Swearing At Foreign Police Is Not So Smart

you CantDid you see the Ju jitsu guy from New Zealand who got kidnapped by policemen in Brazil and taken to a money machine so he could be relieved of a chunk of cash? Go Rio! he wrote.

He’s not competing - his sport isn’t at the Olympics.

But when you go to something like the Olympics you don’t expect to have to deal with the flora and fauna of the country you’re in. It’s just about competing. In theory.

Unlike the outdoors where an expedition means that sometimes you get into some dodgy scrapes just getting to where you want to start.

Some friends told me of bribes to various officials when they were getting around deep Turkey in order to get to the river to go kayaking.

At one point when talking to yet another official, deep in frustration and sick of it all, one member of the party yelled, “You c*nt!”

Luckily the official smiled at him and said “Yes, I can”.

Heh heh. Close shave there, me thinks.

The getting there is all part of the adventure though, isn’t it?

That kind of trip requires a different mindset. It stretches you, it makes you a better person.

Think you have a limit? A line where enough is enough?

You always get asked for more on expedition, in any kind of travel.

Even if that’s just getting to say, Wales or the Highlands, come to think of it.

But in overcoming a limitation within yourself, of knowing no matter how shattered you may be, you can drag up a little more …

In doing that you do MORE than find hidden depths,

You chip away at the very idea of ANYTHING being too much or too big.

You see “enough” is a mental choice that you make.

Which is fine - your choice is your choice …

IF you are aware of that choice AND are happy to say that this is enough for you, for the moment.

But whatever, in facing “yourself” when you come home the dramas there are always smaller.

They’re the same, but in perspective. They don’t play on your mind like they did before.

You have reordered your priorities, and worrying and being frustrated slips well down the list.

Nothing’s changed - only you have.

Now - it is possible to constantly “grow” in the sense of your mindset and perspective.

It takes a regular practice but it’s simple.

You don’t have to travel to Rio or to Turkey - as fun as that is - to get it.

You can develop a bullet proof mindset, strong but fluid, able to change and adapt - without even leaving your house.

SO that when you do leave your house, you can do more with bigger smiles.

Stronger mindset, bigger choices, better life, more fun, cooler stories.

It’s a great equation.

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