Hands free holiday

Just got back from holiday in France -

What a nice place - sun, surf, lemony tarts, wine …

Best thing?

I left my mobile at home.

SO good to put the phone down and not "have" to respond to people.

It was a physical relief to not use it - and I'm not really on it that much to tell you the truth.

It was so good I’ve extended my “on holiday” mode until, well, just about right now.

Crucial and vital to completely switch off.

And you know what?

I missed out on NOTHING.

Nothing urgent, nothing huge, nothing crucial.

And I found that even if people are asking for stuff -

If you leave them a few days they usually find out they can do it for themselves.

I think that since we’re so contactable people stop thinking.

They ask first and then realise later.

We think we need to be in contact ALL the time, and it’s not true.

Also - and I get it -

There’s a fear of a flood of messages upon your return.

Or missing out on something important, or some JUICY news …

And since maintenance is easier than catch up, you stay contactable, in touch, all the time.

But you never actually totally let go and relax -

You’re on the job always.

You never fully switch off, relax and recover.

And you can’t be with your kids and your partner totally.

I still laugh when I remember the story of a mum telling me that they were at the beach,

Mum was on her blackberry, again …

And daughter grabs the phone and chucks it in the ocean.

That woke mum up to how much she was ignoring her kids.

That made her realise what damage “just one more thing on the phone” was doing.

Heh heh.

Phones are great -

But you have to see your addiction to them.

And addiction of any sort is never good, it is always limiting.

You may think, I’m not addicted …

Well prove me wrong and put it down for just one whole evening.

Don’t check it for any reason -

Go on, money where your mouth is.

While it is fun to be connected,

You get so much more from periods of time being unconnected.

I’m not talking always and forever - just for a bit of time, every day.

Switching off, totally resting, recharging, getting away from ALL stimulus,

(Unless that’s the interpersonal type of stimulus - THAT there is A OK for your well being, if you get what I mean)

Connection with REAL people too …

How nice that is.

Your choice though, this whole life is your choice.

I think that’s what Ascension has given me big time:

Balance, clarity - the ability to see what I need, to see addiction,

To have the tools to put addiction and habits to one side,

To really connect with my life, right in front me.

If you don't know how to Ascend, well you're missing out!

But the best immediate and FREE thing you can do is read (and put into practice) this -

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Go well!



My French is terrible,

I keep lapsing into Spanish.

Haha, that is confusing!