A Space Launch Sequence Would Be Simpler

In the new house with the plumber - He’s trying to instruct me in the ways of programming the thermostat.

But it’s so complicated he doesn’t know either.

Why is something like heat made so complicated?

Of course there is no manual supplied.

We do a google search and come up with the manual,

And it’s a nightmare.

Need a degree in engineering just to figure it out.

All I want is a simple switch, with a simple manual.

A “Hot Or Not” switch would be the best …

Remember that website from back in the day?

(I only needed 30 seconds to know that was the last thing I wanted in my life).

Alright - so back to heating.

I know I’m getting to the age when technology starts to out strip my intellect.

My dad always got me as a 13 year old to programme the video tape machine.

But really, learning how to set the temperature on these thermostats is harder than programming a space shuttle launch sequence.

(I am guessing - I haven’t actually done that. But you get my analogy).

The thing is it’s exactly the same with meditation.

It has become soooo complicated.

With over the top techniques and manuals and books and gurus and belief systems and apps and brain wave measuring devices,

That it’s lost it’s simplicity.

You come along just wanting some peace,

A clearer state of mind,

A way of taking things less seriously,

And being less reactive and losing some bad habits …

And it’s difficult to know where to begin.

I got you.

My job is to make it all so simple for you.

I strip it all back to the essentials that you need to know and do so you’ll actually stand a chance of knowing and doing them.

What if you do know what to do but you realise you’re just not doing it?

I can help with that too.

Been there, done that, so I can hand you a way out.

Go here and I'll show you just how simple we can make it:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Go well!

Arjuna - PS

The truth is the more complicated a meditation system gets, the further away you travel from what you actually need.

The return to your true nature is supremely simple.

If it’s not simple, it’s not true.