What Are You Doing Tonight?

what-you-doing-tonightI get excited when I get a chance to talk live. Words on paper (or computer screens) are one thing -

But being able to help people face to face is what I love most.

We are taught so many different things - but the biggest thing, the most important thing, the most CRUCIAL thing we are not taught.

No one teaches us how to live.

No one explicitly gives us the foundation of living well which is how to think in the right way to be calm, focussed, happy, full of well being …

And ultimately the most ALIVE we can be.

No one teaches us the essentials.

This is where I can help.

Of all things, sports performance depends on your mind.

You can do so much physical preparation and training, but if you don’t have the essentials right nothing happens, and quickly.

So tonight - Wednesday at 7.30pm in Darlington -

I am hosting a workshop to give you these essentials.

You want to come if:

- you want to learn how to ignore negative thinking and be more focussed. Not serious, but one pointed in your mental application - you want to learn how to deal with pre-event anxiety and pressure so that you can be calm and confident, optimally ready and perform better than you train and not the other way around - you want to learn how to retrain and rewire patterns of belief and habit that mean you aren’t achieving your full potential - you want to learn how to be in the Zone of calm, focus, wellbeing no matter what you’re doing

I’ve been told that my super power is to make what could be complicated very very simple and straightforward.

And why not?

The essentials are simple, but so misunderstood.

If you want clarity, then get your seat here:

Don’t miss out now! Arjuna


It’s only £3 pre-registered, and £5 on the door - a ridiculously small amount but I wanted as many people as possible to come.

All proceeds to charity so feel free to give more.

See you tonight!

Do You Know How To Win The Inner Game?

Processed with VSCO with f3 preset Very few people know how to win the inner game.

We’re getting pretty good at the outer game.

People seem to have that nailed down.

“What” to do is getting more and more refined - in terms of goal setting, diet, exercise, in terms of teaching and learning skills, in terms of the practical.

Unfortunately all this progression will ALWAYS be limited ...

Because so few have the inner game sorted.

The inner game is the game that takes place between your ears.

It’s you against your bad habits and addictions, negative thinking and emotion, programming and attitude, against stress and struggle, against your ability to focus and stay clear under pressure - or otherwise.

And if you’ve ever thought that there must be more to life …

It’s also found here, in the inner game.

It’s the inner game that determines whether the outer game is successful, or not.

You can win the inner game.

You may not know how right now - but it is possible.

But when you do win, all of life gets simpler and more enjoyable. It is the end of struggle and suffering, it's achieving to your fullest potential.

Even by making small improvements - by removing small interferences - your performance takes great strides to match your potential.

Previously horrendous challenges become straightforward. The way forward becomes clear.

You start to become master of your own destiny, free of ALL limitation.

The question is:

Do you want to know how to win the inner game?


Check out the seminar tomorrow night (Wednesday). It won’t be recorded so you’d better come along.

Any questions whatsoever? Just ask - I’d love to help Arjuna


Just think - what if you could get rid of ALL stress, anxiety, “stinkin thinking”, self-sabotage and struggle?

What if calm, focus, happiness, and super aliveness could be permanent?

What would that mean for your life?

Dealing With Pressure, “Choking”, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Being Sick To Your Stomach With Nerves

anxiousEveryone in any physical activity where the outcome - the result - is important to you knows the anxiety that comes with performance before a big event. It may be competitive - before a match or a race.

It may be in the outdoors - like running a big rapid or climbing a rock face where there is real physical consequence.

I had a friend who would be sick before every big water polo match he played.

Can’t have been good - even just from a nutrition / energy point of view.

You can do the same thing in practice a million times, but the pressure of the event changes everything.

I don't need to tell you that controlling anxiety is essential for any performance.

And it’s the same process if it’s a presentation at work.

Or dealing with the memories of a past event - flashbacks - that keep coming back to you, accompanied by feelings like guilt or regret.

The way to get anxiety under control is ultimately to be completely and utterly present.

To not go into the future (or past for that matter).

To not engage the “what ifs” and the “what happened before’s”.

To be as physically present as possible.

Inhabit your senses as much as you can - engage your environment as it is in order to disengage the thinking mind.

Deep breathing is a huge help - because when you get anxious your breath gets shallower and shallower and your heart rate goes up and up.

Certain yogic breathing techniques reverse those physical responses - especially when you catch them early - AND give you something to shift your attention to.

It’s ultimately distracting yourself from thinking and then feeling the overwhelm.

The feelings all come from the thoughts about it.

The BIG secret though is to practice when the going is easy.

Master shifting your attention and being super present in daily life -

- and it will be a thousand times easier when the pressure is on.

But it’s the one thing so many athletes don’t do.

If you never practice focus and attention when you’re mooching around the house, how can you expect to switch it on when you need to?


A practical meditation practice will give you that ability.

Think of it as a kind of fitness.

When you signed up to this email list I gave you a link to one such super simple meditation practice.

How is that going?

Here’s the link again.

If you want more -

I’d like to talk you through some meditation and some yogic breathing skills -

As well as the right attitude and ways of thinking to maximise coping with anxiety and stress.

So you can get rid of as many barriers and interferences to great results and enjoyment as possible.

And so I’m putting on a seminar to do just that.

Want a seat?

It’s on Next Wednesday 26th October, in Darlington. 7.30-9pm

Go here:

Otherwise practice well!

Let me know if you need any help with that.



You can’t go wrong - practice a few simple things, and every aspect of your life benefits, not just your ability to deal with anxiety.

