Hero conquers own mind - gets the princess, the treasure, and the glory

A while back a guy called Tim Galway talked about the inner game of tennis. It’s still a great book and worth a read, you should be able to pick it up on on Amazon for pennies.

Basically the inner game is the most overlooked and important game there is.

The inner game is the “real You” versus all your bad habits, negative thinking, worrying, not being present, overthinking stuff - you know, your monkey mind.

Many people think the outer game is the important one - the game where we practically go get what we want.

The truth is you can’t do anything about the outer game without the inner game. The inner game changes all.

This is certainly true. It’s why I’m here writing to you about meditation and mind games, not kayaking.

I was an outdoor instructor for many years back in New Zealand. I found the whole key to giving someone an exceptional experience was to get them to a point where they could win the inner game.

If I could arrange things so they could see the doubts of their mind and then make another choice - (to use an overused phrase) to see the fear and do it anyway - then they were a leap ahead in facing whatever challenge would come up next in life.

This life is all a mind game.

If you play the inner game to win, if you practice, you will find that the outer game shifts with it.

I’m not saying just sit at home, do nothing, just meditate, no way.

I did try that for a spell, and I can affirm that as a continued life choice it certainly has its drawbacks.

What I’m saying is the inner game is your foundation.

Having a solid foundation where your thoughts are not real, just an option, means everything gets simple, and clear, and fun.

From that foundation of very real choice you can live your life however you wish, do anything, go anywhere. There is nothing from within stopping you.

Getting your head screwed on right takes a bit of practice, but that is all.

With the right tools and the right understanding this practice can become really enjoyable.

My good friend Thomas, who is an all-round amazing and super inspiring guy told me about learning Ascension meditation:


“I’d always been a Star Wars fan and it felt like I’d finally gotten the tools to access the Force. My motivation to practice wasn’t because it affected my life, which it did, my life was changing a lot, but I felt so great when I closed my eyes and practiced I didn’t really care about anything else.”


Sounds a bit different from your average meditation, huh? That's cos it is.

If you want the right tools and the right understanding come and join me at my Ascension meditation course, 15-17 April.

We begin 7pm on the Friday so you can still get to it from work. We’re in Richmond, North Yorkshire cos the venue is superb, and the grounds are beautiful. Taking a walk in the woods by the river after a meditation session is one of life’s great simple pleasures.

The price is a very reasonable £200 which includes the ability to resit as many times as you like for free, and all the support you need. It’s ridiculous how cheap that is.

If you want a seat, email me. Pronto! Don’t miss out.

Till next time, keep your peace. It’s the most important thing you possess.

- Arjuna

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