll lose my ‘edge’” …

or …

“If I chase the things I want to do then stress and a lack of contentment will be a necessary by-product …”

But what if … ?

(Again, always the what if!)

But what if both fed each other?

Because they do. Just because everyone lives like they don’t, it doesn’t make it true.

Contentment alone doesn’t make for an enjoyable life. Sure, sitting around on your bottom is great, especially when you’ve been working hard. In fact it makes it all the more enjoyable.

But as a 24/7-365 strategy? Not that exciting.

Drive makes a life exciting. Goals - done the right way - mean you feel alive. People are never happier when they feel like they’re improving and getting somewhere.

However, you need to be totally present and appreciative too with all this – otherwise you get stressed and overwhelmed and pressured and negative and live so far in the future you can’t see anything else. You get discontent when your focus stays on what you don’t have.

In getting anything, you also need to know when to rest, how to switch off the mind.

Furthermore, knowing how to attend to all the aspects of your life, not just one or two, is important – at least to me.

So many people solely focus on work and forget their health and relationships. Or focus on family alone, and not on what makes them alive.

You’ll see it taken to extremes in the (very cool) Netflix doc the Defiant Ones, about Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre. It’s about these amazing, talented music guys who are genius. It’s not a big part of the documentary, but it’s clear in several bits that they are so focussed on their work they spend a big chunk of their lives tuning everything and everyone else completely out.

Reading Lance Armstrong’s books even before the details of his drugs scandal broke was the same.  It was obvious he would be a nightmare to try and have a relationship with, even just to be around, unless you bought solely into his super-focused and narrow vision of life.

I wonder if that sole dedication, focus and sacrifice is worth it?

Would you pay that price? To be a genius in one sphere of life but have everything else be neglected?

I’m not sure I would. But I’m happy with “good enough,” that idea that balance and good enough everywhere is way better than perfectionism in a small somewhere.

Anyhoo – I’m rambling now. What I’m trying to say is that you can have your cake and eat it too. Drive and contentment, focus and calm, peace and performance can all be yours.

You don’t need to make peace and performance and either/or situation, even if you choose to narrow your focus and be a world champion.


Go well! Arjuna

PS. Do you know what Iggy Pop answered when Anthony Bourdain asked him what thrills him, after a life of adventure?

“Being loved and actually appreciating the people that are giving that to me”, replied Iggy. Awesome.


I called my six-month programme of helping you transform your relationship with your mind and all aspects of your life “200%” because that’s what it gives you.

100% inner contentment, calm, happiness and focus leads to 100% of the rewards of life.

If you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll let you know all the details.

Did you see that bizarre woman in the news?

Did you see that in the recent news a woman is claiming that drinking her dog’s urine keeps her beautiful (not for me thanks. How about you?), A teenager got her head stuck in a truck’s modified exhaust after seeing if it would fit (it did, perfectly),

nd a Spanish police dog has been trained to revive people using CPR (where can I get one?)

On what fun!

This world is a marvellous, mad, bizarre place, is it not?

I love it.

The world can be a super enjoyable place - if you remember to keep things in perspective, maintain a sense of humour and stay present and curious. And perhaps your distance from the more energetically bizarre folks out there.

But here’s a bizarre thing that people do and believe: Let me tell you about it - I know it because I did it for a long time.

In the search for a more fun, free, and focused life -

Where you don’t lose it so much, where you stay firmly “on the handle” (as in, not flying off it), of having a life that is free from suffering, overwhelm, negativity … in other words keeping cool and calm and content, enjoying everything so you can be effective in what you do …

People believe that fun is not part of that.

That serenity and acceptance and contentment and presence is somehow a serious thing.

I'm not sure how that ever happened, but allow me to put that one to bed, right now.

All the enlightened people that I have ever met have laughed their little (and large) butts off, all day long. Mirth, joy, chuckles, guffaws, all the ways down to an inner smile … the whole time.

If you want to make sure you enjoy your life more? Do not fall into the trap of believing that any of this is a serious thing.

Hold certain principles as sacred perhaps, but laugh at them nonetheless.

Laughter comes easy, really it does. Seriousness of any kind is actually quite difficult. You can certainly train yourself to be serious, but really, it’s not much fun is it?

A path to heaven need not go through hell. That is your choice, and your choice alone. Just because some people believe that you need to struggle to get to where you want to go, in this thing you do not. No sir and/or madam!

I promise you.

Do not do what I did, which was hedge my bets a little and be a touch serious just in case. It is not necessary, ever.

The best way you can repay anyone’s love and kindness? Have a sensationally enjoyable life. And the best revenge - if you want to focus on that sort of thing? (Which I don’t really recommend, but up to you…) Exactly the same. Enjoy yourself, to the maximum.


Go well! Arjuna

PS. I really am quite excited about my book, 200% - an Instruction Manual for Living Fully. I’ve been working on polishing it, and it gotten quite a shine. It’s with the proof-reader as we speak, then it will head to the designer, and then you can get your hands on it!

I know I’ve been telling you about it forever but it’s coming closer to being available, truly. I will let you know as soon as I do. Super cool.

“The mornings became mine again”

I wrote something recently about mobile phones, and how switching them off from time to time can make a world of difference to your life. Someone tried this in the morning, and was delighted. She said: “The mornings became mine again” – I think that is so great.

There’s two ways your mornings can go –

One is firing out the door, late again, yelling at the kids to get a move on, coffee in one hand, important whatevers in the other hand, holding the car keys in between your teeth, stress and anger already building.

Or you can take steps so that you enjoy your morning, walking out the door ready for whatever the day brings, calmly, content, with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart. With a sense of perspective, a sense of being centred and able to enjoy your morning endeavours.

Which one do you want?

“Win the morning, win the day” is a saying I’ve heard being bandied about, and it’s true. You start the way you intend to continue, rather than trying to get your mojo back on the hoof, which is a lot harder.

In getting an enjoyable, as well as effective, kind of day a little planning and preparation goes a long way:

Turning your phone off could be something you do just to give yourself time and space before the world rushes in. Closing your eyes to meditate, to breathe, to really centre yourself … a brilliant idea. Taking some time to journal, to plan, to remind yourself of what is important (not urgent - big difference) … very good too.

Imagine that … a great start to your day rather than a frazzled, stressed one. And depending on your family set up, perhaps it means just waking a little bit earlier to make sure you can give yourself some time.

Now that may mean you can't stay awake to the early hours watching Netflix. Boring? Yet a small sacrifice means a huge payoff the next day. Everything is so much more enjoyable, and manageable.

How about it? Something for you to consider.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. How to switch off and be present? Here's a free guide for you:


Mayonnaise - Satan’s condiment?

"Mayonnaise is a tyrant of a condiment, and very arrogant. It thinks it makes everything better but it does not."_______

So said a man recently in the news who obviously dislikes mayonnaise ...

And I’m with him.

Mayo? No thanks. It’s a bit like whipped cream. That I do not like, no I do not. Not at all. It’s just too … cloying. All pervasive. It takes over. It is indeed a tyrant. Now clotted cream on the other hand … that there is nectar of Gods.

(In the picture - note the evil mayonnaise lurking in the background, plotting ... and to be childish, for sure, do you see the brand? Of course. I rest my case)

However - I'm not here to chat about condiments or scone toppings.

I want to talk about complaining ... because it works.

The above man estimates politely (key word) complaining about the mayonnaise being thrust upon his food in restaurants, even when he has clearly stated that he does not want such a thing, means he has been given around £1000 a year in free dishes or discounts as way of apology.

Yet so often we put up with something that is unacceptable. Have you had that? Of course you have. You clearly state “x” and you get “y”, and yet “I don’t want to make a fuss” you might say.

On holiday in Greece I heard a man saying the exact same thing while concerned bystanders were trying to help him with the (small) heart attack he was having.

"I don’t want to make a fuss, I’ll just die quietly here in the corner …"

Or someone treats you in a way that is appalling and you think it’s your fault, or that it doesn’t matter, it’s not important, you’ll just let it go … and yet clearly it does matter as it eats you alive inside your own head for the next 3 days.

Complaining, or having the courage to attempt to change the things you can, is a great thing, a wonderful thing, an important thing.

How will anyone get better if they don’t know what you feel about the matter? How will your life be if you never stand up for yourself and/or do those things that may well be within your power?

Indeed - it needs to be tempered with the serenity to accept that sometimes, perhaps often times, people won’t change. But at least you’ve spoken up for yourself in a timely manner.

Maybe you are given a free meal, maybe someone will shout at you.

What I know for sure is sometimes the truer the “complaint”, sometimes the more extreme the response from someone can be. When something hurts, sometimes that's a great indicator that it’s true. Ouch. You’re not as good as you think you are, but - as I said above - how will you improve if you don’t know?

Now this is all very different from whining and whinging.

That is a focus on what is wrong and is so boring and tedious. Be very careful with that. It means you’ve become a victim to what you think is wrong, and aren’t doing anything about it except for letting your trap run.

Do something or don’t, but just drop it. Whining is no way to live.

So have the courage to change, and the serenity to accept.

But how do you find the wisdom to know the difference?

Well - that’s where life gets exciting. That’s where the spiritual rubber meets the road of life, as a wise man once said.

Wisdom can only come when you tune into the need of this moment in time. Not the last moment, but this moment, here now.

When you do that you are given wisdom. And it’s all about playing and exploring and seeing too. Don’t be afraid to make a “wrong” decision. You’ll be paralysed that way, too scared to do anything, and that’s no fun.

Just tune in and see what this moment needs. Alrighty?

Go well! Arjuna

PS. It always comes back to now, doesn’t it?

All of life, all of it - here, now. Get good at living here and now, and all stress, overwhelm, negativity and whining fall away. 

Peace, clarity, effectiveness, contentment and fun reign.

Here's 108 ways to get super present and mindful and stay cool, calm and collected:

Winston didn’t say this about courage, but it’s still cool

I found a cool quote yesterday, I wanted to share it with you:______

“Success is not final, Failure is not fatal: It’s the courage to continue that counts.”

- Anon ______

Supposedly Winston Churchill said that, but experts are saying he had nothing to do with it.

Just as an aside - it’s interesting isn’t it? All these quotes that Buddha said, or Michaelangelo said, or Gandhi said, and none of them are true.

As Aristotle once wrote: "Not everything you read on the internet is true"... Heh heh.

These experts occasionally complain about this lack of scholarly attention, but the cool thing is this:

The WORDS have truth in them, that’s why they travel so far and wide. And to me? That’s all that really matters.

I remember ages back there was this channelled being called Ramtha. He spoke some very wise words and helped a ton of people out with what he was saying, through his channeller JZ Knight.

One day JZ pipes up and admits that she made it all up, Ramtha didn’t exist and it was just her speaking her truth.

People left in their droves. 

They wanted the glamour, I guess, of some mystical being and not the words of “just” some housewife.

But here is my point, in this rather large detour … it doesn’t matter where truth comes from, as long as it speaks from you.

Young Bubba is FULL of truth and she doesn’t even speak yet. So if I were you, I'd stay open to finding truth anywhere.

BACK to the quote though - 

No matter where it comes from, it’s an excellent set of advice, isn’t it?

No matter what, just get up and go again. Think you're a success? Doesn't matter - this moment is it. Think you're a failure? Doesn't matter - you get another chance to go again.

In Ascension there will be times where your head just tells you to give up. It will. If it’s anything like my head, then it will.

However the funny thing is that no matter how difficult life might SEEM, no matter how much my head would whine and complain and tell me to get out of there …

I knew - really - deep down, that I had no choice. I would keep going until I mastered my mind, until the job was done.

The more I did that, the more it led to the same attitude in life and in doing all those things I said I wanted to do.

No matter what, I've found the ability to ignore my mind and just keep going until I got where I wanted to go.

So for what it’s worth … I hope that is worth something!

Just get up and go again, no matter what.

It’s really the only thing that works in any sphere of life.

Love yas A

PS. Meditation is so great - because it gives you the means to ignore the past, ignore your thoughts about the past and all the regrets and guilt that may contain …

And instead be completely present and alive to this moment, and all the possibilities it may contain for you.

Here's a little free guide on how to master your mind, simply:

Want to wake up the easy way or the hard way?

Lance Armstrong, that incredibly driven cyclist character, once said something about perspective and attitude. Now he’s is probably second best known for his recovery from cancer, but about that he said: _______ “I take nothing for granted. There are only good days and great days after chemotherapy.” _______

When you live through something has nasty as cancer and chemotherapy everything becomes a bonus.

And yet here we are with a pretty good life, and it can be so easy to fall into complaining, into taking things for granted, into focusing on what is wrong with our lives.

Isn’t it?

When you face challenges of any kind, they can serve you (as in being of service to your highest good) to highlight what is good and great about your life. Things formerly unnoticed start to come into focus. All of a sudden it can become clear how wonderful your life actually is, now, as it is.

And yet you can get through the average day without even appreciating how good it is just to be alive, to taste the coffee and breathe the air and walk across the Earth.

If I exist for one thing, it’s to remind people (and as I remind you, I remind myself) of how great things already are. The importance of, instead of waiting for a better moment, loving this one ...

Not so you don’t do anything, but so you can be of the greatest use to the world, free from stress or struggle or negativity.

Because you don’t want a wake up call like cancer. You don’t need it to wake up. Choose to wake up the easy way.

It just takes a little reminding now and then, it takes prioritising what is truly important to you, and practicing now, when the going is good.

The more you practice, the more you remember. The more you remember, the more you become what you practice. Doing this means overwhelm and negativity and feeling lost becomes a memory. A memory. You free yourself from all of that.


Thank you for you, and go well! Arjuna

PS. Join me for some tools that centre you right in the heart of not taking anything for granted? That make all your days only good or great? Here's your free guide to get you started:

They know where you are, ALL the time

Listening to the radio the other afternoon - Sumati likes to have music on when she’s in the kitchen. And she is a great cook, so whatever she needs to get in the zone is fine with me, you know? Usually I don’t like listening to radio DJs, they tend to prattle. However this one time was very interesting to me.

You know there’s a feature on your mobile where your loved ones can tell where you are at all times? Like a locater rescue beacon but perhaps more sinister.

The story came that the DJ was in the gym and noticed the guy, the same guy every time, just sitting in the corner on his phone. He asked phone guy what he was up to.

Phone guy explains: “Well, you see my girlfriend knows where I am. A while back I promised to go to the gym because she wanted me to, and now she checks. So I come here and watch Netflix”.


Is it just me, or is there something a bit mad about that? I get doing things because Sumati wants me to, I get the “giving-ness” of doing that when you’re in a relationship with someone. However, I WANT to. I want to do the things that are really important to her. It’s really no biggie if I tidy away the toilet roll inners rather than following my natural tendency (which is to build a little cardboard pyramid with them) … And yet - if I’m doing things for her or anyone and in my heart of hearts I really don’t want to, then resentment builds … right?

