As Much Aliveness As Possible Please

alivenessMy goal is to live life with as much aliveness as possible. To squeeze every moment for all it’s worth.

To have grand adventures, to be able to tell deep stories, to laugh so much muscles will hurt.

What’s yours?

I think that’s why I get so excited seeing the Olympics.

It’s seeing someone’s dream come to fruition.

But I want that in all aspects of my life - I want aliveness, but everywhere.

I want success but I don’t want to lose myself getting it.

I don’t want to compromise my health and fitness for business either.

I also want to balance my family with what I love to do too.

How about you?

I know the single greatest thing that stops me from doing anything is always fear.

The single biggest handbrake to living a big Life (with a capital L) is internal.

Because its not really so much about WHAT you do, but HOW you do it.

I learned that early on - I could be kayaking on the river with my buddies, on a beautiful sunny day, and still be miserable.

Certain expectations weren’t being lived up to, and that made me grumpy.

No matter what, I just couldn’t be happy.

Now it’s different.

I’ve gotten great at choosing to be focussed and clear, giving my body the best chance to do what it could.

But better than that is that I’ve realised that I can be content and happy no matter what is happening.

I don’t need something to happen to make me happy.

It’s an internal choice.

And the thing that leads to Aliveness quicker than any big experience or possession or achievement.

These things are great - don’t get me wrong -

It's just it's all about the How you live, not the What.

It’s something I teach you in the Mountain Mindset Core course.

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Beyond that, have a wonderful day!

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How many people can say they lived a life free of regret and worry and anxiety?

Isn’t that a huge way to live life?

And so possible.

It’s just that no one prioritises it.

They think its the what, and they forget about the how.

Good lesson in that.