Here you go:

Thinking The Wrong Way - and Advice From Deep Sea Divers

advice-from-diversGenerally -

unless you’re learning a new skill …

Your body already knows what to do.

That’s the whole purpose of practice, of training - is to come to a state where you can do something without thinking.

Your best performances were when you let your body to what it needed to do. Simply.


Now -

Even learning requires only the right kind of thought, and not much of it.

The right kind of thinking - even for learning - is less analysis and details and more wide open awareness.

Not many people know that.

When you’re learning a new skill your mental and emotional “chatter” just slows down the learning process.

Over thinking just gets in the way of physical awareness.

Without that awareness you have no feedback on what is where, and where it should be.

There’s no intuition, or feeling your way into the movement.

The senses become “tunnelled” and not wide open, not subtle.

Thinking the wrong way means the ability for the skill to become embodied, to become “auto-piloted”, is slowed.

You also recover slower because of thinking too much, which again affects learning -

Deep sea divers know this - the brain is one of the biggest consumers of oxygen in your body.

Before their event they meditate or do yogic breathing to get the highest degree of focus.

Being focussed and in the Zone means all your resources are available.

It means you can rely on autopilot and the bodies instincts to take you where you want to go.

But if you never practice the right way to think?

Everything will stay the same.

It’s the most misunderstood aspect of all of life - the mental game and how to play it.

I’m doing a seminar on this very thing that I think you will enjoy immensely.

Not only will it be a lot of fun, it’ll be super informative.

It’ll give you everything you need to master the right way of thinking so you can get the results you want.

I’m talking about sport (but it’ll also apply to life, work, relationships, everywhere)

Go here to get a seat and for more info:

Keep the Peace!



My swimming coach from back in the day often said he wished he could cut our heads off.

He wasn’t particularly sadistic, but he wanted to bypass our thinking processes.

He saw the difference between when we were THINKING about what he said versus DOING what he said.

I now know exactly what he means.

Go here to find out how to DO:


I Don't Have Time To Look After Myself

dont-have-timeEverywhere I look I see published evidence of the benefits of meditation. It's beginning to creep in everywhere, from some of the sports blogs that I regularly read to my wife's fashion magazines.

You might say it's the new yoga.

Remember when yoga was everywhere and every celebrity and their mother was doing it?

Very trendy for a while there.

But just because the same thing might be happening to meditation doesn't mean that there is no value to be had from it.

Calm, focus, happiness, rewiring bad habits, rebalancing body and brain chemistry, recovery and rest are just some of the benefits.

Who wouldn’t want just one of the above, let alone ALL of them?

But still I talk to people who say they don't have time to meditate.

The fact is you don't have time NOT to meditate.


You give yourself a window of time - and in return every aspect of your life gets easier and more fun.

You maximise your efficiency, effectiveness and your enjoyment.

You realise taking time out means you have much more to work with.

Do you know that there are 1440 minutes in every single day?

How many do you waste on the Internet? Watching TV adverts? Wasting time in numerous ways?

Clutter is a real deal.

Minimise clutter, cut out a few minutes of the unnecessary here and there and you have the time to give yourself 15 minutes to close your eyes.

Once you start this new habit it'll show you why you want to.

The increasing effectiveness and enjoyment become self evident, and quickly too.

So if you've let your practice slip, pick it back up again.

If you're feeling like you're too busy - then you definitely need to carve out a little time for you.

Just to stop and do nothing, to get familiar with the benefits of meditation.

No ones going to do it for you, so make sure you do.

Forget about sitting on the floor and chanting (do that if you want) - be comfortable.

Forget about trying to stop your thoughts, let them run. Meditation is easier than that. If you can see your thoughts, you aren't them.

Forget about joining any religion or belief system.

Just be fascinated with your own mind. See what is there get awareness, and in that awareness choice over what you say and do and feel.


Start tapping into the benefits of meditation today.

Want a bit more on how?

And how it'll specifically affect your sports performance?

Decreasing anxiety, increasing focus, getting deeper rest and faster recovery?

I have a seminar - it's on this Wednesday so you still have time to nab a seat.

Go here:

Any questions? Lemme know, I'd love to chat.

Take it easy! Arjuna


People say that the mind and body is connected.

What happens in one affects the other.

The truth is that the mind and body aren't connected.

They're the same thing.

Change your mind, shape how your body response, AND change your life at the same time.

Simples! -

The Worst Thing About Getting It Right

rightHow goes it? I’m sitting on a train to the lovely city of Stratford Upon Avon.

I have a 4 day course in England’s most haunted hotel, or so they say.

Been there before - I made the mistake of reading all about its various ghosts and presences just before trying to go to sleep one night.

I don’t think I had a haunted room - but an over excited imagination made up for it.

How are you doing today?

I’m good, I love trains, especially when they’re running on time.

As a form of travel they’re great in that they give me space to meditate, to write, to read. To just stare out the window and watch the country’s back yard flash by.

What am I musing upon?

Well - I love learning stuff, particularly physical skills.

I love the act of getting better, of improving, of the pursuit of mastery.

But - I realised a while back that the way I was approaching learning was flawed.

My focus was solely on wanting to get it right -

- which is a great focus, but especially in the beginning you’re going to get a lot of things wrong -

The problem for me is that I would get - and still do if I’m not mindful of it - frustrated when I got it wrong.

So frustrated that I started not wanting to try in case I "failed", again.

If I wasn’t quickly good at something, I would stop, close up shop.

