Do not read this, you have better things to do

Stop thinking about it and just go and do it There have been so many times in my life when I’ve thought so much about doing something, and then never actually done it.

There were so many things. So many plans and ideas, so many adventures, so many paths to run down and I let the chance slip away.

There’s something to be said for acting on inspiration. For doing, and then course correcting as you go.

Thinking about it, planning it down to the last detail, well, it’s just a postponing and delaying tactic isn’t it?

You’re delaying because actually you don’t yet have the courage.

When I was a younger fellow I was pretty shy. There was a girl I liked and just never got enough courage to go and talk with. I would sit there all night nursing my drink but never actually going and really talking with her. Planning lines and strategies and just getting more and more nervous and never actually doing anything.

Ever had something similar? Yes, you have.

Sometimes you just have to pounce. In an entirely appropriate way, of course.

I would say there is at least one plan or an idea within all of us that we are waiting “until conditions are perfect”, until we know for sure, until actually we get enough courage.

What is that idea for you?

Why not begin it today?

And if not now, when?

Expect the fear and do it anyway.

Embark, set sail!

What did I tell you? Stop reading, and start doing that thing...

- Arjuna

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