When two people go to war over something small

Home from holiday, Epic journey back from Cornwall to North Yorkshire.

The sooner someone invents tele-transportation, the better.

It wasn’t just carrying child,

It was carrying all the guff that goes with child.

And to a minimalist like myself who likes to travel anywhere with the bare minimum,

Who is married to a maximum-ist,

Who likes me to carry her stuff (since I’m not carrying anything)

And can't understand why I politely decline,

It was a real test of our relationship.

Actually -

I did alright. We did alright. I got over myself.

Funny though how it’s some things that wind us up and not other things -

My father in law?

Peaceful, quiet, solid man.

Gets all kinds of twisted when the dishwasher is not stacked properly.

Will unstack it to get that extra plate in.

We’re all the same - yes, even you there … there’s always something.

And when you throw tiredness and hunger into the mix,

Travel has the potential to really blow things up between two people.

Hence a buffer zone is useful -

A degree of internal space so you can decide if something is a battle worth starting up over.

That buffer helps with everything, not just travelling,


And tiredness and stress destroy it quicker than anything else.

An eyes closed practice of meditation, perhaps breathing, just doing nothing?

Gives you that buffer -

(my typing somehow always spells it “bugger”, oops…)

So you can make the choices you want to make.

And contrary to popular belief -

You may even lose “it” from time to time even if you meditate regularly.

But you do lose it less and regain it quicker.

Well worth practicing I say.

May even save your relationship one day.

You can thank me later.

Go well! Arjuna


Want to know how to practice?

This here is everything you need to know: