You Ever Thrown A Computer Across The Room?

I had wonderful plans for today’s blog … I had a story about adult gorillas,

And how being like them instead of like your average human being means you can be better at life -

Smarter, more self-sufficient, more capable, and actually thriving,

With a great sense of humour (not many people know that about gorillas)

Instead of slowly dying, swamped by stress and distraction, slowly sleep walking towards the grave.

Like so many people do.

I realise this is harsh as I write it.

I’m the least harsh person I know actually - (haha, aren’t we all)

The only reason I put that in was to give you a little jolt.

To wake you up and make you realise you can live life differently.

You can make different choices, and it’s worth everything to do that in terms of how alive you are,

How much calmer you are,

How better your relationships will be,

How much satisfaction you will get out of each and every moment.

I was going to make a video explaining it all,

And tell you nicely how Ascension meditation has given me the tools so I honestly feel like an adult gorilla

How everyone I teach who just gets down and practices it has the same experience …

But alas, technology got in the way.

My computer.

No matter what I tried, input did not equal output.

You know what I’m talking about.

In the old days I would have lost it, thrown a man-tantrum and ruined my whole day,

But I learnt that ain’t much fun.

And the cost to replace the laptop that got thrown on the floor builds up doesn’t it?

I did my best and I had to give up.

I had to “check myself before I wreck myself” (love that cheese)

My peace of mind and quality of life is too important to me.

And MOST importantly - no quality of work gets done when I’m stressed.

It’s a complete waste of time trying to do anything.

So - it’s on hold.

The adult gorilla story is to be continued …

Question for you though:

How often do you get frustrated and annoyed at inanimate objects?

(Actually I don’t think computers are unconscious …

I think they can sense stress, and like to mess you up

It’s their “sense of humour”)

But how often do you kick something or swear at something because it’s not doing what you want it to?

Isn’t that a little insane?

I can understand a little annoyed, but furious?

Is madness.

You lose all perspective and effectiveness.

You can’t do what you want because you’re too emotional.

It’s the same when your kids kick off too -

Absolutely the same,

But they “should know better - I’ve told you enough times”….


Get clear, get calm, get some perspective …

Even if that means walking away,

And when you come back to it, everything will be easier and, well, better.

You can make better choices in clarity - and no longer regret throwing your kid / computer across the room.

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Take it easy! Arjuna - PS.

Gorillas are coming soon, very soon.