Doing things you really really don’t want to just because you don’t want to communicate it out is a recipe for disaster. Sucking it up and keeping the peace is one thing, a great thing, and yet sometimes you have to be honest. Because if you’re not honest about the things that you really do and don’t want to do now, you’ll be forced to be honest about them later. And that is quite often significantly explosive and messier.

What kind of life is it not truly living your life?

Indeed. Go well! Arjuna

PS. Free guide to meditation and mindfulness? Why not ?… Be warned though, it has the tendency to change your life. If I would say one thing it has given me, it is the ability to be authentic while being able to give to others so much more. Finding that balance of “me” and “you”:

Your enrolment has been accepted

The most amazing thing (I personally think) is that you are enrolled and being educated in a very prestigious school ... and perhaps you don’t even realise it. If you are pay attention, if you are willing, the university of life is trying to teach you in the exact ways where you can be more free, have more fun and be more effective with less struggle and overwhelm and negativity:

Where and how you can truly be alive.

It’s trying to show you everything. It’s constantly pointing the finger, inviting you (sometimes in what may seem the strangest of ways) to really look and see how you can respond to life better. It’s constantly asking “how do you REALLY want to live?”

It’s a great question is it not?

How DO you want to live? At the end of the day, what do YOU want it to mean to be you?

With struggle and stress and overwhelm and negativity? Or fluidity and humility, confident and calm, content and with a sense of humour?

The great thing about this school is there are no failures. You always get another shot. There is always another lesson. Not to punish you - but to HELP you. All of this, no matter how it may seem, is indeed to help you! If you have the right attitude you will see this.

Isn't that cool? You're being looked after - you just need to accept the invitation.

Go well!



Freely choosing your response IS a definite education. A skill that requires practice and persistence. It’s a kind of fitness, an ability that you CAN develop.

Here’s an excellent way to get really good, really quick:

A life lesson that may have nothing to do with Thor

I am a very happy chappy right now. I’m a very happy chappy anyways, very content with my lot, but very shortly my ladies are leaving me in search of this thing called “London”.

This means two things: I can freely go to the cinema to see something mindlessly full - or is it mindfully less? Anyway, lookout Thor! Here I come.

Have you heard that joke? Thor’s riding his horse and is feeling rather pleased with himself; “I am Thor!” he yells.

At which is horse replies “well uthe a thaddle, thilly!”

And that is the clean version. Ahem.

The other thing is that I can head out kayaking all weekend if I wanna. The weather forecast is brilliant too, in that’s it’s all wet. Good stuff.

Which reminds me - a lesson for you, that kayaking taught me: Look where you want to go.

If you look at the rocks, you end up on them. If you look for the easy water, you’ll go there.

Profound huh? I thought so too.

OK - let me explain: You go where you put your attention. What you focus on, grows.

You focus on what could grow wrong, and that tends to be what happens. Focus on how much you don’t have, what is missing, what is lacking and that is what you get. Overwhelm and negativity and stress.

Focus on what is good, on what is right, on what you do have? Peace, confidence, optimism and enjoyment.

Now - it’s important you recognise what could go wrong, the reality of where you are now, but don’t dwell on it. Only a fool would kayak down a rapid without having a good look first. Once you’ve decided to go? Focus on what you need to do to get to the bottom safely and with a smile on your face.

I really hope that makes sense.

If it doesn’t make sense I really hope it entertained you. Because happiness and fun has to be the bottom line. Even hard work need not be a drudgery - it can be fun if you have the right attitude and focus on the right things.

What you focus on grows, your attitude makes all the difference. Let me know if I can help with something- Go well! Arjuna

PS. Adjusting your attitude is a simple matter of making a mindful, aware choice. Here’s a little practice that will help you be just that: 

Don't stop = Hammer time

I am so sore.

I went for a run yesterday.

I know, what was I thinking?

It’s been a while too, so I now have extra unused to running soreness.

Interesting thing though -

As I was running up one of the many hills around here.

Ooh - but let me get carried away for a moment …

Positives for living on top of a hill?

Great views.

Little chance of flooding.

Feel superior to my fellow human, as I look down upon them from on high.

(not really, just joking)


What goes down must come up.

As in, back up the hill to home, cups of tea, and sanctuary.

So there I was, running -

I thought, I’ll take a little breather just around this bend.

And then there were pedestrians!

Just strolling -

My pride wouldn’t let me stop within their viewing.

So I staggered on …

“Just around THIS corner” I said,

And you know how it goes -

People everywhere -

And all of them stopping me from stopping.

Part of me is all “urggghhhhh” but the bigger part of me is “hurrah!”

That is so weird when you have opposing teams in the same head.

Shows how messed up our heads are.

It just reminded me of the power of doing anything with other people.

Where people can support you to not stop,

To keep going.

Meditation and mindfulness is no different.

It can be a lonely activity, being there all alone (violins?)

So a community of good is worth it’s weight in gold.

All the ancient texts from London to Japan -

Mis-quoting MC Hammer now … I must be delirious from running aches …

Say the exact same thing.

Keep good company.

And a finer group of good people in the world wide Ascension community you will not find anywhere else.

Supportive, honest, inspiring, humble, down to earth, and funny.

These guys crack me up all day long.

Like to be a part of such a community?

Come on in, the first step is learning the simplest most powerful tools for peace in the universe.

Here is an excellent place to get started:

Go well!


PS. Yeah, yeah, Nah, yah!

The 2 traits necessary to transform


Stepping from one state of being to another.

Mastering your mind, mastering your stress, for example.

Being free of heart, mind, body and soul is another example.

Transformation requires many things.

A method - a tool, in other words, is one thing.

I use Ascension meditation but the breath is an excellent place to start,

And you always have the breath.

Guidance on how to use the tool is also extremely useful.

Many a person has tried to use a hammer where a screwdriver is better suited.

I think I’m mixing my metaphors here … but hopefully you get the idea.

Also - super useful to have someone, someones, who has been there, done that,

Tried to hammer and realised that is just mashes everything up …

This experience just fires you along as quickly as possible.

“Stand on the shoulders of giants”,

Is what, I believe, Sir Issac Newton once said.

And he made apples fall from trees - so clearly he was no dumbo.

But in terms of YOU -

2 personal traits that will help you immensely in mastering your mind,

Getting rid of stress and stepping into a cool, calm, content Aliveness,


Gentleness and Stubbornness.


Because you have to treat your head -

When it gets angry and full of rage and jealousy and frustration,

Or good old sorrow and guilt and worry -

You have to treat it as you would a baby having a loud cry and a bit of a tantrum.

No need to stick your ear close and listen to the shrieks -

(I know this one from experience)

But to shout and shake and try and get the damn thing to SHUT UP! is counter-productive.

Be as patient and gentle as possible,

As if your head was having teething troubles along with gas and colic and as many other baby / toddler troubles I can think of …

It isn’t you. It won’t last forever.

Gentle does it - bring yourself back to what you want to focus on,

Even, and especially, when it’s extra loud and extra mad.


Return, return, return.

Fighting it only creates more stress.


This is the ability to not stop until you get where you want to be.

Winston Churchill once said:

“When you’re going through hell, keep going”.

It could be tempting to stop and give up, to lie down and throw in the towel.

But the ability to gently but consistently keep going means nothing can stop you, ever.

And the truth is,

No matter what you are going through,

No matter what your head is telling you,

It will change.

It will settle, it will transform.

I can tell you this because I’ve been through it.

Buddha once said there was only two mistakes you can make on your part to freedom.

Not starting, and not going all the way.


If you’d like to talk about any of this,

Or anything at all - preferably not politics, but I am open to talking about good recipes …

But essentially how you can use my experience to help you transform in ways you wish …

Let’s do it.

I’ve got a few free spots this week and I’d love to help.

Go well!



I’ve got something coming I think you’re going to like.

I’ve been testing it over the last week or so to iron out the crinkles and it’s been just super.

It’s a plan to help you forget to be stressed.

Imagine that!

If you could just forget to be stressed?

Hang in there, and I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

Creating your future, now

A big part of the teaching of Ascension, and any meditation or mindfulness practice worth it's salt, is:

Being present - practicing mindful, aware, non-judgemental acceptance.

The other part is actively creating your future ahead of you.

What do I mean by that?

When you’re super present, absorbed in the moment, you tend to have a glass half full point of view.

Life gets rosier because you’re not giving much attention to judgements and expectation and stuff like that.

You’re not spending a lot of time focusing on what you think is wrong or what you think "should be", you see.

When you’re fully tuned into “what is” -

All is well.

It is quite a place of contentment.

Now, if you get present AND also choose to focus on what is good and right in  your world,

Then that habit of focusing on the wrong and taking the good for granted starts to burn up.

You’re creating a better future for yourself by ridding yourself of the habits that are downward spiralling.

SO -

If you are feeling grumpy,

If you know you are making your partner’s life a misery,

If you want to improve any relationship, actually,

If you want to completely free yourself of ALL stress,

(I’m serious - because stress is caused when you overwhelmingly focus on what is wrong)

If you want to feel real gratitude for your life, your body, your world?

And never take anything for granted again?

If you want a truly Alive life?

Start appreciating and -yes- being grateful for everything, and anything -

Right NOW.

Go out of your way to choose to notice and speak these things.

Fill your days with them.

Your relationship will come alive.

Your body will come alive.

Your life will do the same.

And so quickly too - the future is here!

It’s not fake, it’s not forced -

It only feels that way because, actually, you haven’t done it much.

It’s an indicator of how much you focus on what is wrong.

Don’t wait to feel it before you say it - just think and say it, then the feeling will come.

Make sense?

Super important ^^^

That’s what I mean by creating your future ahead of you.


Give it a try and tell me how you go!

Go well



Your spouse may initially say something like “What have you done?”; “What do you want?” …

All in a suspicious manner ... like you're apologising in advance ...

Keep doing it, they’ll get used to it for sure.


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Ronaldo, temper tantrums and feeling foolish

You might know of Ronaldo,

The world’s second best football player … ?


Bear with me - you might be no sports fan, but there’s something in this for you.

Recently he was banned for 5 matches.

Because he had a little tantrum and PUSHED the referee.

Now, I’m not a professional athlete,

But it seems to me the last people you want to physically mess with are the officials.

“Don’t you know who I am?” isn’t the best approach, is it?

Professional athletes know the head game is as important as the physical game -

or they should.

It looks like when that red mist descends, it’s hard to stop - even for the experts.

Well, that’s not true.

I have had quite a temper.

Never physical violence, but sure to be sure, I have thrown a few strops,

Had a few meltdowns,

Said some things …

And never been very proud of any of it when the dust settles.

How about you?

Not necessarily something as dramatic as a melt down,

But how about that "snapping" at your kids, at your partner?

And how guilty you feel about it after?

Or just the low grade grumps when you make everyone’s lives just that little bit more miserable.

Grump, grump, grump.

Heh heh - I know those SO well.

The thing I realised is that the more head space you have,

The easier it is to see these reactions coming, and do something different.

What gives you less head space?

Exhaustion and tiredness is one. Stress is another - that overload. Losing your sense of humour, that’s another - isn’t it? How busy you are in your head - how much your overthink things, lack of sleep …

All that stuff.

How do you get MORE head space, so you can see a reaction coming -

And have a choice about whether you follow it,

Or decide to do something different?

It’s the whole reason why I’m a meditation teacher.

If Ascension meditation didn’t work for me and my temper (amongst many other things) then I would not be here telling the world about it.

You CAN permanently adjust your baseline of temper.

It is a practice, for sure,

But the more I practiced my Ascension meditation the more “teflon” I got.

Life would throw those custard pies, and they'd slide right off.

What was previously intolerable began to have zero effect on me.

Amazing huh?

If I can do it - you can do it.

It’s just a case of how much do you WANT to do it.

Is it worth devoting a little time every day to?

I think so.

Go well!



Anyone have Ronaldo’s number?

Haha - just had an imagine of a bunch of you Ronaldo fans going

“oooh, I’d like his number …”


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The Wrong Attitude, the Right Zen-titude to end Frustration

So many people say they can’t meditate,

They can't be mindful.

That they forget.

They get frustrated, annoyed by their thoughts, the noise from the neighbour, their heart beatings …

You name it, people get annoyed by it.

And I understand completely.

I’ve been there too.

“What do I DO??!”,

I used to cry to my Ascension meditation teacher.

The answer that he helped me discover is not what I expected -

You don’t DO anything.

You do as little as possible actually.

Yes, that ^^^ annoyed me as well.

Here’s what I mean, grasshopper.

Assume an attitude of Zen,

A Zen-titude ...

Get it?

As in nothing matters.

As in, “I am noble and compassionate - I am patience and presence itself. Nothing ruffles me, I treat all comings and goings, all events with great equanimity. Yes I do indeedy ...”

(Great word is equanimity - look it up)

Its great fun actually -

Just pretending thats you.

Role play!

Assuming a role of “Nothing matters. I’m choose not to be bothered, I am like flowing water, really super peaceful flowing water ... ooh, I really need the loo”

For you see:

The part of you that gets frustrated when you meditate?

When you have too many thoughts?

Or in life when you get anxious, again?

Or your worries get the better of you, once again at 3 in the am?

Or when you react once again in a way you regret?

Let me ask you:

What part of you is getting annoyed and starts fighting?

I’ll tell you:

The very part that you are wanting to lose through meditation and mindfulness.

So by engaging this annoyed part of your mind,

By attempting to get calm … you lose calm.

Do you see?

By wanting something, anything actually - you’re engaging the part of you the struggles and fights and resists

That part of you gets anxious and worries about the future,

That part of you regrets what you’ve done, that feels guilty for what you’re doing,

You know?

So just assume away - as in, assume the Zen-titude.

Don't try and get calm ...

BE calm.

As much as you can, no matter what happens.

It’ll make your meditation and mindfulness practice so much easier and rewarding.

And it’ll mean in your busy life you maintain that half step back of perspective more and more.

Of seeing clearly and RESPONDING, rather than unconsciously REACTING.


Questions? Just ask -

Go well!



Of course - interested in having an end to frustration?

An end to stress and struggle, overwhelm and negativity, anxiety and worry.

Here is your FREE guide to all that goodness.

A better start I know not.

When You Take a Kick to the “Zensticles”

“Zensticles” ... ?

When life delivers a low blow -

You take a kick to the “Zensticles”,

As in:

Your organs of Zen take a blow,

Calm, perspective, fun - it all goes out the window.

You fume and you fight, you shake your fist at the sky: “Why me??”

And it matters not your gender.

“Zenvaries” perhaps …?

The whole point of mindfulness, being present, practicing meditation such as Ascension ... (or Zen for that matter)?

Is to develop sturdier Zen parts,

Ones that will take the knocks of life.

Firm, flexible, fluid, resilient - so you can take the kicks and -

I mean this 100% -

Come up smiling,

With a “thank you” on your lips, a song in your heart -

And actually mean it.

Your attitude to life becomes not: “life is out to kick me in the sensitive bits, and all the time” -

Which it does seem to do sometimes, doesn’t it?

But actually your attitude becomes one of enquiry -

(A Zenitude, to be sure)

You see Life is actually saying to you:

“Hey - how about here? You can become more free and more joyful here and here. Oh, and there’s more to be Lived right here too”

Do you see the difference in approach/attitude?

I know that may seem far fetched, but it’s true.

I’ve seen it in myself and in countless others.

You CAN develop a completely new attitude, a new response to all of life -

Even and especially when it seems life goes pear shaped.

Life stops being merely about survival and just getting by,

Trying not to react, trying to stay on the right side of that stress/enjoyment line

And genuinely and naturally - it’s not forced at all -

Your attitude becomes one of gratitude and learning and exploration -

Not so much “why?” but a lot more “wow”.

Far fetched?

But what if? What if you could live like that?

It would be worth trying, would it not?

So for fantastic Zensticles:

First step - learn to meditate. I personally practice and recommend the Bright Path Ishayas Ascension:

or get my free guide to a sturdy sense of unflappable Zen:

Second step:

Assume the attitude you want to have more of.

If you’re enjoying the results of the “why?” type one, keep doing that.

If you want more of the “Wow!” one - assume that one.

Fake it till you make it.

Start with actively appreciation and gratitude.

Look not for right and wrong, but ask these two questions:

“What can I learn from this?”

“How can I enjoy this more?”

Be patient and compassionate and giving, especially to yourself, put down the whip.

Because you’ll come to realise pretty soon that:

The attitude doesn’t choose you, oh no -

You choose your attitude.

You’re the boss.

You’re in charge.


Excellent - any questions on that, fire away.

Go well!



Apologies to all Zen students without a sense of humour.

Nothing Zen was hurt in the writing of this blog.


Get a free guide to keeping your sense of humour at all times,

Stay cool and calm as a cucumber,

Get excited about life for sure, but on your terms:

You’ll love it.

The Allure of Trashy Novels


One of the things I love is lists -

You know:

"12 things you didn’t know you can make with bacon"

"21 ways to be a better lover"

"9 reasons you should start interrupting everyone, now"

"15 different ways you can stop reading lists and start doing something"

I love them so much, I’ve written at least one:

"108 ways to ditch overwhelm and negativity and make the most of each moment"

You can get a copy here:

And in doing so,

I’m guilty of not doing something I say you should be doing.

It’s all Sumati’s fault (as usual)

I picked up her Kindle the other day to find something to read …

All the covers have topless men with painted on abdominals who are billionaires,

Clutching fulsome women who happen to be:

Magicians or half-vampire vampire hunters or shape shifters,

And who are proudly poor and independent about it.

Some how -

You’ll never guess this, never in a million years,

They go from hating each other to having passionate sex in the bath

All while saving the world from evil.

Amazing huh?

It's just like every dance movie ever made ...

Where the snobby ballet dancer meets the coarse yet driven street dancer.

Deja vu for sure.

I keeping having to ask Sumati (her choice of movie) if this is "Street Dirty Step Up And Bring It" number 3 or 7, or is it 8?

Anyhoo ...

Trashy novels!

I’ve gotten hooked, just like the rest of you.

How wonderful, how entertaining, how “not what you’re supposed to enjoy”

Any guilty pleasure is the same.

You know you shouldn’t and yet you do.

In list of being more mindful -

I was saying you should make your cultural nutrition as wholesome and fibrous and good for you as possible … and so avoid trash.

And yet I resent eating things that are solely good for me, and don’t taste that nice.

You too?

How pompous to be all “should” on you.

I used to have a diet that I thought I should eat.

Totally didn’t suit my body. Ditched it.

Should, could, would.

I've come to realise the bottom line is this:

Just be happy.

Free yourself of shoulds,

Free yourself of needing anything to be happy -

Like everyone to like and approve of you,

Or your partner to stop being so grumpy (because it’s your job to get them out of that funk),

Or waiting till external events go the way you want them to

Unchain yourself from all of that,

Find happiness that is uncaused,

Just because …

You’re alive, and this moment seems to be unfolding all on it’s own, without interference or control from you.

Be happy and you might find you naturally tune into what you want and need to do,

Into what is wholesome for you in this moment.

Which is lovely, indeed.


Go well!



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Star dust people

So your quirky, slightly out there friend had it right.

You ARE made of star dust.

Scientists have recently found that at least half of the atoms that make up our body have come from the other side of the galaxy.

That’s pretty cool.

But let me ask you something …

Do you LIVE as if you were made up of star dust?

Or do you live as if you were the dust of stars left under the couch by the cosmic cleaner?

Perspective is everything.

Your attitude changes everything.

Glass half-empty or half-full?

Changes the whole game.

It’s such a simple choice but it has huge knock on effects down stream, in all parts of your life.

