How kind are you really?


One of the biggest things that I remember about my heroes, the people I respect.

It’s not so much what you say or do, it’s how you make people feel.

My heroes all made me feel amazing,

Often by simply being super present with me, and giving recognition and appreciation.

Nothing like a word of recognition from one of your heroes huh?

You feel ten feet tall.

It’s not like they were all mushy and had their heads in the sand -

Some of them were hard as nails -

But they had a kindness as well.

They were interested in my growth, not pandering to my ego.

That is a sweet thing.

Kindness - with what you say and do, are you attempting to build or are you attempting to destroy?

And you know what?

It all starts with you, and how kind you are to your self …

There’s a sweet spot too -

Kindness as a form of building involves setting yourself useful boundaries.

Closing your eyes and practicing your Ascension is ultimately 1000000 times more kind than say, reading a book.

(If you don’t know how to Ascend? You’re so missing out!)

So no matter how tempting it is to pick up that book first -

Or flick through Facebook or instagram or your emails or whatever -

You do your practice first, and then grab the book or the phone.

It’s knowing that actually, having that second slice of cake isn’t that kind in the long run.

That 3rd G&T? Perhaps not, considering how much more on the back foot you’ll feel in the morning.

And then there’s the times when you just blow it all away. Wahey!

It’s not a rigid, harsh commitment:

With unrealistic expectations …

Where the voice in your head goes off over every little perceived failure,

It’s gentleness too.

Knowing that building up, becoming more, you’ll face your bad habits and that negative voice.

Sometimes you’ll be on track, sometimes you won’t.

So you pick yourself up again and keep going.

Because the kinder you are to yourself?

The kinder you are to everyone.


Great stuff.

And learn to end your stress and struggle.

Single greatest kindest thing you can do for yourself and everyone else.

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Go well!