And never improve.

Does that makes sense?

Wanting to be “good” and get it right meant that I was afraid of sucking at something.

Which meant I never practiced, I never worked my way through being a learner.

I never opened up to feedback in case people saw I was “useless”, I never asked questions, I never wanted to show that I didn’t know.

And so getting better was much slower than it could be.

Indeed, sometimes it never happened at all.

It’s the most humbling phase of learning: Fully knowing that you don’t know.

Before that piece of awareness you were ignorant of your ignorance.

And that was bliss.

But that is not a way forward.

The only way forward in anything is to embrace being a beginner, embrace the fact you will make mistakes.

Make it not about getting it right or wrong, make it about constant improvement.

Have an attitude of not wanting to be an expert.

If you can be the humble beginner many possibilities will open to you.

You will be learn in the most amazing ways, from people you never expected to.

It’s true for all aspects of life:

Whatever your goals are in terms of your mindset and attitude, in terms of your mental skills …

Maybe it’s to get more focussed, or lose anxiety, or get calm and clear, or be less serious and more content, to beat depression or blind anger …

Whatever it is you want to get better at, be prepared to make mistakes.

Embrace this fact, get help in learning from them, and keep going, keep practicing.

And then you have a chance to be awesome, and set yourself to be even more awesome as long as you keep practicing.

OK? You got this.

I have a seminar on sport performance and how your mind sabotages you, and what to do about it.

I’ll outlay what the problem is and give you some solutions you can take away.

You are you going to bring?

For more info, and to register, go here:

Take care and have a great day now, Arjuna

PS. Not many people realise how simply you can get better at the mental game.

When you know the right things to do, and the right attitude to have, and the right way to think, it is indeed very straightforward.

Just a matter of practice.

Get a seat here for the right things:


Make Sure This Doesn't Happen To You

make-sure-thisWhat is the greatest thing you can give anyone? That ALSO means you win too?

Let me tell you a quick story first.

Someone told me a story, the events of which made them realise this very thing.

You see - Steve was at the beach, on holiday with his family.

He decided to quickly check his emails on his phone, just to see if anything crucial work wise had come in.

His young daughter, previously playing nearby, ran up to him,

GRABBED his expensive smart phone,

And THREW it in the water.

Way in.

Ruined, done in, finished.

He was shocked to say the least -

But instead of getting angry,

Saw what he had been doing for so long:

Completely ignoring his loved ones.

“With” them, but not really there.

Absent at the wheel.

Alive but not really living.

He apologised to his daughter and since then locks his (new) phone in the hotel safe when he’s on holiday.

When he gets home from work - he makes sure he gives the most important thing to his wife and kids.

His full, undivided attention.

His complete presence.

Not just a nod and a kiss on the cheek.

Not just saying "yes dear" as he thinks about what happened at work that day.

But ALL of himself.

It's a bold move - and may involve giving up the addiction to mobile tech.

But well worth it in terms of the new found strength and enjoyment of your relationships.

Something to consider.

Where are you?


Or somewhere else?

Missing in action, as it were?

Don’t let your life slip away.

Don't let your relationships slip away.

If you want some skills and understanding to think and live differently?

To also get mind mastery in sports?

I have a workshop just for you:

Take it easy now, enjoy every moment.

- Arjuna

Chasing The Full Human Experience?

human-experienceI just had a idea. It may be a good one, it may be a stinker, but let me expound a theory for you.

It's all about the pursuit of Full Human Potential, or Fully Being Alive.

The reason you love the outdoors (or whatever you love) is not so much about the activities that you indulge in.

Sure - you have a certain attraction to a physical and psychological element.

Maybe it’s moving on rock, or water or snow or air or mud.

Maybe it’s for the tricks, maybe it’s for the adventure, maybe it’s for the speed, maybe it’s for the mastery - matching skills and fitness against a problem.

But the bottom line is that whatever you do, you do it because it brings you closer to the Full Human Experience.

It allows you to grow - in some undefinable way.

To become more authentic, more knowing of yourself, more self-aware and content, more alive.

Physical activity, especially in the outdoors, is a doorway to experiencing the fullness of the human condition.

You don’t want to settle for less.

What "more" may be in relation to less, who knows - but it’s an individual, internal journey.

The only important thing is that YOU know.

In this sense it’s a Hero’s path.

Moving beyond limitation and smallness for open pastures of potential and being-ness.

Of transcending meanness and greyness and embracing everything life has to offer.

Of attempting to be the best version of yourself in each and every moment.

And what better pursuit could a life be given over to?

It’s just a theory - but one that I like.

Take a moment, and ask yourself:

What else has life to offer?

And what has to change in order for me to experience it?

Go well!

Arjuna -


If you’d like to join me in a Hero’s path, then a doorway is right here:

A live seminar:

"5 things you need to know to stop your mind being your worst enemy”

+++ Learn to Perform Out Of Your Mind +++

Everything you need:

- To get into the Zone faster and easier for memorable performance, - Have a bullet proof mindset to be "mentally tough" and not let negativity in , - Learn to be absolutely present and focussed so you become "in-distractable", - Rewire old patterns that are sabotaging you, - Rest deeper and recover faster for more energy, - Have more fun than ever before.

Wednesday 26 October 7.30-9pm.

If you preregister, you get it for £3 rather than £5.

All proceeds go to the Felix Fund - the bomb disposal charity.

A night of fun, practical information you can apply straight away and giving to charity too. You can't go wrong!

Here's the link if you'd like a seat.

