Gorillas Do Life Better Than You Do

Quality of life - Such a BORING term.

It's been thrown around so much it means nothing.

What I’m REALLY on about is making sure you live your life -

... Whatever that entails …

With whatever dreams and goals you have …

Superbly. With Style. And Satisfaction.

Making the use of your time on this planet in the best manner possible.

Being the best version of yourself,

Adventurous, Resilient, Living Life On Your Own Terms,

And constantly discovering room for more.

Adult gorillas have this nailed. They are all over your average human.

It’s a tale that my Ascension meditation teacher told me, and I stole it from him because it is great.

You see gorillas (in the wild we’re talking about) -

They grow up much like humans.

We both mature rapidly, gaining skills and physical attributes and knowledge.

A solid platform for discovering more about the world, and ourselves.

Then gorillas and humans divert.

Gorillas maintain this level of Life, perhaps even gaining over time.

They come to the end of their lives and have a rapid decline - where upon they die ...

Pumping their fists, having lived a full life, regretting nothing. Yeah!

Humans on the other hand?

We reach maturity, then begin a long, slow decline to death.


Why is that?

What do gorillas have that we don’t?

It’s not like gorillas don’t have challenges - they have plenty.

They don’t have the supermarkets and restaurants. They have to gather their own water and food, they have to provide their own housing.

What if they get sick or break a limb? They don’t have the medical system we do.

We have all these labour saving devices and technology which makes our lives so easy, they don’t.

Why do gorillas in the wild thrive across their lifetimes where as most humans live in a slow decline?

It lies in mindset:

The way humans think and the way humans cope (or don’t cope):

Stress. Over-thinking. Limitation based thinking. Self-sabotage. Struggle.

You want to live like an adult gorilla?

You want an end to struggling and not quite living life like you know you is possible -

Like you have before - perhaps when you were younger?

You NEED to work on your mindset, your attitude, your negativity, your mental patterns, your level of mindfulness.

It’s the only difference between gorillas and humans.

Humans are mentally obese. Fragile. Not resilient to challenges at all. Far too serious.

Gorillas aren’t.

And no matter how much it may hurt your ego to see that -

It’s important to recognise there is room for more.

Because then you can do something about it.

Here’s the way to get some serious adult gorilla mojo:

https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/ Go well! Arjuna


I made a little video explaining Adult Gorilla-ness for you:


Enjoy. (Each and every moment)