“A pound of happiness please”

Think for a moment - if you could walk into a shop and buy a day of utter contentment, how much would you pay?

Maybe the store would have a selection of experiences you could shop:

“A day of simple joy? Certainly sir”;

“In love with everyone and everything? Coming right up”

“Wonder and awe at the miracle of existence? Here you go”

“Gentle but absolute focus and inspiration so you can knuckle down on that project? Third row on the left”

How much would you be willing to pay for such a day?

I think before I learnt to Ascend I would pay quite a lot, it would be money well spent.

However, the fact was that I thought no one knew how to have such a day. There was not such a shop.

I thought - and many people think this too - that you have to take the good with the bad. That down days are part of the human condition. That suffering is, alas, part of life.

But what if we were wrong?

What if it were possible to transcend suffering?

What if it didn’t require any great hardship? What if you didn’t need to run off into the wilds, abandoning civilisation? What if you could have it all - your comfy chair and a means to experience inner peace?

What if you could have your bacon sandwich and eat it too?

I say yes to having a bacon sandwich and munching on it.

The people that I teach to Ascend tell me that they become happy for no reason.

They say, and they are, in a sense, the customer and the customer is always right, that Ascension meditation doesn’t take problems away, it just makes the way forward clear.

They say that the simple tools give you a choice in which thoughts are dominant in your head. Ones of worry, doubt and stress? Or thoughts of contentment, clarity and calm? They say it becomes their choice.

If you want to live like that, come and learn to Ascend. It will be the best decision you’ve made.

Don’t get me wrong - it’s not like taking a pill: you have to practice, you have to do the work, but such simple, enjoyable, relaxing work it is.

It’s the difference between trying to get somewhere by walking or taking a very comfortable chauffeur driven car.

Want a (comfy) seat? 15-17 April, Richmond, North Yorkshire. Email me to save a place!

Til then - make the most of each moment. You don’t really know how many you may have.

- Arjuna