Lost your mojo? Here’s how to get mojo invulnerablity

So often people say, “I’m stressed” or “I’m anxious” or “I can’t sleep because I’m thinking too much” … Do you ever get like that?

The reason you’ve lost your mojo… and it’s temporarily for sure, always temporary, you will come out the other side given time

But the reason you’ve lost your mojo is that you’ve listened to your head tell you all about a problem and you’ve gotten stuck into all the “why’s?”, “what if’s?”, and “then what’s?” … 

You've given far too much attention to what you need to do and what could go wrong, and it's crushing you.

How to stop thinking incessantly, and get your mojo back when YOU want to, and not just rely on “time”?  The solution is to be present.

Always. The solution is to show up to now. Fully and completely. 

Now, being present is simple. It’s so simple, it’s hard to describe. Be here, in the same place as your body, tuned into your senses not your thoughts and emotions.

OK? Are you doing it, now? Excellent.

How to be morepresent?

Well, you can only be present now. You can have the intention to stay out of a distressing past or future, but you can only be present it NOW.

OK? That’s important. Because you will forget.

That’s not me being a downer and getting all negative on you, it’s a fact. Chances are very likely you will forget.

No deal. Honestly, no deal – this is a practice of remembering. When you remember, there you are! Awake and present. Alive again.

You will forget, you will remember again. Just make the most of the times you remember, ok?

Keep it that simple and you’re home and hosed. Practice as much as you can remember.You’ll develop that kind of bullet proof-ness to those thoughts. You’ll be able to keep them at bay, to drop them when you want to.

Getting great at being present means you can be free from the negativity and overwhelm of your own mind and be cool and calm all day long with a big phat smile on your face.


Go well! Arjuna

PS. Are you here, now?

PPS. Good stuff.

PPPS. Tools and techniques to make you present, for more of the day?

Here's a fine list for free, simple to read, easy to do, fun too - https://mailchi.mp/60dbe4ffeccf/freedom-from-thinking-so-much

The advice of the wise is often lost on the ignorant, such as myself

Back in the day when my Ishayas’ Ascension meditation teacher had only a few students I would get the chance to talk to him by phone. This was awesome. A supremely wise expert, on tap. I remember, as is often the case with the advice of the wise, it took a while to filter in through the various stages of cotton wool that seems to exist in between my ears.

We would be chatting and I would say, “you know, I really have trouble staying present and using the techniques you taught me when I’m on the computer”.

“Are you on the computer now?” he would ask.

“No, but this morning I was, and it’s a real problem because I get stressed about this and that and when will I get good enough blah blah blah …” I would prattle on.

“Are you present now?” he would ask.

“Of course I freaking am, I’m talking to you” I would THINK, but because I don’t like to swear too much: “Absolutely boss, certainly, incredibly, there’s no one more present than me right now, apart from your good self of course” I would actually SAY (or something similar).

“When I get present and manage to end stress and negativity I wonder how cool my life would be? What do you think?” I would enquire.

“Can you choose to be present now, make the most of this and let the future you sort itself out?” he would say.

And so on, and so on. I just wouldn’t get it. Sometimes the truth is so simple it's easy to miss. But fortunately he stuck in there, kept saying the same things in different ways, and now, I do. I do get it.

This is the only moment you can do anything. Here it is. You can ponder about all manner of things, you can wonder how you might live this moment better, but ultimately what beats all of that is simply and absolutely just showing up to now.

This is it. Doesn’t matter what happened this morning, doesn’t matter what you did last night, who cares what you will be like when you’re enlightened, the moment you have is now.

Now, now, now, now. Oh - and now.

This is the path and the destination. Just now. Keep it simple and soak in it.


Go well! Arjuna

PS. I have some free guides and a Facebook group that - if you liked the above words - and also want to live forever present, will help you in numerous ways. Head this way:


What to do when it’s stuck to you like gum to your shoe

Have you ever heard that expression “just let go”? Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s used like an attack “dude, just freakin’ let it go!”.

How do you “let go”?

Well - the theory and the practice is simple. Letting go is in a way distracting yourself from thinking so much a particular way.

What you focus on, grows - this is the golden rule. Hence the wise man who said "what you sow is what you reap". But whatever you sow, put it in the ground cos that's going to get heavy at some stage. And I personally wouldn't garden in a suit, but up to you.

So in meditation you use the breath (for example) to focus on. In the Ishayas’ Ascension we have Ascension Attitudes which work very nicely indeed. Since what you focus on grows, putting your attention on something else means THAT grows in your attention. You let go by putting your attention on something else.

Simple so far, right?

