Switching off a busy head thats getting frantic

Do you have a busy head, that thinks too much? I know you do!

99% of all humans have a head that is far too busy.

And busy in a way that is full of stress and negativity.

Sleep problems are through the roof, mental illness and anxiety on the rise.

I heard that the average human thinks something like 70,000 thoughts a day.

At least.

Before the coffee kicks in.

Now, what to do?

How do you have a calm, nice head -

One that means you don’t feel guilty for spending a little bit of time for you,

That you don’t snap and react in ways you later regret (especially with your kids),

That means you don’t spend hours thinking about what they’re thinking about what you said (whew) ...

and how you might counteract that,

Getting deeper and deeper into that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You CAN sedate with gin and tonic and/or Facebook,

That works in the short term.

But you tend to be upping the intake of both and that’s not a great long term strategy is it?

Especially when you have young kids,

And you wake with that cotton wool fog ache from a little too much alcohol and social media well into the night.

The best way is all about distraction.

Which is nice - it’s not about force, it’s not about stopping your head,

It’s about giving yourself something else to focus on.

Which is super good because you can’t stop your mind thinking.

You think because you’re alive!

Alive, I tell you!

What helps is being aware of what you’re thinking about.

More mindful and present,

Because then you shift your attention sooner.

And not let the monkey between your ears build up momentum and become a run away train.

That’s why exercise helps SO much with stress.

You’re so focussed on just making it through your pilates or your run or your swim or your gym session.

Breathing becomes the only important thing -

But there are other ways too,

Faster, simpler, smoother ways at that.

Download this (for free) and it'll give you a bunch of ideas:


Go well! Arjuna


Ascenders have their own day workshop at the end of the month.

Times to retreat, even just a day are priceless to switching off