Escaping The Noise And The Clutter

escapeI did another talk about meditation to a wonderful group of people last night. As much as I enjoy writing, I love being face to face with them.

And as much as strongly recommend that they should come and learn meditation and mindset from me,

I know a chunk won’t.

It’s just the way of it, isn’t it?

My aim therefore is to help in some small way - to remind, to encourage to look within rather than in “stuff” for satisfaction, to point out priorities.

The thing I’ve realised is that you already have what you need.

The gap between being the best version of yourself and being a snappy, grumpy, anxious, stressed monster is simple to leap …

When you know in what direction to jump.

This whole game is about remembering.

There is so little you need to learn, even though words and tools and support and coaching and all that stuff can feel like “new” knowledge.

The bottom line is that you already are what you seek.


Stop and read that again.

The tricky thing is remembering that state of being, that state of mind so you become it permanently.

Habits and programmes and beliefs all get in the way, meaning a practice is useful.

The practice?

It begins as simply as being present.

Being alive to every single moment.

And when you forget? Come back. Return.

That why you love the outdoors, you love the things you love to do - because you tune in, it makes you present. _____________

“During these moments I try to only focus on the present, the immediate here and now. I think this purity of thought and mind is one of the many reasons I continue to do what I do. Being able to escape the noise, clutter and business of daily life is a rare treat in this world.”

Graham Dickinson, BASE jumper, wing suit flier _____________

Escaping the noise and the clutter can be had by all, its closer than your next breath.

You can’t permanently escape the business of daily life, but you don’t have to carry a long “to do” list around where ever you go.

That can be a choice.

A permanent vacation from the pressures of your mind is possible.

And you have everything you need to do that.

Just be here and now. This is the end of stress and the beginning of full human experience.

Now don’t just take my word for it - try it! OK?

Keep the Peace!

Arjuna -


Want to hear more on HOW to get your mind in the right place?

I'm doing a seminar on the mind and sports performance in Darlington.

"5 things you need to know to stop your mind being your worst enemy”

+++ Learn to Perform Out Of Your Mind +++

Everything you need to get into the Zone easier, have a bullet proof mindset, learn to be present, rewire old patterns, rest deeper and recover faster, and have more fun than ever before.

Wednesday 26 October 7.30-9pm.

If you preregister, you get it for £3 rather than £5.

All proceeds go to the Felix Fund - the bomb disposal charity.

A night of fun, practical information you can apply straight away and giving to charity too. You can't go wrong!

Here's the link if you'd like a seat.


Change Your Mind, Change Your World (Not Wishful Thinking)

mountains-1521697_1920It's a crisp sunny morning here in Richmond North Yorkshire and I'm sitting in my favourite coffee table spot. I've got a few minutes before we head to the hospital for a baby scan. A whole new world.

I had talk last night - it's been a busy week, but I love it. It's really something when you're able to talk about what you love.

And have a captive audience. Heheh.

The point I want to make is of how much your thoughts create your reality. I saw that again last night speaking.

Some people so anxious, others wide open and content.

The same world but experienced so differently.

You see, your mind is the filter to your world.

Your mind is the foundation for everything you do.

It literally shapes your world.

Change your mind, you change what you perceive.

You start to see through fresh eyes. The world changes, it opens up.

What you focus on, grows in significance.

What grows in significance becomes more real.

It’s not wishful thinking -

- And you still have to do stuff - you can't just sit and think your way through life -

but it comes from the best possible place.

The question then is "what do you want to give attention to?”

What do you want to grow in significance in your life?

What DO you?

Now - it does take practice.

You have certain habits, it's necessary to build some new habits.

Everything comes through practice. Nothing comes from not doing anything.

I’ll be explaining how all works in much greater details in the seminar I have in a couple of weeks (details in the PS)

But until then practice focusing on what you want, on what is good.

And don't be discouraged if you don't get this straight away.

But steadily do this and your foundation, your internal response, becomes more robust, yet more flexible.

You see Grasshopper, it becomes like the willow that bends in the storm, not the oak that breaks and cracks.

You want more on that?

Come to the seminar in Darlington - get a seat here:

or more details in the PS.

Otherwise have a grand day : ) Arjuna -


Sports performance and the mind - Perform out of your mind.

A live seminar:

"5 things you need to know to stop your mind being your worst enemy”

Wednesday 26th October, 7.30-9pm in Darlington.

It'll give you practical knowledge you can take away and use straight away.

Here's the link if you'd like a seat:

Bring a friend!

If you preregister, you get it for £3 rather than £5.

And all proceeds go to the Felix Fund - the bomb disposal charity.

Someone asked if they could give more - 

Please do! - given the state of the world at the moment, the boys and girls of the bomb disposal squads around the country are super busy -

More busy than you will ever know.

The Felix Fund helps support them in a myriad of ways so if you’d like to help them more, then I for one would thank you heartily.

Thank you in advance! -

Why So Serious? (Don’t Ruin It For Yourself)

man-407083_1920An interesting and informative point I saw from a kayak course I did the other week. Although I was drained from having spent what felt the whole night on the toilet (stomach bug you see) and not able to eat anything, I was having a ball.

After all - even though I’m not as sharp and full of beans as usual (literally - hur hur) …

———-> I’m on the river (wahey!) <———

or more aptly -

———-> I’m NOT in an office or mowing the lawns (yay!) <————

Yet one of my fellow guinea pigs was having a rough day.

No joy at all - it looked like he was getting more and more frustrated with his abilities as the day went on.