So what is happening when you try to let go and it keeps on coming back, time and time again? What do you do when it’s strong, and intense, and habitual?

Well - those thoughts patterns ARE habits, so they WILL come up time and time again. They are a well worn groove of thinking that is easy for your mind to unconsciously slip into. You try and let them go and there they are again.

So what is important for you is consistency in letting go, time and time again - like the tennis professional player practicing their shot, time and time again to make it perfect - all so you can finally come to let them be ...

If that makes sense?

Consistency of letting go is key simply because you have focused on thinking a particular way for so long or given it significant mental and emotional weight that it now has the momentum of a runaway train.

Practice makes perfect, and makes peace too. So don’t get discouraged when you find yourself in the same patterns of worry or doubt or anger or whatever … Imagine cosmic Yoda is talking the words on the left to you and be that tennis professional and just get back on the (tennis) horse once again.

You’ll get so good at it, you’ll become unconsciously excellent at it. It will seem like you do it without any attention, automatically. And how wonderful is that? How wonderful would your life be with that kind of mental and emotional resilience?

Amazing is what!

So - go well! Arjuna

PS. If you’re interested, this is exactly one of things I teach here, along with the very cool tools  and the practice to allow you to do that, to let go sweetly and easily:


There she was, just lying on the floor

Yesterday I came in from my pedicure to find Sumati lying on the floor. “What are you doing down there?” I enquired. “Just hanging out”, she groaned, as Bubba crawled all over her, like a huge fly - undeniable, trying to poke wooden blocks in Sumati’s ears, as young ones are fond of doing. Sumati looked lifeless, a fraction of her usual self, so I packed her off to bed and sent Bubba to the work house.

(Part of that last sentence was untrue, and simply for dramatic effect).

Sickness - when you just want to crawl into a little ball and hide from the world. Yup, this morning I was infected as well. Never been so ill as with this little germ carrier in the house.

Someone had to look after Bubs so I stepped up. Sat her down with some toys and then grabbed a cup of tea and the newspaper to curl up in.

This wasn’t enough - Bubba wanted attention. ALL of my attention, not just a cursory “whats up?” and a brick thrown at her. So I gave up my plan. Instead of getting irritated, I sat down with her and played. And she was delighted. And all was well.

A nice reminder - all any one wants is your attention, your presence. It’s the single greatest thing you can give to your loved ones. For you to BE with them.

Sure, you need your “me” time, but your life becomes instantly easier (and fun too) when you’re there for those who you said you want to be with.

Chances are you’re not.

You’re on your phone, texting your buddy or on facebook, flicking through … or, you’re in your head, thinking about today, thinking about tomorrow, thinking about where you’d like to be instead …

Get present - give fully of your attention and watch all your relationships transform. Notice when you get irritated, when you don’t want to give your attention. That’s an excellent invitation to look at your priorities.

Just do it - give it a whirl and see what happens. I think you’ll like it.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Every part of your life gets smoother, easier, and more fun when you show up for it - not just your relationships.

If you’re ready for the greatest method of becoming effortlessly present, here is a 7 day challenge to become awesome at beating irritation and stress and getting to the one place you can live a life, now: https://arjunaishaya.lpages.co/houradaymindful/


You don’t need to understand

Henry David Thoreau once wrote: “As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.” If you’re like me, you have no idea what he is talking about. I saw it quoted somewhere and I was scratching my head for some time … before I gave up.

It sounded like it could be profound, but really I have no idea in which way.

I could guess, but I really need to sit down and chat with the fella about what he really means. Which is tricky since he’s nothing but dust and ashes, being dead for some time now.

Yah know, sometimes “experts” say stuff. Us uneducated peasants sagely nod our heads, while internally we’re going “What the …? I have no idea what she is talking about”

And that is okay. You don’t need to understand or even like any expert. You are you, and what is important is what inspires you. That may be an author, someone of TED, some long dead philosopher, may be it’s your partner and daughter.

The best advice is the simplest. If it’s not simple, it’s not true. If it requires excessive brain power to get it, then it’s likely to be unnecessary. Or poorly explained. Or both.

Really, all the philosophy you need is the reminder to return to this moment. Make the most of now, be filled with presence. Enjoy this fully.

Your true nature is nothing but goodness. Sit there and you will live the best life possible. Without needing to be taught the hows.

Taught? In this game, you need nothing - you have everything, it’s just you forgot.

Remember, remember now. Here you are complete, all is well, all is taken care of.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Remembering - here’s a little programme to help you remember more: https://arjunaishaya.lpages.co/houradaymindful/

How to avoid knocking someone unconscious in a Peppa Pig rage

Did you see recently - in the scrum to see a giant Peppa Pig down London way, one mum was knocked unconscious by another? I know Peppa Pig is serious business, but getting SO uptight you’ll punch someone to gain preferential access to a 8 foot tall pink pig is taking things a little too far, in my humble opinion.

