Who Else Wants Freedom?

Every one wants freedom. Everyone. What do you want freedom from?

I think it’s an excellent question to ask yourself.

Try it now.

Because, if you are honest, there is very very likely to be something there that means you don’t feel quite free.

I’m not talking about agreements and compromises and giving that is walked into fully conscious, that you want to do because, at least on some level, it brings you joy.

Like getting married for example.

Some talk about marriage as an end of freedom.

I’m not ashamed to say I cried like a baby when I asked my lady to marry me.

Because it meant so much to me.

So I’m not talking about things you freely agree to do, or things you set in place because they’re actually of benefit to you …

I’m talking about everything else. Stuff that you don’t want, or things that make you feel constrained.

So ask yourself, what do you want freedom from?

You know the answer to this - it's the stuff that bugs you constantly.

OK, so, my take is this:

Freedom begins in the mind.

Your negative mental patterns and resistances and fears are the first place you can free yourself.

By seeing them clearly, by letting them go, by not going around and around in them. By not indulging in doubt and worry and fear.

From there you can make different choices, make change in life.

A free mind is a foundation for the best possible life.

But often, so so so often, by finding freedom internally you don’t need to make any change.

You will find that the problem was in your head to begin with. You change your mind and everything changes with it.

Plato once said something similar:

"One cannot make a slave of a free man, for a free man is free even in prison”.

Inner freedom always comes first.

Want freedom?

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It is the greatest thing you have never done for experiencing inner and outer freedom.

Questions? Try me!

Have a great day, - Arjuna