Didn’t matter what I said to encourage, to try and point out what he was doing good, you know?

I used to be exactly the same.

Hyper-critical to the point of ruining my own day.

This is what I learnt:

The deal is sometimes you’re totally on the ball, in the Zone, firing from the sweet spot.

And sometimes it’s just not your moment.

That there is a fact of life.

You need to make your own enjoyment your foundation.

Because everything you do comes easier from that.

You’re looser, less tense, more focused on what goes right as opposed to what went wrong.

And you're having more fun!!!

Which is the point.

You know?

Sometimes you need to adjust your definition of success for the day.

Sometimes its not going to be what you hoped for.

You see we humans take stuff far too seriously.

And it seems like the older we get the more seriously we take it - even our leisure.

Everyone wants to get better - (and to be seen doing well) -

BUT the only way to really get better fast is to make sure you’re having a ton of fun.

Keep your eye on the prize!

Protect your peace and joy.

That there is the only thing no one can take away from you.

It’s yours, your choice, your inner response, yours and yours alone to make and have.

If you want to know how your mind sabotages your own enjoyment and skills and fast progression and what to do about it?

See you in the PS.

Otherwise have a great Sunday!

Keep the peace!

Arjuna -


A live seminar on the mind and sports performance, 

with me, in Darlington.

Wednesday 26 October 7.30-9pm.

(Actually I should call it LIFE performance because it's all the same. But I didn’t. But you can if you want?)

I did call it:

"5 things you need to know to stop your mind being your worst enemy”

Stop your own mind sabotaging your skills and abilities, your learning curve, your enjoyment.

Here's the link to get a seat:

I’m going to talk about what the problem is - so you’re aware of what’s happening -

And what to do about it - so you have a solution.

Problem awareness and solution given.

All you need to do after that is execute (with a smile).

Wednesday 26 October 7.30-9pm.

If you preregister, you get it for £3 rather than £5.

Again, here's the link if you'd like a seat.

All proceeds go to the Felix Fund - the bomb disposal charity.

A night of fun, useful information and giving to charity too.

You can't go wrong!



Going With The Flow

go-flowI’m sitting here without coffee, my usual go to blog writing beverage. I contracted some nasty bug which means I haven’t been able to eat for the last 48 hours.

Yesterday I was booked on a kayak course - and not wanting to miss out - I went along, having spent most of the night on the toilet and having no food in me.

Probably not my most “sensible” decision, but we do these things sometimes don’t we?

But even though I was shattered after -

What wonders were had from some good old fashioned coaching!

The biggest thing I learnt, and what I see can be applied to all of life is as follows:

Don’t eat out of date food.

No, actually -

The coach Ken (Hughes - great fella) got me working with the river, not against it.

I was fighting, trying to impose my will on something substantially bigger and stronger than me.

Turns out there’s an easier way.

Letting my kayak and the river do the work is different, it results in getting places with more style, having more energy, less stress and a real sense of flowing with the river.

It doesn’t mean giving up and letting the river push me where it wants me to go -

because that would mean I would be fish food pretty quick -

So I still need to be prepared, and do the work -

But at the right time, at the right place.

It means working with the river - going when the river goes, stopping and resting where the river rests.

And - tenuous link with life coming up ...

That’s what we don’t do.

We fight and we struggle and we push against the current.

So many people try and impose their will and simply get bashed and stressed fighting against the inevitability of something.

Meditation has shown me the uselessness of resisting something I can not possibly change in this moment.

Much easier to work with it.

“OK, what CAN I do in this precise moment in time?”

The thing is so many people don’t trust that life will turn out alright if they loosen the grip on the reins a bit.

The fact is if you stop fighting, you’ll stop getting stressed immediately.

You become more fun to be around, you have more energy. You can see clearer.

And as I found in my kayak, you can use what you have to get the most out of it.

All I can say is give it a try.

It’ll take some practice to recognise when you’re fighting and struggling against something you can't change,

And when to back off and when to go further.

But I think it’s the answer to making life so much smoother.

It gives you that sense of “Flow” too - even if you’re just pootling about your house.

Give it a go, let me know how it goes if you like?

Take it easy!



If you’d like to join me for a weekend of meditation and mindset tools that will mean you become the boss of your own mind -

Where you can control it, rather than having it control you -

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I do have a seminar/workshop coming on Wednesday 26th October at 7.30pm in Darlington.

But since I’ve been busy being sick and kayaking I haven’t quite got it all together.

Coming soon though!


One small thing to make your relationships shine

relationship-shineI know this because I see it every where - and I can get lazy with this too. It’s one small thing you can do to make your personal life so much better.

When you first met your partner / wife / husband / significant other …

You were all over them.

Checking in, saying hello, buying presents, saying nice things, paying attention and compliments …

Am I right?


It’s easy to take them for granted.

A quick hello and a kiss on the cheek, and you’re somewhere else.

On the same couch but in different worlds.

On your phone, thinking about work, thinking about the weekend …

It’s easy not to be so full on now you’ve got them, now that they’re around all the time.

The thing is - all your relationships are living things.

If you want them to be in a half-way decent state, you have to feed them, you have to put effort into them.

But if you do go the extra mile?

If you do what you did when you were first getting together?

If you really engage and show an interest and give them more attention and appreciation?

You'll have:

- less arguments - more understanding - deeper connection - more and better sex - happier them, happier you - a team, not two individuals

And more.

I think you know what I mean.

