Full Enjoyment Of Each And Every Moment

It’s the purpose of life - Isn't it?

To enjoy the sucker.

All the things humans do, we do so we can enjoy it.

Sure - sometimes that enjoyment comes from creating something, from the sense of achievement and pride that follows.

The trouble is that’s where it all goes wrong.

People forget that not only enjoyment is the END result of setting a goal and going and getting it …

And in the well earned rest that comes from a hard days work …

But it can - and needs to - be part of the process as well.

Otherwise you get in a rat race of only enjoying when you get or finish something.

Then you start to believe that ONLY getting and finishing things brings enjoyment.

Which brings stress when things don’t go according to plan,

And distraction and loss of this moment when you are focussed on future enjoyment.

(or avoiding future lack of enjoyment - i.e. suffering)

i.e. Thinking far too much about stuff that is not in front of you.

Do you see that?

So the answer to all of this is:

Enjoy. Each. And. Every. Moment.


You only get one life - one shot - so don’t flitter it away by thinking about stuff.

Ask yourself:

How can I get the most enjoyment out of this moment?

When you realise you're not enjoying, or at least content?

A good sign indeed that you've gone astray.

It’s not about throwing away your responsibilities or your goals and plans -

No, no, no.

It’s about having a different attitude to all of them.

Maximum enjoyment of each and every moment is your way forward.

It is essential to freeing yourself of the wheel of achieving and getting and stressing about it all.


Go well!



Just so you know:

Fun isn’t the absence of hard work, but the full enjoyment of it.

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