The most violent thing you do

I’m not violent you say … and yet: Do you know what one of the most violent things you can actually do is?

Try to be someone that you’re not.

Do you know what one of the greatest realisations that you can ever come to is?

That you are enough, just as you are.

The enemy, if there is such a thing (which I talked a little about on Friday), is the more or less constant and continual judgement, comparison, evaluation of ourselves by ourselves.

It is the constant and continual self-management, self-appraisal and attempting to validate and secure a certain standing in the eyes of the rest of the world.

It is the constant and continual struggle to live up to certain unconscious ideas and expectations and standards, all soaked in from such an early age that they seem like “this is what is natural, this is the rules, this is the way you live life." 

What say you?

How much time do you spend thinking about who you are and what other people think of you? About who you are and how you’re doing in the world?

And then the whole commercial world reflects that back to us: “Buy this and be happy, be fulfilled!”, “Achieve this and find purpose!”, “Have this lifestyle and find your identity!”

What a relief, what a revolution then to realise that there is no “natural” way of living, no “truth” … it’s all just a commonly held belief of what a good life looks like … of what a good person should do and be.

It’s all a belief that, when you see it within yourself, you can take or leave. Go with it, or create your own.

But you have to see it’s the blindly fighting to live up to these expectations that keeps you away from peace and contentment, that keeps you stressed, that keeps you away from realising who you really are beyond your job, your possessions, your hobbies, your thoughts.

It’s the very thing that stops you fully living … because you’re always waiting to become.

You are enough, exactly as you are, warts and all.

What this world needs is people who are 100% ok in their own skin. And this doesn’t mean you give up goals and standards, but you do so with self-awareness, and a lightness of touch.

When you're 100% okay with who you are, you still grow – but not because you need to, but because you wantto. And grow all the more faster you do. (Yoda coming in, sorry.)

Some (some!) of the benefits of being this are contentment, peace, gratitude, honesty, acceptance, allowing, understanding … and being these things means you allow everyone else around to relax, to stop trying to be something they’re not too.

You can start to finally have a dialogue, a connection, true communication with others.

Being okay in your own skin. It’s one of the greatest things you can do for world peace, for the peace of your family.

A bold move though, nonetheless it’s super rewarding: a revolutionary act that takes place within and has resounding influence in the world.

Go well!Arjuna

PS.Practice meditation. I’d say learn the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension because it’s awesome. But whatever you do, do something.

It is the one thing that rapidly helps you relax in your own skin.

PPS.I have a free guide, it's all the ways I could think of to get less stressed, be more Alive, and make more of an impact on the world.To get a copy, head this way:


Bullsh*t Job?

It's Monday morning and you may well be back at work - so let’s talk about work and jobs. As sociologists and psychologists and meditation teachers have noted, people not only do a job for money, but so they can contribute something of meaning to something bigger than themselves.

People are happiest when they feel like they are of use - to someone, anyone.

Being of service is crucial part of our make up, a crucial part of our happiness.

Now - there is bullsh*t and rubbish that is devoid of meaning and use in ANY job. Some have more than others, much more - and I know certainly I’ve worked jobs where I really couldn’t see any point in what I was being paid to do.

This can be soul-destroying.

Some days you'll even just want to say "to heck with it all!"

You want to be of use, and yet it seems it matters not what you do, what improvements you suggest, the whole machine grinds on regardless, unchanged, unstoppable. You need a wage and yet the wage you are getting doesn’t seem to cover the sense of purposelessness or indeed, what seems to be the destruction of your soul.

Stressful this gets, yes it does. Oh my, if I had a penny for each time I heard this same story I’d be able to go out for a modest lunch right now.

So what do you do about meaning and purpose and what not?

Often psychologists will say find a job that gives you meaning and a sense of control.

This is well and good - and important to do IF you are able to do that - but it also assumes you are a tool. If you excuse me, a tool in all ways of the word. Through no fault of your own (because that's what we are taught), you’re waiting for something to be given to you. You're allowing yourself to be defined by the outside: "I am my work".

And the problem with this viewpoint is all that is good comes from the outside. Here, you will always be left short. The fact is you are so much bigger than your work.

How about claiming your own sense of meaning and purpose regardless of where you are and what you do?

I’m talking about taking the power back. Of not letting your work define you so much as you being able to define your work - regardless of what you do.

Certainly there is room for choice - to get a new job, to start your own business. However, always and most importantly is your ability to define the situation or circumstance you find yourself in.

Because what you focus on grows.  So your job is full of bullsh*t and you can’t/don’t want to quit … can you find meaning and purpose regardless of it?

Can you accept, tune out and find satisfaction somewhere else? Just get through the day with the minimum of effort and find a way of contributing in some other way?

It’s important because you want to be free to define your world. See when you are letting it define you, and flip that around - make another choice.

Crucial to meaning and purpose and an effortless life this is because you will always be faced with things you don’t like, in circumstances you might not understand.