Memo to self:

Don’t let up. Keep giving.

The more you invest in your relationship, the more you get out of it.

I”m off to buy some flowers.

Go well!



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Meditation Apps:

Someone was asking about these.

I don’t really recommend many meditation apps because you now have the tools you need.

Apps can mean you can start to rely on something outside of you, and you really don’t want to rely on anything external to you, if that makes sense.

But if you like to have a guide, I’ve heard these two are good:

Stop, Breathe, Think, and Headspace.

The thing is it's so simple to learn how to meditate anywhere anytime - so you don't need a prop.

For more information, and a quick start guide to simple meditation, go here: PPPS.

I've got a live seminar coming up on Wednesday 26th October, in Darlington. 7.30pm

It's all about sports performance - well, and life performance, without self-sabotage and stress and struggle.

In other words, making it easy - because life can, and could, and should be easy and fun.

More details coming!


"Wear This Hoodie and Get in The Zone"

adidasNope, not an promo for Adidas -

Though I do like the cut of their jib.

(If you’re a marketing manager for Adidas? I’d be a good fit, absolutely!)

But they have released a new hoodie - that promises to get you in the zone and “Find Focus”


And they come in white!

I’m getting one.


If only it were that simple.

Slip on a hoodie and get mental absorption and complete satisfaction.

It’s like those 10 minute fitness programmes I see.

If 10 minutes gets you fit, then I’m a monkey.

The only way is to practice.

And that takes time, and commitment.

But taking the time gives you so much more.

Hitting your lines and skills with so much fluidity your outdoor and sporting buddies will think you’re made of liquid.

Solving problems at work and home with so much less effort.

Being super happy - all the time - for no reason.

Brushing off stress and pressure like water off a duck’s back.

Having better, closer, more meaningful relationships than ever before.

Just through closing your eyes and heading in the right direction.

Who would have thought?

Meditation has only been around for … let’s see ... as long as humanity.

For the sole purpose of making living in the Zone a reality.

Not so you can visit.

Not so you can buy a hoodie and get down to business.

But so you can live permanently in a state of Flow.

To get going on this, go here:

Take it easy out there

  • Arjuna


I really do like Adidas.

It all began with Run DMC.

But you don’t need anything external to yourself to be in the Zone.

A tool, a way, a direction pointer all helps without a doubt.

And that can be as simple as thinking the right thought at the right time.

Want to know more?

Overwhelmed? Yah, that is a possibility!

overwhelmI have seen that the difference between overwhelm and an adventure is all in the way that you look at it. Isn’t it just?

One person's “awesome” is another's “OMG!!!!”

Now currently there is a situation in my life that I never thought would ever happen.

Even now, I could ponder and scratch my head and think “how DID that happen?”

Of course, I know the mechanics of how it happened,

But more the question is of a philosophical nature of “how did I come to this point in my life?”

You see, my wife informed me a while back that I am to become a father (in 5 months or so, now).

It was far too easy.

Surely there should be at least a written exam for something like this?

Some sort of warrant of father fitness?

Of suitability for raising the future?

Apparently not.

Now - younger me would have cried out in horror “but what about me?!” as a world as I once knew it looked like it would end.

Now, these days, instead of overwhelm, the choice invariably is for adventure.

A “how fascinating - bring it on!” type approach.

And it's the same here.

I mean, how hard can it be?

It’s not like I’ll lose any sleep or anything, right?

I’m sure we’ll train the little fellow to start contributing to its upkeep soon enough with simple tasks like fetching the paper and sweeping the floor.

heh heh.

Honestly the coolest thing is the staying absolutely present and not going into overwhelm.

Not going into the “what ifs”.

Because being around a pregnant lady is a minefield.

No smelly cheese, no sturdy sausage products, not too much coffee, no hot pools, no lavender even ...

(I had no idea lavender was so, well … aggressive).

So much could go wrong.

And yet, so much could go right.

When did any one stay awake at night thinking too much about what could go right?


So I’ll leave you there with those thoughts.

Your mind loves overwhelm, and what has to be done, and what could go wrong, and staying with what it knows.

But if you can embrace change, and excitement, and what could go right, well, there you have adventure, and the time of your life -

All through a shift in perspective.

Take it easy! Arjuna


You realise I’ve worked this in - just casually mentioning it - so you can buy me an ale if and when you see me next?


I am so glad I have the ability to meditate.

Something tells me calm and a steel mindset is going to come in handy.

I’ve done it again haven't I?

Casually worked it in so you can realise how useful meditation and attitude and mental fortitude would be in your own life,

And how opting in here would give you the best meditation and mindset "how to" advice you could ever find:

Whoops! Shameless. -

"I'm Not Listening Unless You Drink"

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Recently I gave what turned out to be a curious talk on meditation -

I do hope I haven’t told you already.

I forget things sometimes.

But unlike my father who finds it a great aggravation, I think it’s somewhat funny.

It is what it is, right?

No point getting all excited about it.

Never mind - I was about to tell you a story.

Doing a talk - and everyone is sitting down, and before I can speak, this older gentleman pipes up and says:

“Do you drink?”

I confirmed that indeed I do, that ale and red wine and a good whisky are all fondly received if he wanted to express his gratitude for my presentation.

He - noticeably relieved actually - replies:

“Great, because I wasn’t going to listen to another word if you said you didn’t drink”.

I laughed, because I liked his style,

And we carried on with the whole evening proving to be slightly unusual

(in a good sense).

There’s a common perception that meditation involves doing certain things in a certain way.

