10 year olds have it tough

Spent this morning speaking with a bunch of 10 year olds - All about stress and anger, worry and anxiety, depression and sorrow.

About not sleeping at night,

About getting so frustrated they can’t think straight.

About putting themselves under impossible pressure.

And I thought the life of a ten year old was free and easy.

No worries, no regrets, nothing to do, no heavy expectations to live up to.

Looks like I had no idea.

I have no idea if life is tougher now that we’re in the future,

But after this morning, and sitting down to write, I now actually remember a similar time as a kid.

I was never more depressed than when I was 11-12.

I thought the world was going to end,

I only had 2 friends,

I found no joy anywhere, nothing but fear and doubt and struggle.

And the only reason I didn’t kill myself was because I didn’t want my family to be hurt.

So I suffered in silence.

At 11 years old.

How crazy is that?

Crazy. Messed up. All that stuff.

I know.

I'm actually glad for it because it made me determined to find a way out, to never go back there

But what I really want to tell you is this:

I do remember being around certain people really helped me.

There were a few teachers, my swimming coach, the mum of one of my friends …

They had a lightness of being, a warm heart it felt like.

They looked me in the eye and made sure I was seen and heard.

It wasn’t what they said or did, but how they made me feel.

I felt like they had all the time in the world for me.

Even though they must have had their challenges,

I felt a solid certainty in this world when I was around them,

An oasis of … okayness … or goodness, I guess …

A kind of force field that meant fear and worry and that feeling of the end couldn’t come in when I was near them.

Those times meant everything because I had a glimpse of what life beyond the chaos of my mind felt like.

Your peace?

Despite all the madness and busy-ness and questions in your life -

You being calm and present and content and alive,

Isn’t just for you.

You touch everyone around you.

Everyone has a chance for sanctuary by just being in your presence.

And if you only stop and give that kid a smile,

Or really listen for just a second …

You might be saving their lives.

Go well, ok? Arjuna


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