Have you ever … ?

Have you ever spent hours thinking about what they might be thinking? And how you might counteract that?

I know.

You say one thing, they make a funny face and you think they think you’re a bit of an idiot,

Or maybe you’ve offended them somehow,

Then you get into thinking how you might make it better,

If you could send them a text with a clarification,

But perhaps that be too obvious?

So maybe you’ll try some other approach …

And it's true:

You ARE such an idiot, why did you have to say that?

I know.

You spend all night thinking about it,

And when you finally see them again they have no idea what you’ve been on about.

I know.

All that nervous energy and for what?

I used to do it a lot.

Needless and endless worry about what other people thought.

The way out is to learn to be able to put those thoughts down.

To let them go, as the popular parlance has it.

To do what you can when you can,

But until that moment, IF that moment happens

Stop stressing about stuff you have no control over.

Like other people's opinions.

Your mind is trying to help -

But it just ends up weighing you down.

Learn to master your mind and everything gets simple.

How might you do that?

Well -

This very short, but info packed and free guide that you can return to,

Time and time again,

Is what you want:


Go well! Arjuna


If you know how to Ascend -

Then this day will be a huge springboard to you being able to let go whenever you want: