$185 paperclip … ?

So I see you can buy a PAPERCLIP for $185.

You could argue that it IS designed by those super stylish and oh so clever people at Prada,

AND is made of silver,

AND isn’t actually JUST a paper clip,

(even though it is a direct copy of one, just a little larger)

But is a money clip,

Therefore it is worth every penny.

How very nice …

But for what reason does such an object exist?

It’s like the gold pizza you can buy, and eat.

And - I’m not actually against people spending their hard earned dosh as they like.

However, I do scratch my head in amazement sometimes


Humanity works so hard to make money to buy things …

(now you are human, hopefully, so let me me address you personally - )

You work so hard to make money to buy things,

That you think will make you happy.

The things you buy are wonderful -

But don't totally satisfy the itch of “not quite satisfied …”

And therefore you work harder to buy more things in the hope that these things will give you what you want.

In the process, getting sick and stressed and grumpy …

Anxious and worried and resentful

And hating the journey along the way.

Not enjoying this moment, now, right here, right now -

Because you’re too busy looking for the future,

Where it will be better.

This moment - now - is, at best,

A bus stop, a waiting room, a street corner

That is to be endured while the better brighter hope comes along.

Get off the treadmill of future hoping for happiness.

Get off the treadmill of waiting for life to start, sometime.

Work hard and buy all the silver paperclips you like …

But get present, and don’t lose now.


If you do this?

So much enjoyment, so much Aliveness.

The end of struggle, the end of torturing yourself.

I promise.

You want that?

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Go well!




I think someone spiked my coffee.

Feisty or what?

So - Are you in?

Are you excited about more Life?

Great, there is no end to the more you can experience:



Perfectly happy thanks, fulfilled, at peace, nothing lacking at all?

Well done you. 

I'm not sure I believe you, but good on you anyway.