Whether you let these get you down, to destroy your soul? That CAN be up to you.

Take the power back.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Freedom of choice? It’s a huge concept, isn’t it? Owning your choice on at least your attitude makes a ginormous difference to how you live.

And although it’s simple for me to say, it’s a real deal. You can develop the skills to have complete freedom of choice.

Here’s 108 ways - ideas - (free) that mean you develop this:


2 things that stop any dream happening

Exciting times!! I’ve figured out there are 2 things that stop me - and probably you since we're all the same mostly, really - from doing the big work, from the stuff that excites you, that is important to you. Your life work even, perhaps.

I’m talking specifically about a project like writing a book ...

(My book? Kind of you to ask - it is coming, just being polished by outside forces and a wonderful job they are doing - I'll let you know when you can get a copy)

... or a blog, but it could be anything from learning to paint or to meditate, going on an overseas journey, starting a business, a family, anything …

I’ve had both of these things in buckets, but once you see them, once you really see them, they’re easy to overcome. Promise. 

The first is waiting for Permission.

So many people just sit, and wait until someone in "authority" gives them permission to go ahead and start, to get involved.

Often you’ll think what you want to do isn’t important enough. But hogwash to that. Jump in, don’t wait for permission.

The second is waiting for Perfection.

You’re either waiting to become good enough to begin, or waiting for the project to be perfect before you reveal it to the world.

Waiting for that means you never actually do anything. It always gets delayed until … perfection comes. And has anyone ever really come face to face with perfection?

Beyond, that is the internal attitude of perfection that comes from appreciation?

Make a start, get it “good enough” and send it out to trusted advisors for feedback.

All I can say is don’t wait for permission or perfection.

Claim it, do it, jump in. You may have to take a big gulp and do it anyway, but waiting is a giant handbrake, and one, once you see these 2 things, you have control over.

Questions? Let me know, I’d love to help.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Being more mindful and present?

It is the most powerful "thing" that helps you see all these mental limitations and handbrakes. It means you can see what’s going on inside your own head so you don’t do the things that really mean you come alive.

It is awesome. Here’s a free guide with 108 different ideas on being more:


Don’t invite this person to a movie

Ever seen a film that you really wanted to see and you’re really getting into - and you have that annoying friend who keeps asking: “wait - what was that about?” - wanting to discuss and question and analyse the whole thing, the whole time, pulling you out of the magic of the film and making you miss so much? Oh boy, they never get an invitation again - do they? The funny thing is that is just what your mind does to your life. You’re less IN it and more sitting back and analysing it and questioning. Sure sucks out the magic real quick.

In your most alive moments, you have no care for questioning and analysing. You’re too busy, wide open mouthed, going “whoa!!”

All of your life CAN be like that - a most amazing thing that you’re super excited to a part of, super immersed in. Ironically you don’t need to change a thing about your life to get that. Your life doesn’t need to change, just your attitude to it.

Have the attitude of not wanting to miss a single moment … “Sorry I can’t get upset, I don’t want to miss what’s going on”

“Sorry I have no time to wonder why that happened to me, because it’s all happening right now!”

“Sorry, I don’t want to analyse what she said or what he said or what they could possibly be thinking because I have a life, and it’s happening and I DON’T WANT TO MISS A SINGLE MOMENT.

That single attitude will change everything.

Life is happening right in front of you - except we think the future will be better and so miss out on right now for something that is imaginary.

Don’t lose reality to imagination. Dreams and memories are important but this here is everything.


Go well! Arjuna

PS. and as always, let me know how I can help.

If you want the simplest most powerful tools that erase all the blocks to you being present and here and making the most of this?

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Oh I know, BUT your opponent isn’t really your opponent

It can be tough this path. You’d think being present and making the most of life is a simple thing. Well - actually it IS simple, it’s just that your opponent is a little tricky. And when I say “tough” I don’t mean it takes effort - but having the stubbornness of a mule is a useful trait to cultivate. Your opponent? What do I mean? For sure, it’s not a battle but a game - the inner game. The foundation of your life has little to do with outside forces and everything to do with how you view it. When the best version of you is in charge, everything about life is peachy. When the opponent is in control, it’s tougher.

And like all your loved ones, your inner opponent knows precisely how to push your buttons. So you react like never before to the voice in your head. It knows exactly what you fear the most and exactly what you dislike the most, so it will bring it up as often as possible - usually at 2am when you’re exhausted and/or going through a tough life experience - perhaps a breakup or serious illness to someone you love.

This is what I know …

You will get there. You will get to a place where you can ignore each and every negative or overwhelming thought. You will.

The biggest spoiler of all is that everything turns out ok. It does. But your job is to simply keep going. To focus on what you want to grow. Stay as present as you can - you will get distracted but with all the gentle stubbornness in the world, jump back on track.

Know and expect the inner voice of doom and gloom and worry. Give her or him a name - it’s your pet monkey and it’s a little nervous right now. It isn’t even your opponent, it’s something that needs reassuring, to feel safe - that’s all.

One step at a time and you will get there. Just keep going. Especially when times are tough, you may feel like giving up, that you’ll never get there - just make it about one moment at a time. You can manage the greatest of challenges, one step at a time.

You will get there, everything will turn out just fine.

Alright? Let me know how I can help.

Go well! Arjuna

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Your Christmas blog

Hey! So I know, you’ve had enough company just for a moment, and you’re off in the loo catching up on facebook and your emails in the quiet. Whew! Christmas is a little hectic, is it not?

I’ll be doing that too.

The thing I love about Christmas - ironically - is the doing very little after the very busy build up.

Just eating and drinking and chatting and reading and hanging out. I think I am world class at hanging out, and Christmas is designed for me.

We all very much hang out in the kitchen. A glass of sherry, a spot of spud peeling, some stirring of this and that, some very bad jokes, but all in all just enjoying each other’s company.

I keep coming back to enjoying life - enjoying each and every moment to it’s fullest. That would seem to be my topic:

To enjoy life to the fullest.

And the way to get that is always, always, getting out of thinking and getting into experiencing this moment, exactly as it is. The mind filters and creates such a different moment with all it’s grumps and grizzles - when you step outside of the mind, the world is such a different place.

Hey! So here’s to you, and if there is ever anything I can help with, please just ask. I enjoy helping, so let me know.

Go well! Arjuna

Ordinary Heroes

Spent last week on a course with a bunch of awesome people.

Only on the night before we finished do I find out that:

One has an MBE

One was in the French Foreign Legion

One played rugby at a national finals at Twickenham, the home of English rugby

One had foiled a master (and rather nasty) criminal

One is a single mum with 5(!) kids and holds down a full time job to support them all

(she wants more but can’t find a car big enough to carry them all - haha!)

One was blown up and had to have his nose sown back on

One at 40 has just found out they have Parkinson’s

Wow, huh?

All had incredible stories that made us laugh and gasp and wonder …

And “nothing special” they all said.

Just a room full of ordinary people - shrugging their shoulders and living their lives.

The ups and the downs,

The wows and the whys.

Dealing with life and all it throws at them as best they can.

Heading towards what they want as best they can.

And that is the fact of life.

It’s full of ordinary heroes.

Nothing special - but really - actually - it is a bit special isn’t it?

We are a talented bunch, but we just don’t realise it.

Now - All of these awesome people were in that room because they wanted a way of getting on top of their minds.

So they can live a life of quality.

Because they all have realised that the single biggest handbrake in their life exists between their own ears.

Thoughts, reactions, attitudes, expectations, plans …

All of that stuff that goes on in your mind.

So no matter what your life has been like.

What HAS happened to you,

What IS happening to you,

You can learn to have a choice.

A choice in whether you struggle and fight and let yourself be swayed by bad habits,

Or are calm, centred, content and full of enjoyment.

And what a difference that choice makes in living a productive and profound life.


So if you'd like more?

If you’d like a way of dealing with life’s curve balls with more style?

If you’d like a platform of being the best version of you, always?

I have a free guide to doing just that.

Get it here:


Go well!


Good news, bad news, who knows?

Have you ever had a bit of bad news,

And then it turns out to be good news actually, in the long run?

I know I have, looking back it especially comes apparent - when you're clear of it.

Amazing isn’t it?

The ol’ silver lining comes through -

So often we think we know what we want,

Until we get it.

And all the struggling and kicking and fighting all the way …

For what?

Even some of the most miserable times of my life -

I wouldn’t change them.

Simply because they gave me the motivation to find a way out,

To never go back,

To make sure my life had the internal stability,

The freedom from the external events,

So I could enjoy each and everything,

Each and every moment.

And not get stressed and anxious and depressed about anything:

To live life well -

No longer caught up in the whirlwind.

Independent of the rollercoaster,

And the hamster wheel.

To find that sense of satisfaction, joy and profundity that makes life so worth living.

That’s an internal thing -

A mindset, an attitude thing.

It’s knowing who you really are,

Beyond your age, gender, job, family, beliefs, hobbies, thoughts -

It’s being settled and anchored and able to freely choose.

The easiest, most rewarding and simple way to get that?

Without fuss, without effort?

The Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension.

Honestly, hand on heart - that's why I'm here,

To tell you that you can have freedom from stress and struggle and being frantic -

A very simple set of tools that let you choose your destiny.

That allow you to remain half a step back from any news that seems “bad” …

Keeping it all in perspective and staying calm and content.

If you’d like that?

Here's a free download that'll give you 108 ways of having that:


Go well!



Good news, bad news, who knows?

Can you see the future, how it will turn out?

Then it’s all assumption and appearance.

and that’s not real.

Find out what’s real - within you,

And live from that place:


Taking Your Own Advice?

“My husband is a pain in the ar$e and I’ve had enough … what shall I do?” “How do I tell my kids about the Manchester bombings?”

“I need to ask my boss something and I’m not sure how to do it”

“How can I learn to say ‘no’ more?”

I get to talk with a lot of people about problems,

And I love it, I really do.

I get to help and I love that.

The funniest thing is that I’ve become aware that the source of all problems …

(I have a weird sense of humour - but it’s born of a joy in seeing how I am the cause of ALL my problems. I find it ironic or something ...)

Is NOT really confusion or uncertainty of knowing WHAT to do.

If you find yourself confused it’s highly likely you already know what to do,

The problem is that you’re not sure you CAN,

Or you SHOULD,

Or ---> “But what will people think?”

Or you’re asking for permission to do what you know you need to do.

That ^^^ is the kicker with all problems.

Not the lack of solution,

But the doubt about applying the solution.

Do you see the difference?

I know this because when I ask the person “what advice would you give your best friend on this issue?”

Out comes the wisdom and the solution … easy.

The hard bit is getting over yourself and just doing it.

The hard bit comes when you start over-thinking it.

The hard bit in all of life is not out there in the world, in the problem,

But here, upstairs, between your ears.

So when you master what's between your ears, all of life gets supremely simple.

And so, as I saw on Facebook the other day by a very wise man:

“What would happen if you took your own advice?”

I thought "how excellent!"

I’ll leave you with that.

Take it easy! Arjuna


Want an easy peasy way to start mastering your mind?

Have a look here, there's 108 ways in fact:


And advanced workshop day for Ascenders only

(correct link, fingers crossed!)


Daily Doings

What are your rituals, your daily doings that make sure you live the life you WANT to live, Rather than a life you kind of stumble through?

What do you do that reminds you of the bigger picture?

That allows you the headspace and perspective that means you don’t get triggered and react like a flailing drunk at 3am?

What are the things that you do that give you quality of life?

That mean you’re more mindful and present, rather than in a past or a future you have no control over?

Fresh and recharged, feeling like you’re on top of things rather than struggling to stay afloat?

More appreciative and grateful, rather than judgemental and stressed and focussed on what’s wrong?

More understanding and compassionate, rather than judgemental and prejudiced?

More good humoured, with an ease and a smile on your lips, rather than snappy and grouchy?

Life is short.

What do you know you should do but don’t?

What aren’t you doing that you could do?

I know all these things take a bit of time - but done right they give MORE time, every time.

Seems like everyone has time for surfing Facebook or Instagram …

But no time for the truly important things.

Why not change that around?

You have the power to change your whole approach to life.

And you PROBABLY already know what to do, it’s just that you’re not doing it.

If you need help on the what or making sure of your daily doings, head this way for a whole collection of quick ideas that is free to you:


Keep the peace!


Not The Joy Of Sex, No

Recently I wrote a blog about the joy of triggers, Not the Joy of Sex, no.

My parents had that book on their bookshelf when I was a young fella.

I must say I learnt A LOT from that classic 70s manual.

Then one day it just disappeared.

Shame that -

On a few different levels.

Anyway - back on track:

The Joy of Triggers

When you realise your own happiness CAN become a choice,

A choice YOU make despite the circumstances …

So the foundation of a full rich happy life becomes not so much about the WHAT

(ie. the circumstances and the situations)

But the HOW …

(ie. your response to these circumstances)

THEN anything that shows you that you are choosing to suffer becomes of great interest

eg. your reactions, your blindspots, your inner chimp raging -

It is choosing to be aware in challenging situations and not fall back into unconsciousness.

All so you can stop making that particular choice,

And therefore get better results in your life.

Hence: the Joy Of Being Triggered.

(Not masochistic, no, not at all.)


It is a big bold step to take full responsibility for your own happiness.

I get that. It’s a bit scary.

It's actually easier to blame something or someone else.

And so I wasn't surprised that when I sent that blog out to my email list, a few people unsubscribed.

And well done them. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready.

But I wanted to say if you’re still here reading me, then GREAT.

You may not know how to choose for your own happiness, but you are clearly willing to find out.

Rare indeed is that.

All you have to do now is opt in here and join the club:



Good. Go well and keep the Peace!


- PS.

If you join, the unsubscribe is always at the bottom of my emails.

I never want to feel like a guest who has stayed too long …

So if you really have got this all sorted, you probably don’t need to hear from me.

No worries at all. I wish you luck. -

I'm Terrified

Scariest thing in my life? Turning into my father.

I’m not even a dad yet and I open my mouth and out comes my dad’s words.

What happened to ME??!

He’s a great man, really a great dad, and as a young fella I idolised him.

Your kids?

Are just the same.

They want to be just like you.

They copy everything you do.


Everything you say, every facial expression, every single thing.

Had a friend sit down at his computer and his girl came with her plastic kids laptop and sat down beside him.

She opened the lid up, put her face in her hands, and made a huge sigh / moan -

You know that sound …

When you can’t be arsed, but you must.

When the weight of the world is on top of your shoulders,

And the drudgery of life is killing you.

At three years old she learnt it straight from him:

“This is life, and it’s a drag”.

Woke him up, straight away.

Think about it for a moment -

If you don’t change yourself and you don’t care then that’s fine.

But your kids are going to end up just like you.

They’ll get stressed at the same things you do,

Blow your top just like you do,

Have the same relationship with work and money as you do,

Be addicted to the phone and spend hours on Facebook just like you do,

Treat their partners just like you do.

They may well get to a point -

Perhaps like you (and me) they’ll realise they are going to do things differently,

But the basic foundation is already there, it’s laid so young.

If you want to do it differently?

Become conscious -

Make aware choices.

Don’t do stuff “just because” …

Meditation will give you that insight,

Simply and easily, with time and practice to be sure,

But it’s the quickest way of turning a light on and seeing what you are doing.

You want to make different, better, freer choices?

Let’s give you a programme, simple and powerful - and then give you all the inspiration you need to get it done:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Go well!

And of course - take it easy,

Arjuna -


In many ways we can’t do things differently from our fathers -

Chances are we still have to bring home the bacon of some sort, with all of the pressure that CAN get picked up with it.

But nonetheless - what I’m talking about is not so much doing different things, but perhaps doing the same things differently.

Do you see?

Feeling Masochistic? You're Doing It Wrong

One of the things that seems to happen in this self-improvement lark, A lark that begins when you realise you want to bring the best version of yourself to life more often (perhaps even ALL the time) -

Is harshness and being so serious.

There is this idea that growing involves hardship and at least a degree of torture.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for adventures (in the outdoors especially) where you come up against your comfort zone.

That sense of challenge and uncertainty of “can I do this?”, of hearing your mind squeak and carrying on anyway.

But there is always a sense of JOY in that (for me).

When it stops being fun, I stop.

What’s the point if it’s not?

I wasn't always like that though. I used to believe that harshness was necessary to conquer my messy, chaotic mind.

I thought I SHOULD do x, y, z to get what I wanted -

(Turns out I was wrong. Luckily I found out sooner rather than later, huh?)

Yet if you look around at some of the programmes and practices out there there’s the same idea:

It all started back in the day with walking on hot coals or snapping an arrow with the point held against your throat,

And now has gotten really quite extreme -

Where it ranges from sleep deprivation all the way through to some quite full on SAS torture training experience weekends.

There’s a significant section of the meditation and yoga community that have a similar mindset.

The bed of nails may no longer be around but there's still the idea that unless it’s really hard work, “you’re messing around”.

Some of these guys become so serious, so rigid in themselves, even harming themselves becoming hardline vegans when it doesn't suit their bodies, becoming all grey skinned and wrinkly.

Here’s the thing:

I know there's something in everything for someone, but please trust me when I say harshness will not bring you closer to a better version of you.

You don't need to do half the stuff people say you NEED to, to get the results you want.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t lose your sense of joy, your sense of humour.

Your meditation and mindset practice for example.

If you are straining and efforting, if you’re sitting on the floor in some yoga position and it’s uncomfortable …

If you’re forcing yourself to stop your mind, being aggressive to yourself, getting impatient and frustrated …

If it’s as fun as a trip to the dentist …

You won’t do it for very long.

You’re not going to practice it day in day out - because it’s not easy nor joyful nor rewarding.

The momentum won’t develop.

And you’ll just add more stress into your nervous system.

^^^ That is one of the whole reasons for meditation ^^^

To release all the stress and strain that you’ve built up over the years.

NOT to torture yourself all over again.

Harshness of any kind is not necessary.

You don’t need to dominate your lesser tendencies, I promise.

That kind of attitude is so counter productive.

Just having the courage and boldness to candidly look at yourself and make different choices is heroic enough.

One of the true motors for change AND an indication that you’re doing things right?

Maximum enjoyment of each and every moment.


Want some?

Opt in here, I'll send you a super cool, super simple, super powerful meditation practice you can get going on straight away, AND we'll continue the conversation about all this:


Have a great day out there. Have some fun!! Arjuna


Commitment is crucial, harshness not.

Gentle persistence is the key, always.

If you’re not having fun then find out why not.

Makes sense, huh? -

Defeating The Beast That Is Your Inner Child

Sometimes people ask me, 'What IS the point?'

Not the metaphysical, "what is the point of life?"

But what's the point in meditating?

Perhaps they've given it a quick go and aren't really sure why or what they're doing.

For the sake of explanation, assume you have an inner two year old (with all the worst aspects and none of the good).

That guy is the one that ruins everything.

Tantrums, wanting instant gratification, so reactive, no reasoning, dramatic, cry baby, selfish, confused.

You know that? (I most certainly do).

And throw in some good old self violence and “I’m no good” for good measure.

(Don’t think many two year olds have that yet)

The job of a good meditation technique is to bring you back to your adult “true” you.

So one way of looking at meditation is to do the opposite of whatever the two year old comes up with.

It’s training you not to react, to not be whiny, to not lash out, to not get frustrated, to not want something different from what you have right now.

And so doing the opposite actually involves doing very little.


The biggest thing is that your two year old wants to DO something.

Different, always different.

Your job, the purpose of meditation in many ways, is to DO NOTHING.

Just to sit, and be aware, patient, and content.

You’ve been DOING stuff all your life.

Your mind, run my your two year old, is constantly busy.

It’s exhausting.

That’s why you have to learn to stop, and just sit, and do nothing.

Just rest, be comfortable, and sit.

Return to the object of meditation - the breath, the heart, the body scan, the Ascension Attitudes.

If you have these Ascension meditation techniques you're in luck because they take you to the heart of the matter, immediately.

Whatever you do, start with just ten minutes and you’ll find you have a different perspective on your mind.

Clarity is the word I like.

Instead of instantly following your two year old mind, the ability to see it AND ignore it means you’ll have more and more choice.

This means you can do what you know is best, rather than blindly reacting.

You’re cultivating freedom from all kinds of negative patterns and habits.

And you’re able to focus on what you want to grow in your life.

All so you can be a better you.

Better partner, better parent, better at your work, better at your play.


Isn’t that worth a small amount of time in your day?

I’d say so.

Go well - practice makes all things clearer.



If you want more from your practice in any way, I can help make things supremely simple.

Perhaps you’ve tried to meditate in the past and have just gotten a little confused so you feel like you’re not sure what to do, or you’re missing the point?

Perhaps you know precisely what to do, just can’t seem to do it?

Perhaps you want meditation to be more enjoyable, more satisfying, more simple in some way?

I can help, for sure.

Opt in here:


There’s Nothing To Say

small-talkI’m back home after what seemed like a marathon mission of sociability. We went the length of the country and witnessed weddings, popped in for long cups of tea, ate dinners, drank too much wine.

It is the season, is it not?

Not that long ago the thought of all that socialising would have sent a shiver of fear up and down my spine.

You see, I’m not that good at small talk.

And all those parties would have thrown me right out of my comfort zone.

Meeting and greeting and how do you doing and what do you doing …

I put myself under a lot of pressure to “perform” - to be social.

I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about but that pressure made me so awkward. Very awkward indeed. And slightly anxious too.

These days I’m pleased to report that a solid week of socialising and I’m still alive.

I did it, I made it through.

What’s changed is that I’m happier in my own skin.

I’m happy if I have something to say, very happy if I don’t.

Content and comfortable with silence, also not needing someone’s approval.

I’m not trying to present an image, putting on a mask to be liked.

Which was so much hard work.


It’s very much a matter of here I am and that is all.

My Ishayas’ Ascension meditation practice has means I’ve gotten relaxed and content in my own skin and happy - for no reason.

Confident as me, without arrogance.

And without all that pressure to perform or be someone, it seems I’ve gotten better at small talk.

Imagine that?

So if you’re fearing a social season, being in a room full of people you don’t know - don’t sweat it.

No really, don’t sweat.

There’s never anything to prove to anyone.

You are you, and that is more than enough.

If you have something to say, wonderful. If you don’t wonderful.

You might learn to ask interesting questions - that’s a nice skill that gets people talking.

But no worries if not.

You can also learn to be content as yourself and enjoy whatever the moment offers.

You can learn to be without anxiety and panic and worry.

You can learn ALL that, really you can.

A practice of meditation and mindset has been the key for me.

If you’d like to know more about it, go here and I'll tell you all I know.


And if you ever need anything, just ask.

Enjoy yourself, ok? Arjuna

Less Juice Than A New iPhone 7

batteryI’m thinking about getting a new phone. Mine is a little creaky, the battery lasts less than a day now.

Unfortunately you can’t replace them batteries - what an environmental disaster that is.

Just like water bottles and plastic shopping bags and dem coffee cups.

So I was reading a review for the new iPhone 7.

All nice and shiny, but the guy was saying under use the battery won’t last a day.

What’s the point of something that won’t even go a single day before needing a recharge?

That’s why I want a new one.

Now -

I’m going to merge nicely into a metaphor for you.

(I need to tell you just in case, due to my mad metaphorical skillz, it’s not that obvious)

You have an internal battery.

When people get depressed, or grumpy and reactive, or anxious, or un-motivated, or constantly tired -

When they feel like they aren’t living the life they want to - and they wonder why.

A big chunk of it is all down to a super low battery.

It’s obvious what some of the things that will deplete and recharge you are.

You know them already.

Diet, exercise, sleep, alcohol, how hard you work, how hard you play …

But you won’t be so aware of the subtle unseens -

In other words, what goes on between your ears.

Which, in many ways, have MORE impact than anything you do.

You see, there are a lot of things that SEEM worthy of your attention in this world.

Mulling over difficult situations, paying too much attention to bad news (personal and media), thinking too much about stuff you have no control over (actually even thinking too much about things you DO have control over), trying to do 12 things at once …

… Worry, doubt, anger, over-control …

So much to do, so much to think about, so much to plan and predict.

They seem worthy -

BUT all these things drain you, and drain you quick.

What recharges you?

I know the Ishayas’ Ascension meditation does, and rapidly too.

A focus on being present and positive, the silver lining, gratitude, choosing to notice what is good and beautiful, hanging out with fun, inspired, giving people -

All these are extremely beneficial as well.

So to get the most out of your battery -

You have to limit your exposure to the things that drain you,

and give more to the things that recharge you, that give you “juice”.

If you know you might be in a situation where you will be drained, you need to charge up before AND recharge after.

Otherwise you reach the end of your capacity and start shutting down.

Which you may well know from experience, and it isn’t that nice at all.

Makes sense right?

Be careful what you let into your head.

Be careful where you spend your energy.

Charge up regularly!

I'm sure you've worked all this out, but maybe this will make it even simpler how to get more Life from your life.

That way you’ll also have plenty to give to your loved ones, which is always wonderful.

Stay juiced, - Arjuna

PS. Last chance to get a seat on the last Ishayas’ Ascension evening course for 2016.

In my humble opinion, the greatest thing you can ever learn.

Go here for a seat:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/ascensionmeditation/ Or email me for questions, I’m always happy to chat. -

"Yes Baby! Yes!”

yesLast time I wrote about the immense power of saying “no” to the things that won’t take you to where you want to go. You need to say no so you can say yes.

If that makes sense you’re a genius, and we should hang out more because you clearly get me.

No is wonderful.

And yet applied too often means you live in a very small box. One of your own creation.

You need to say yes too. Yes brings surprise and newness and difference and a bit of magic as well.

Put another way, you need to say no to doubt and doing the same things in order to have more adventure.

If you’re an outdoor type you know that knife edge of staying in your comfort zone and staying safe but extending yourself.

That’s why I love the outdoors: Because it shows you the power of yes.

No to fear, yes to growth.

There is a Jim Carrey film called “Yes Man”

It’s a good one, worth a watch.

Basically there’s this guy who doesn’t say “yes” enough, who then say yes a lot and well, he learns to say yes and no.

Balance, you see.

“So clear!” I hear you say.

The coffee clearly has not kicked in.

But in your own head - you have certain patterns of thinking that do not serve you in any admirable way.

They take you down, shrink your world, and means life is a bit grey.

Your job - assuming you want more Life in your life - is to see these patterns in action.

When you really become aware of them it becomes obvious that thinking them does you no good.

So then you can say no to these thoughts and yes to other, more life enhancing ones.

Becoming the master of your own head really is that simple.

Replace down thoughts with up thoughts.

It is one of the cornerstones of the Ishayas’ Ascension meditation techniques.

Combined with the ability to directly give you more presence and focus, they are very powerful tools for rewiring your mind.

Rewiring so you can free yourself of all the negative, down, reactive patterns and habits -

Meaning no to stress, struggle, self-sabotage;

And yes to being calm as a cucumber, happy as a Tibetan goat herder, and as focussed as monkey who has just pinched your mobile phone.

Evening course next week here:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/ascensionmeditation/ Go well! Arjuna


I’m pretty sure cucumbers are super calm.

I’ve never talked to one in depth about it, but they have that aura of cool, you know?


How To Improve, Fast

A photo by Lee Roylland. unsplash.com/photos/dfZbts6B4ywNo one likes to remain the same. But no matter the subject - sometimes it’s difficult to know which direction to move in to improve.

The problem then is information.

It’s “how do I do it”?

When you don’t know, you don’t do.

And so nothing is done, there is no change.

The other thing that happens is we can perpetually get ready to get better.

Humans will gather a lot of information and sometimes spend years in the research phase, but not actually putting it into action.

Gathering and gathering and not actually doing.

Not out there making mistakes and learning through experience.

I know this one quite well. I used to do a ton of it. If gathering could weigh something, my past "getting ready" would be hefty.

The problem here is not of information, because there is more than enough, but actually not seeing how the information suits you through experience - how it works for you.

Because - as I’ve also discovered very recently - we’re afraid of looking foolish in failure.

We don't try because we don't want to look silly.

Which is fair enough - but ultimately useless as a growth strategy.

The other problem is one of motivation and momentum.

You can have a great idea to get better at something - you may even begin - but after the initial fizz and buzz of activity,

You realise how change actually requires a little work, and (unless you are extraordinarily motivated) left to your own habits, you revert back to not doing.

Having someone else hold you accountable to your goals is a great thing.

Because sometimes it’s easier to let yourself down than it is to let someone else down.


All of these things you can find for yourself.

There is no end of information now out there on the internet (some of it good, some not so).

You can make sure you take action and don’t just research and prepare.

And you can find a buddy to hold you accountable for doing what you said you wanted to do.

(I know someone whose default on not meeting his goal means he has to vote for Donald Trump. And all his friends know. He’s quite motivated, as you’d imagine.)

You can do all the above - or you can get a coach.

A coach gives you the right information, the right goals, the right accountability, the right support:

Everything, simple and quick.

I really want to get better at kayaking so because of this I’m doing some courses.

I have a meditation teacher, and a business coach too, because I really want to improve.

How about you?

You don't NEED a coach, but going to one can help extraordinarily.

And I'd like to offer my services.

If you’re interested in getting better in this mindset and meditation business fast -

if you want to know how to be calmer, more focussed and happier so that you have the mental skills to do what you want to do and be the person you want to be and live the life you’d like to live, I can help.

The first thing I’d recommend is starting here:


Great stuff.

Have fun out there.


- PS.

I'm nearly done on my holidays.

And I have a seminar and a few other things up my sleeve to get going on.

I'll let you know when - end of October sometime, and it'll be in Darlington, AND it'll be all about sports performance beyond the mind.

How you can think less and get better quicker with more fun.

Something like that.

Talk more soon.


You’re a outdoor freak when …

outdoor freakYou can’t fit your car in the garage because of all the toys? Of course … an oldie but a goodie

How about welcoming bad weather with open arms and willingly going to bed early so you can get up and get going at the crack of dawn?

Ah yes …

Before outdoors (B.O.?) I would hate storms. I hated rain.


I was on the computer all the time over the weekend watching the latest weather reports.

All so I could see where the best place to go for some kayaking.

Bad weather means I see rivers filling up, or snow on it’s way, or surf lifting.

For sure - I know for some like Mountain Rescue and the Lifeboats storms coming in probably signals more work for them,

But given safety and the right equipment, now it’s such a buzz for me to be out when it’s wild.

I love how my attitude has transformed from one of complete resistance to bad weather to one of:

“Let’s see what we can do with it”


“Let’s make the most of it”

Are you the same?

With a small reach can you see how its your attitude that makes all the difference ANYWHERE in life?

I heard once a study that said Mondays were the biggest days for heart attacks and over all “premature” death.

There’s nothing inherently bad about Mondays, except - as you know …

We as humans live for 2 days out of 7.

Because that is the case, the day after that 2nd day (Mondays) really suck,

In fact they can be deadly.

(Best of staying in bed then, huh?)

It’s your attitude, its your approach that changes everything

Whether you really live a full and rich life, all the time,

Or just a fraction of the time.

And this is a great thing to REALLY get to grips with.

Because you can control your attitude.

You can choose it (if you get good at it)

You can’t necessarily control the weather, or Mondays, or life.

But you can control your attitude.

So practice that - practice choosing how you feel, your attitude and your perspective

Practice it even when everything is going good …

And then the bad times will be easier, because you have a stronger, more flexible attitude.

If you want help with that, I have just what you need.

A practice, a set of tools and understandings so you can have a bulletproof attitude.

With a bulletproof attitude, and the ability to be in the here and now, all of life gets sweeter.

The end of stress, fear, anxiety. 200% of life

Go here and opt in for more information, and daily reminders like this one:


Take it easy out there,

And if you need anything, get in touch. I’d love to help.



Being a kayaker is the best thing for welcoming rain.

If you can train yourself to be interested when it looks bad and everyone else is losing it?

I do believe you’ll become unstoppable.

And at least have all the fun, and no heart attacks on Mondays.

Sounds good to me.

Being selfish is the only way forward

When I was younger I could work all day at a physically and mentally tiring job (outdoor instructor). I would finish, swoop home and grab something to eat, and then go out kayaking again for another 3 to 4 hours.

I’d come home, eat some more (there’s a common theme in my life), shower, crash from a height into bed, wake early and go again.

Repeat and go. Charge!

I seemed to be indestructible, there was no need for rest.

Yet as I got older things took their toll a little more, energy levels decreased and injuries increased.

I began having to look after myself way way way more - doing yoga, meditating, eating better, sleeping well.

All these little tweaks meant even though I could no longer be full on all day and night long, I could still keep up when I needed to.

All of this is to say you probably need to invest in yourself a little more.

You’re not 21 anymore. You can’t get away with burning the candle at both ends.

But if you do take time for yourself - like the good stewards of the aeroplanes say: put your oxygen mask on first - then you have so much to give others.

Every morning make sure you start with a full tank.

Have a routine that means you nourish yourself. A daily Ascension meditation practice is a great way of doing this.

Then go out and serve others.

Otherwise you’re operating from a position of running on fumes: rush and hurry, scarcity, fear, worry, inefficiency.

And no body wins.

It’s not fun, it’s not effective.

It isn't selfish to make yourself the priority every morning.

It actually expands your ability to help others.

You can only help others by first helping yourself.

Make the time - you won’t regret it. - Arjuna