First Comes “Snap!” And Then Comes Regret

You ever fire off and spit something out at your good lady or gentleman or your kids - Because you saw red and then just let rip?

And then you totally regret it, oooh, about a second after it comes out of your mouth?

Yup, uhuh, for sure.

Snapping in haste and then regretting at your leisure.

I’ve done it, a lot.

I once did it to a very cool cat, a very trusting, affectionate guy.

I was doing yoga and he had his tail all in my face, all because I left the door open.

Instead of picking him up and putting him out what did I do?

I bit his tail. Pretty hard actually.

I regretted it straight away -

He was never the same with me. In fact he hid for the next couple of days.

I was so sorry, but I could never make it better, and all because I got pissed and took the short way.

Such is life and it’s lessons, huh?

Emotional reaction comes quick.

It comes from the part of your brain that is so much faster than your rational, long term thinking brain.

And for so many people, you don’t have the space to engage that long term brain because you are exhausted.

You probably don’t realise how exhausted you are. Science says statistically speaking, you aren't.

Especially if you have kids, alongside having to work, and wanting to do all the other stuff too.

Being triggered and emotions and snapping all come fast, seemingly without choice -

That brain is so much faster.

Good news though -

This brain can be managed, it can be re-programmed.

Exhaustion can also be relieved - even if you have a frantic life.

If you are interested in living a life where you don’t regret your words and actions,

Where you are proud of the way you respond and handle difficult situations,

Have a means of quickly recharging your batteries,

Of getting instant clarity, perspective and space in your head,

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Go well! Arjuna

PS. Questions?

Let me have them - just hit reply.


If you do find yourself snapping - go easy on yourself, OK?

Apologise, try and make it better, but forgive yourself too.

You can get better at this stuff.