Lies The Government Tell Us

liesThey lie and manipulate and steal!! Sorry - I didn’t want to throw you into such drama and bitterness and conspiracy so soon into an email.

It's not really my style either.

But I’ve just had my heart broken.

I trusted and my trust was trampled on.

I just found out that flossing has no use whatsoever, according to recent proper dentist research.

With great care and perseverance I’ve flossed every day for the last 7 years.

All because I trusted my dentist at the time. And subsequent dentists.

If you can’t trust your dentist, who can you trust?

It’s just like the low fat health advice that’s recently been debunked.

It appears sugar will destroy your nervous system where as fat isn’t that bad (in moderation of course)

So who do you trust?

What habits do you have just because someone told you it was a good idea?

Flossing is one thing, but do you realise you have certain habits that you’ve picked up from all around you?

That a person is probably the sum total of all the people they have been surrounded by?

Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club) once wrote:


“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I have ever known.” _____________

Interesting huh?

What I’m trying to say is question why you do things.

If you don’t know why, look deeper.

Is it because someone else has always done something?

And although you couldn’t pick your parents or your schooling, you can pick who you now hang out with.

Hang out with fun, inspiring people.

Hang out with those that are looking for new ways of doing things.

Seek out those that aren’t happy to settle for less simply because that’s what everyone else does.

And most of all, trust your inner voice.

It’s the way forward.

Take it easy out there - have fun!



Getting clear on what you trust, on what you know for certain can be straight forward.

It’s just that we’re never really taught how to do it.

The internal hows of living are left for us to discover.

If you’re interested, I can help!

I can give you the tools and the understandings and the support to gain inner clarity and focus so you can see your habits clearly.

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