And if you’ve tried, you may have been taught some things by people who have been taught some things by other people but never really asked why, or tried anything different.

I used to believe there was a “right” way of living - a certain diet or a certain belief or a certain thing that if I dialled in correctly, then I would have a quiet head.

The truth is much simpler.

Meditation, finding peace, calm, focus, happiness, more Zone action - all of this has little to do with what lifestyle choices you make.

When I teach the Army Bomb Disposal teams to meditate I love asking them their ideas of meditation:

“Tree hugging”, “Sitting around a campfire singing ‘kumbaya’”, “Sting - too much time and too much money” “Legs crossed, chanting OMMM in a cave” “Living in the country in a caravan eating nothing but your own homegrown veggies"

And then I give them a taste of the reality -

The practical “HOW TO” as opposed to the ideas about it:

They get to realise very quickly how very very useful it is to have a means to control your own head, as opposed to having it control you.

And how it all comes from simple mental exercises in awareness, not from lifestyle choices.

So I want to say to you is this:

You need give nothing up.

It’s helpful to want to give up limitation and stress and struggle, but even that’s not necessary cos the goodness comes and gets you anyway.

Meditation should be a supremely practical practice, the result being that you love everything you love now, but more so.

It makes you more you.

More authentic and more alive.

So if you find a meditation teacher and they start telling you that you have to stop doing this and give up that and be like that in order to be calm and focussed and happy and the boss of your own mind, then find someone else.


And if you’d like to learn to meditate with me (and I think you should because it's fun and simple and powerful), head here for how to get started and some more details:

Till next time! -Arjuna


Of course being aware of addictions is supremely useful.

Where you over rely or are dependent on something.

Like where a thought pattern essentially says “I need this in order to do/feel that”

But I’ve found for many people simply meditating takes a lot of the juice out of addiction.

With a little willpower, they come to a point where they realise they simply don’t want to any more.

So, combined with a little will power, they don’t.

No great drama.

I’ve met previously raging alcoholics and drug fiends who simply aren’t any more.

It’s not true that you’re an alcoholic for life IF you get rid of the root cause in the mind for the pattern of excess.

Isn’t that cool?

Every little bit helps, as they say.


Do You Do Too Much Of This?

thinkingYes you do, because you are human. And humans are addicted to it, more than anything else in the whole world.

That thing?


It's actually over rated.

And bad for your health.


Thinking the wrong thoughts will kill you quicker than any cancer.

If you think you are in control of your thinking, take this little test:

I want you to notice what you are thinking for a day - like when you are awake. (Don’t worry about when you are asleep - that is a bit tricky)

Simply be aware as you go about your day what you are thinking about.

Ready? Ok - go.

Come back when you’re done.

Done already? Awesome.

What I want to point out is how much you are involved in unnecessary thinking.

Sure - and this argument always comes up -

Thinking can be pleasurable, it can be creative.

But be scientific about it for a minute.

Objectively observe yourself.

Have a look - take note of how much rubbish you think every single day.

How much non-creative, same old distracted thought that goes through your head.

BUT - also notice how much negative thinking you indulge in.

Judgement about others or yourself, or just the good old “I can’t”, "I'm stupid".

So - I’m not saying thinking is bad, it’s just that thinking is ALL some people know.

The only thing that some people know.

They know thinking so well they miss out on what is right in front of them.

Life, passing them by one moment at a time.

And if you’re honest - the reason you love the things you love to do -

Just as I love being in the outdoors, and in nature,

Is because you move away from thinking too much.

It calms down upstairs.

There is focus as well, you become immersed in this moment.

And from this calm and this focus there is happiness.

You love what you do at least partially (but probably more than partially) because your head doesn’t think so much.

If you can see this it will be the beginning of a new era for you.

Because you become more present to the only moment you can do anything about - this one.

More presence means being more alive.

It means life becomes Life.

It means you get better at what you love to do,

And you enjoy it more.

As well as being able to make the most of those moments where you’d rather not be there but you have no choice.

Like bathroom shopping for example.

I’m not saying anything, I’m just using that as an example.

So if you want freedom from thinking too much, or thinking the wrong stuff (ie. BAD thoughts), go here, I have what you need:

But right now I gotta scoot. My good wife wants to pick out a bath.

And as we all know, happy wifey makes a happy lifey.

Keep the Peace! Arjuna


I don’t take baths. Rather a quick shower. In and out, as it were. Job done, let’s do something more fun.

I call it “minimalism” - the least effort for the most result.

My wife calls it being “a grubby little monster”.

Tomaaato, Tomarrrto.

How To Be Fearless

A photo by Tyssul Patel. wrote that title first - and I’m instantly not sure about it. I don’t really trust anyone who says they have “no fear”.

I think they’re not being honest, least of all with themselves.

Or maybe they’ve never placed themselves in a position where fear might come.

Regardless -

Although fear or at least hesitation may (perhaps??) be there forever …

… you don’t have to entertain it much at all, let alone allow it to control you.

I think,

(once again - I’m open to be wrong on all of this)

That a little fear is actually a good thing - and if you’re feeling it, it means whatever you’re about to do is important to you.

Needing courage then is a great sign.

Because you’re doing important stuff, you’re stretching your comfort zone.

You’re not staying the same, stagnating in a pond of your own making.

That is the very reason why I love the outdoors - in fact any physical activity.

Because you can always find something bigger to do.

And in that challenge it can be a little intimidating.

Here’s what you can do about it:

Stay absolutely present, completely here, in this moment in time.

You see -

Fear only exists as a response to thoughts about the future.

You stay present - there is no fear.

You’re afraid?

Get really present - and the fear rapidly vanishes.

If you could stay present forever would fear end?

That would be well worth finding out, huh?

It is never the actual thing that causes the pain, it’s the thinking about it that kicks you.

You gotta see that.

It’s the thinking about the future scenarios, the “what if I fail?” that brings fear.

and while it’s important to realise the consequences of your actions -

It’s the continual regurgitating of those scenarios in your head that creates overwhelm and paralysing fear.

And so you don’t make that move or you don’t climb that hill or you don’t attempt to lift that weight or start that business or publish that book.

Even though you really really want to.

So it’s in your head - and down to what thoughts you pay attention to.

Choose wisely!

If you’d like help with that, I can help.

In fact I’m running a whole weekend devoted to this “mental game”.

I’ll give you all the tools and understandings to get to a place super clearly where you see how you create the overwhelm and fear and anxiety that comes from listening to your thoughts.

And how to get out of this overwhelm and back into calm and clarity.

Go here to get more information, and how to get going:

Take it easy out there

- Arjuna


I actually do know a few people who are so present and in the zone they are fearless.

At least they say they are - and I trust them on that.

And at least one is a motorcycle rider so I imagine he knows a little about the fear/challenge/courage balance.

The key for me is the potential, the possibility that and end to fear's grip may be so.

I can say from my investigations into thinking and fear even a little progress gives a sensational amount of freedom.

Why not give it a go?

You’ll have your own head for most of your life - you might as well investigate it closely.

Here's how:

Like A Crack Addict At The Pipe

crack-addictI’ve been bitten hard. It’s been years - over 13 in fact.

And I just thought I’d dip my toe in the water, and something huge and undeniable grabbed it and pulled me in, wholesale.

I’m talking about being back in the outdoors,

Specifically kayaking on rivers - I’ve become so hooked over the last few weeks that there’s no turning back.

Maybe it’s a pre-midlife crisis,

Maybe it’s a true passion for the good things in life showing itself once again.

Whatever it is, I’m loving it.

Being in nature, the flow of the river, the flow of me and my boat when it’s all working well, the challenge, the smiles … oh the smiles.

I used to kayak a lot -

It was a huge passion for me. It was all I thought about.

And then I stopped - the story is to big to tell, but basically I tried to do what I thought I was “supposed” to do.

So there’s a lesson for me, and for you - if you want one:

You have to do what you love to do.

Find a way to fill up on what you love doing, because life can be “fine” without it, yet it can be extraordinary with it.

I know you’re busy and you have commitments …

BUT you can, and you should, find a way.

They’re really just excuses, it’s just resistance. It’s just that grey voice of “should” putting the brakes on something.

I don’t care if it’s collecting stamps, find a way of giving yourself at least a little bit of time to get in there and do it.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

And you jumping into your passions isn’t selfish - if you have the right approach.

When you’re at 100% you can give so much more to everyone around you.

Life is too short not to.

In order to be at 100% you need to come to terms with that little grey voice in your head.

We all have it -

And you don’t need to get rid of it.

Just be aware of how it affects you and shift your attention to something else.

The less juice you give it, the less momentum it can hold, so it just slows and shrivels.


It’s one of the things I’m teaching on this weekend meditation course.

It meditation, but not as you think you know it.

Think of it as giving you the tools and understandings so you can be without mental limits, and live a full, juicy life of 200%.

If you're interested, head here for more information and a Quick Start Guide to Meditation for Athletes to get your going:

Have a great day!



If you need anything, just get in touch, as always I’d love to chat.

I Was Hit By Lightening

lighteningI had an epiphany the other day. An epiphany - as I discovered - is a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation.

(according to my trusty Mac’s dictionary)

A veritable bolt of lightening,

A switching on of the lightbulb,

A penny dropping.

What was it?

I realised that I would rather look good than be seen making mistakes.

I would rather maintain a facade (a thin facade at that) of seeming totally competent and in control …

Than going out on a limb and making mistakes and learning from those mistakes and ultimately improving fast.

All because I valued looking good to others more than progress.

I saw it on the river - and it meant in the past I wouldn’t try new things. Just the old trusty ones I knew I could pull off.

I saw it in my business - and it meant I wouldn’t speak in case I was wrong, it meant I wouldn’t do something new and uncomfortable in case I messed up.

People always talk about a fear of failure. ____________

“The real fear is NOT of failure but of 'looking' like a failure or 'looking' silly”. - Paul Mort _____________

He’s right - the real fear is indeed a fear of looking stupid, of looking like a failure.

Well today I celebrate - because I see the little sucker, that little programme thats been stopping things before they even begin.

Now I’m aware of it, I can do something about it.

Awareness of this stuff is the only way forward.

Because now - despite what the thoughts may say - I know about it. I can ignore it, and do things anyway.

I’m now prepared to possibly look stupid for the sake getting better, faster.

Because I can actually handle looking a bit dumb but I can’t handle not making the most of my time here.

Bring it on!



The reason I love the meditation I teach - and what I have practiced myself every single day since 2003 - is it gives anyone who does it greater awareness.

In awareness you have clarity so you have free choice.

It gives you calm and focus so you can carry out that choice, even if it requires courage.

In choice you can change and improve.

And when you improve you feel fantastic, and the whole world opens up a little more.

If you'd like to join me, I have what you need right here: