Give and take

Just went for a run. I'm in Cornwall, and so of course I'm scoffing cream teas.

Cos that's what you have to do in Cornwall.

And I love clotted cream, you see.

And in order to eat many of these delights, as well as the fish n chips and all that good holiday food,

I went for a run up and over some serious coastal paths,

To help my digestion and my appetite.


If I did nothing but ate at the rate I'm used to I'd be the size of a house.

Which is fine if I'm ok with being like that -

But I don't want to.

So balance.

Give and take.

Karma, perhaps if you like the meaning being used in terms of cream tea.

It's a necessary in every part of life.

If you're busy working and managing a family,

You need to take time to recharge.

Regularly - To recuperate and retune.

You can't keep taking from your internal "bank account" without giving some back.

Otherwise you fall over.

You don't fall over straight away, but you do start to get frazzled, don't you?

Life gets a bit serious and a bit fraught.

A bit snappy.

You miss out on the simple pleasures.

The things that make life profound.

So if you value your sanity,

If you want to choose to have a good life -

(And the good life IS your choice)

You need to stop and recharge.


Head this way and I'll show you exactly how:

Give and take - balance.

Do and don't do ...

Makes all the difference.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Ascenders!

You have 2 weeks until your day is here.

Why not?

You give a day of your time, and it gives you so much more: