Daily Doings

What are your rituals, your daily doings that make sure you live the life you WANT to live, Rather than a life you kind of stumble through?

What do you do that reminds you of the bigger picture?

That allows you the headspace and perspective that means you don’t get triggered and react like a flailing drunk at 3am?

What are the things that you do that give you quality of life?

That mean you’re more mindful and present, rather than in a past or a future you have no control over?

Fresh and recharged, feeling like you’re on top of things rather than struggling to stay afloat?

More appreciative and grateful, rather than judgemental and stressed and focussed on what’s wrong?

More understanding and compassionate, rather than judgemental and prejudiced?

More good humoured, with an ease and a smile on your lips, rather than snappy and grouchy?

Life is short.

What do you know you should do but don’t?

What aren’t you doing that you could do?

I know all these things take a bit of time - but done right they give MORE time, every time.

Seems like everyone has time for surfing Facebook or Instagram …

But no time for the truly important things.

Why not change that around?

You have the power to change your whole approach to life.

And you PROBABLY already know what to do, it’s just that you’re not doing it.

If you need help on the what or making sure of your daily doings, head this way for a whole collection of quick ideas that is free to you:


Keep the peace!