Don’t invite this person to a movie

Ever seen a film that you really wanted to see and you’re really getting into - and you have that annoying friend who keeps asking: “wait - what was that about?” - wanting to discuss and question and analyse the whole thing, the whole time, pulling you out of the magic of the film and making you miss so much? Oh boy, they never get an invitation again - do they? The funny thing is that is just what your mind does to your life. You’re less IN it and more sitting back and analysing it and questioning. Sure sucks out the magic real quick.

In your most alive moments, you have no care for questioning and analysing. You’re too busy, wide open mouthed, going “whoa!!”

All of your life CAN be like that - a most amazing thing that you’re super excited to a part of, super immersed in. Ironically you don’t need to change a thing about your life to get that. Your life doesn’t need to change, just your attitude to it.

Have the attitude of not wanting to miss a single moment … “Sorry I can’t get upset, I don’t want to miss what’s going on”

“Sorry I have no time to wonder why that happened to me, because it’s all happening right now!”

“Sorry, I don’t want to analyse what she said or what he said or what they could possibly be thinking because I have a life, and it’s happening and I DON’T WANT TO MISS A SINGLE MOMENT.

That single attitude will change everything.

Life is happening right in front of you - except we think the future will be better and so miss out on right now for something that is imaginary.

Don’t lose reality to imagination. Dreams and memories are important but this here is everything.


Go well! Arjuna

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