Being Great Versus Being Good - part 2

DCIM101GOPROG0572636. I was saying yesterday that the biggest difference between a Great athlete and a Good athlete is this:

The Great athlete doesn’t think too much.

Great simply does, where Good over thinks.

Great can flow and deliver smooth skills with fast, intuitive reactions anywhere, anytime, no matter the situation.

Good just can’t.

Maybe when there are no consequences, but definitely less and less consistently as the pressure starts to ramp up.

Now Great and Good both exist within you, already.

The trouble is tapping into that, it’s learning to be in a Great mindset more often.

In other words, if you want to be Great then you have to learn to not think so much.

The biggest tip I can give you for switching off the mind, is to not switch it off.

Counter intuitive, I know, but have you tried stopping your mind?

Hard work, indeed.

The best thing to do to increase your performance and fun factor in the outdoors and all aspects of your life …

Is learn to watch your thoughts.

To let them run but not be them.

By closing your eyes you can notice ideas and thought streams coming and going.

Let them run.

Simply come back to watching when you notice you get caught up in an individual stream.

By practicing this - if you do it effortlessly - you start to relax and settle down.

You learn to be aware of what your head is telling you, and are able to ignore it.

The mind will start to lose momentum, it won’t run as fast.

But that doesn’t really matter in that you will have discovered something very significant:

If you can be aware of your thoughts it means you aren’t your thoughts.

You are something far bigger than that.

You are not your thoughts.

They are simply an option, not the truth.

Learn to watch and ignore them.

Freedom from the limitations of your mind lies right there.

And you can set the scene for being Great everywhere.

Play with that, practice it and see what happens.

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I’m excited about it - the tools and the understandings for a Great mind.

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Have fun, Arjuna

PS. Just no longer thinking so much would be so pleasant, wouldn’t you agree?

Just having something that enabled me to switch off was a serious blessing.

I like to sleep!

Rest and recovery is a big thing - and can’t really happen when your head is hammering away.

Unless you learn how to deal with it.

Try what I suggest above.

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