Happening TO you or FOR you?

You ever tipped your head back to the sky, and roared?

“Why is this happening to me?”

Sure you have.

I have - “Why God? Why?” is a classic …

THE classic response when good things happen to bad people.

I’ve got that the wrong way round -

Why bad things happen to good people.

(That’s better)

And it’s such a useless question, you know?

There is no answer.

It just creates such rage, such impotence, such feelings of being alone and unsupported.

Now - what can you do different?

If you can catch it - flip it around.

Ask yourself, not “why is this happening TO me”,

But - “why is this happening FOR me?”

Interesting huh?

Creates a totally different attitude with a totally different foundation for dealing with a problem or a challenge.

Now, you can’t intellectualise it - you just have to do it.

“What can I get from this?”

It makes you more present, more accepting, more like you’re on an adventure of some sort, rather than feeling like life is being done to you.

So - perhaps life IS fair after all … you just don’t know why it’s FOR you just yet.

And it’s a real key to unlock the silver lining to any situation.

The other part of this is you don’t even need to know the WHY.

Just assume it’s happening for you, let go into that experience and go from there.

So much more powerful - in a word - than flapping and punching at the sky in vain.

Give it a crack and see what happens.

And you’re welcome.

Go well!



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