How being happy means less time in the office

Study I just saw - on amount of happiness in relationship to the total time spent on a task (minus normal distractions such as phone calls, colleagues etc)

The unhappiest people measured spent 53% of their time on task, while the happiest people spent 78% time on task.

That means if you're unhappy, for every hour working you only give it 30 minutes of attention. You are only present half the time. Everything then takes twice as long as it could.

More drudgery, more unhappiness. An endless circle.

It would seem that if you want to spend less time in the office, get your work done quicker, have more breaks, more (perceived) time and headspace, you need to find a way of being happy (or at least content).

OR is it if more like if you are more present you are happier?

Which way is it? We have a chicken or the egg situation here ladies and gentlemen.

They actually probably go hand in hand.

If you are happier, you aren’t thinking how you want things to be different, so you can let go of the mind (no problems that need thinking about) and focus and be present here.

If you’re present and focussed here, that means you aren’t thinking about some other problem, you are perfectly content with what is, which means you are happy with this moment, as it is.


I know when you are unhappy that someone telling you to “be happy” is about as helpful as a kick in the belly and a poke in the eye.

I get that.

That’s why if you can’t be happy, then be present.

That will mean you detach from (not push away) the loops of thought that are creating the unhappiness.

In being present you’ll have more perceived time and headspace, you’ll find less pressure on top of you, and all in all have a lighter way forward. And you can get your way back to happiness from there.

And also get things done quicker, and get out and do the stuff you really want to do.

But if you can be happy and/or content, then also be present as possible as well. What would happen then?

Because 78% is a reasonable figure, but not approaching total efficiency is it?

Imagine how much simpler your life would be if you spent say 95% or 99% of your time on the task in front of you?

That would be pretty cool.

If, not including questions from others and phones and what not, you could be 100% focussed.

Boom, you would fly through your to do list.

Present first - tick

Happy, or content second - tick

Conquer the world - tick

Yes! Home in time for Antiques Roadshow.

It all points back to being alive and present right here, right now.

Simple, effortless, all instructions given "treasure map" tool for conquering your world, being present and alive, a better partner, a better parent, in fact the best version of you?

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Have a great day

- Arjuna