Did you hear about the guy who worked himself to death?

The people that I admire in this world seem to have a perfect balance. They are efficient and focussed. They get in to their work, do the things, make the decisions, have a laugh, and then they get out.

They leave it totally behind and are fully with their partners or families.

They take time to do the things that they love, that nourish their souls.

They are committed to being healthy, setting aside time to make quality food and exercise well.

But these people are super rare.

Maybe I’m too romantic in my notions, but I don’t see my ideal often. But when I do I sit up and take notice.

So many people are imbalanced. They typically push and push in one area of their lives to the detriment of everything else.

And it’s all about security, or proving something to someone, or caring too much. I know this because I’ve been through it myself.

Fear that I can’t let go of work because I need to provide. If I don’t look after my family, my retirement etc etc, who will … ?

Or, if I don’t do it, who will look after x, y or z? Muggins here will do it.

Or, I’m not in a place where I can cut back my working hours just yet. But soon I will be able to. I’ll get things in a place where they can run themselves and I can let go …

Or the old chestnut of doing it because everyone else seems to be doing it. Working so hard their eyeballs are bleeding, and after all, I can handle it.

Or, I’m a success and I’ll show the world (but through pushing so hard actually you’re beginning an obsession).

It’s a horrible little hamster wheel, but when you see it, you can get off.

I was talking about this on an Ascension meditation course the other day and they were connecting the dots.

One guy said he started to realise something was way out of balance when he sent an email at 2am and received a reply.

They were all working 16 and 18 hour days, with families and hobbies they are busy ignoring.

Maybe you can push for a few months, maybe years, but what is inevitable is that you will snap. Or your relationship will fail. Or you get so overweight it’s difficult to play with your kids.

You need balance. You can’t do anything without balance.

Making this kind of change takes courage, it takes seeing your mind and behaviours clearly.

And it means going beyond the fears of your mind.

It takes prioritising what is important to you.

This is your life and you need to decide how you want to live it.

The choice is in your hands, ok?

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Keep the Peace! - Arjuna