You know when you need to pee? And you’re jumping from foot to foot,

Trying to finish off the thing you’re involved in -

Yet failing because you just can’t think straight?

Then you take care of the necessities and everything is easier?

Same same with exhaustion.

Tough night last night in our house you see -

Bubsy was waking every 30 minutes with a sqwaul and a shriek.

Early, early this morning I had a baby thrust at me by a groggy, possibly a touch grumpy, Sumati.

Both of them slept for about 3 hours straight.

When they woke?

Sweetness and light and good humour,

Singing songs in the kitchen as we speak.

Everywhere I go to speak or teach:

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a school or an office or the army -

We start off with a few relaxation exercises and just about every one in the room starts yawning.

The western world is running on exhaustion.

And when things are tough, or even just a bit “sticky”, rest makes everything better.

Easier, lighter, more fun.

It doesn’t remove your problems by any means, it just makes them easier to deal with.

Actually sometimes it does -

Because you stop trying to control the things you have no control over

You stop worrying about the things you can’t influence.

So if you want to make life easier for yourself -

Simpler, more effective, more profound too,

Get some early nights.

Learn how to meditate so you get an awesome power nap throughout the day too.

A reset to your sense of humour and your energy levels.

If you have trouble sleeping?

You’ll need those little breaks during the day.

If you have a baby?

Rest when they rest.

Don’t be all trying to get the jobs done while they’re asleep.

You need rest first.


Go well!



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