I saw another serious science study -

If you thought you were anxious and overwhelmed by something then you performed badly,

But if you labelled the same physical symptoms as “excitement” -

You performed much better than when you told yourself you were anxious.

Cool huh?

Your mind filters and transforms everything you see.

It interprets it all and creates your reality.

Star dust or couch dust?

Up to you.

So being more positive is the first step -

Because it rearranges all that internal programming and filters of negativity and overwhelm and guilt.

The next step is to get in touch with that experience of presence and stillness beyond thinking.

Then you can experience life AS IT IS rather than as your mind tells you it is.

It’s not that hard to do, actually.

Be present to this moment.

Rather than tune into the things around you, or even your body,

Relax back into that sense of You -

That sense of awareness and presence that is the source of your senses.

The You that hasn't and won't change ever.

The core of your being.

There …

And if that DOES seem like hard work -

Or you can’t do it when and where you want,

I would start with my FREE guide to doing just that.

Get your copy right here:

Go well, star people!

(never thought I’d write that - heh heh)



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The thing I’m not good at

Just bought me and the family a new second hand car.

I know nothing about cars,

And I have met some shady characters when I was looking.

So it’s already brought me lessons.

Which I'll tell you about:

But first, let me ask you something:

When someone does something obviously that adversely affects you, or will in the near future, do you:

a) get angry and in a loud voice tell them and everyone around you how much of an idiot they are, and spend the next 3 days stewing over that moron … ?

b) tell them immediately in a calm clear manner, expressing what you would like them to do?

c) think you might have misheard them, perhaps they aren’t being deliberately this way, maybe you did something wrong, and it doesn’t matter any way, I’ll just let it go … then spend the next 3 days rehearsing the conversation in your head the way you wished it had gone … ?

Which one are you?

Let me tell you something for free -

People who can pull off b) are very rare.

Very rare indeed.

Speaking up, not losing their cool and getting all dramatic but not being a walk over either.

That balance is a wonderful thing.

Now I’m by nature a classic c) -

Swallowing everything I have to respond and then regretting it for days after.

Bottling up what I really wanted to say because …

Well - because I, and if you’re like me you know this, don’t trust or value what we have to say -

And perhaps we don’t want to hurt anyone,

But basically it’s shying away from confrontation.

My foray into buying a car -

For a variety of reasons -

Has meant I’ve had to pull by big boy pants on and speak up.

It’s a fascinating thing actually:

Seeing where I need to say something -

And how my mind just squeaks and hates it.

It would rather I stay safe and not say a word.

Now - 

From experience I know it’s a bad way -

I just end up frustrated and angry and stewing,

It's so much better to let it out there and then.

Difficult conversations are best had when and where they come up.

Delaying and avoiding is not the way forward.

No sir-ree.

It’s an interested thing -

Because my Ishayas’ Ascension meditation practice has allowed me to see that I NEED to speak up.

Meditation isn’t - as some people think - avoiding action,

Or becoming a walk over -

It’s about being more truthful to yourself.

For sure you become less a) and more compassionate and patient and forgiving,

But when you need to say something you sure know it.

It becomes so clear.

And so you speak up.

So if you’re an a) and need to moderate your reactions

Or like me and a c) and need to speak up more often …

I think you’d really like Ascension.

It’ll give you the awareness and the clear mind and the boldness to start doing what you need to do.

But if you’re not ready to make all of life fun and effective and filled with peace just yet?

Just try and stay aware of what may appear difficult in the short term but will be long term excellent.

Don’t take the easy way out and fall into unconscious reaction.

Calmly and consciously choose your response.

This FREE guide will help enormously:

Go well



Or perhaps you would like a free coaching call and I can help you apply this stuff to your life immediately?


The news of the bomber yesterday in Manchester, Why?

It's so easy to lose it into rage and confusion and fear.

I have no answers why stuff like this happens to innocent people,

But I do know what the question is - for me at least.

"What can I do?"

In my small sphere of influence -

What can I do to spread understanding and acceptance and compassion?

What can I do to end ignorance and fear?

What can I do to grow and nurture what is good and right about life?

It's so easy to get stuck in a loop of merely surviving, of getting through life.

Events like these are a reminder that I don't want to merely survive,

I want to make sure I leave this planet a better place than when I found it.

And I know for sure whatever I say or do, the foundation for that begins within me first.

Take care, Arjuna

Easy Way To Get Out Of A Funk - And Quick

Feeling a bit down in the dumps? A bit cranky?

A bit anxious?

A bit depressed perhaps?

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated or irritated?

Do you know what one super effective and quick way to get out of your funk is?

Would you like to know?

OK - 

When you realise you’re heading into it all,

And your usual strategies to get out aren’t working so well -

Find a way to give to someone else.

Anyone at all - just give:

Be kind, get up and go and make someone else’s life better or easier or lighter in some way.

It will completely get you out of your story,

And shift that mood completely.

So kindness means not only someone else wins -

You do too!


And it need not cost any money whatsoever.

Great stuff.

Now just don’t take my word for it -

Go and DO it.

And have a wonderful weekend.

Keep the Peace! Arjuna


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