Chasing The Full Human Experience?

human-experienceI just had a idea. It may be a good one, it may be a stinker, but let me expound a theory for you.

It's all about the pursuit of Full Human Potential, or Fully Being Alive.

The reason you love the outdoors (or whatever you love) is not so much about the activities that you indulge in.

Sure - you have a certain attraction to a physical and psychological element.

Maybe it’s moving on rock, or water or snow or air or mud.

Maybe it’s for the tricks, maybe it’s for the adventure, maybe it’s for the speed, maybe it’s for the mastery - matching skills and fitness against a problem.

But the bottom line is that whatever you do, you do it because it brings you closer to the Full Human Experience.

It allows you to grow - in some undefinable way.

To become more authentic, more knowing of yourself, more self-aware and content, more alive.

Physical activity, especially in the outdoors, is a doorway to experiencing the fullness of the human condition.

You don’t want to settle for less.

What "more" may be in relation to less, who knows - but it’s an individual, internal journey.

The only important thing is that YOU know.

In this sense it’s a Hero’s path.

Moving beyond limitation and smallness for open pastures of potential and being-ness.

Of transcending meanness and greyness and embracing everything life has to offer.

Of attempting to be the best version of yourself in each and every moment.

And what better pursuit could a life be given over to?

It’s just a theory - but one that I like.

Take a moment, and ask yourself:

What else has life to offer?

And what has to change in order for me to experience it?

Go well!

Arjuna -


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