I also know that rage, blind fury, snapping and flying off the handle, even reacting and roasting your loved ones with some anger or sarcasm is ALWAYS a recipe for regret ... and jail time if you’re the punching type.

How do you NOT though?

How can you stop losing your cool? - at work, at home, on the road, on the sports field, where ever … ? Even just a little bit, how do you stop the frazzle? Because it's possible.

Typically during your day it’s never one big event that causes you to lose it, is it? It’s the dozens and dozens of little frustrations and imperfections and failures and let downs and thwartations (new word I made up) - those dozens of little cuts that when they all build up - that's when you see red when someone cuts in front of you in the line to a giant pig.

The thing is, you have to practice dealing with life’s downs in a different way. You have to notice them building and do something to release the pressure. Instead of letting them get to you, meaning they build up and up until you explode, developing the “Meh” factor is all important - the shrugging of your shoulders even when you sorely wish something went differently.

Saying your peace if necessary, of course, but in a calm, measured way, not with a fist - or it’s verbal equivalent.

This takes practice! I need to say this again - this takes practice. Getting to a point where you’re aware of how frazzled you're actually getting so you can choose to bring it back down ... this all takes practice.

So what can you practice, if you don't want to explode? 2 things:

Meditation - simple, easy, and practiced right is the thing for gaining a bullet proof Meh factor. I would say learn to Ascend. Absolutely. I’m not teaching anything until next year, but you may find a course you can travel to here:

https://www.thebrightpath.com/courses?t=75 Want something right now?

I understand - I have a natty little handout on meditation so you can get started asap, if you so desire. You can gain it by downloading it here:



Become more mindful and present and calm with your eyes open. More awareness means you notice the frazzle sooner and can back off BEFORE it is too late.

And I have just the thing for you right here, a challenge to super increase your levels of this, and all within 7 days:

https://arjunaishaya.lpages.co/houradaymindful/ Questions? Let me have them!

Go well, Arjuna

PS. I mean it when I say if you have any questions hit me up. True!

What have I done wrong?

I got a Facebook message the other day, regarding the little mindfulness challenge that I got going on.


Arjuna I haven’t done the mindfulness meditation for two days! I have slept and slept and I’m starting afresh today … I hope no one else has slipped up like me!! Thing is I don’t know why ... I was feeling so good and getting excellent results straight away, whats happened ??!


Now whether you are part of the challenge or not, here’s the thing:

You will forget, you will get distracted, you will fall asleep. This is normal, this is habits.

The critical thing you can choose to have - the attitude you can choose to take - is one of gentleness, and a willingness to simply get back on the horse WHEREVER you find yourself.

Forgiveness and patience, and innocence too - you can only be mindful and aware right now. You can’t do a single thing about the past; it has totally gone, it has removed itself from you.

And that is the whole point of being mindful and aware, of meditating: is making the habit that now is it. Now is the one place you can attend to, the one place you can live, the one place you can do anything about.

So when you forget - and you will, unless you are an Olympic athlete of awareness - simply smile and begin again. No recriminations, no wondering what you have done wrong, do nothing but resetting to here and now. Re-begin again - give yourself that gift.

OK? Keep it that simple and life will become a constant joy.

Go well!



If you’d like to be a part of this challenge - the goal of which is to become more aware, more focussed, more happy, more half-stepped back from those pesky thoughts and feelings, here’s all the gubbins:


Stop what you're doing

A question from a reader:

“I don’t seem to be making any progress with meditation …”

There’s more to it than that, but I can stop you right there.

Meditation/mindfulness and progress don’t go together.

It’s not about achieving anything.

But no wonder you get confused.

Since you were little you were told to go and do and get -

And good stuff that is too.

Life is about doing and getting.

Meditation/mindfulness - whether eyes open or closed - however, is the opposite.

It’s about doing absolutely nothing.

Stop - do nothing - achieve nothing - strive for nothing.

That is all ^^^

Just for a moment, or several moments.

Rest, be secure in this moment.

End your anxiety, your panic, your overwhelm, your mad dash to get somewhere.

Just be here.

Find sanity in the middle of getting and going - then you’ll really start to fly with the minimum of effort and the maximum of fun.

Stopping allows you to do more with less angst.


Let now be enough.

Job done.

Go well!



Of course a tool is a very handy thing -

When you’ve spent your whole life going,

A tool to help you to stop is extremely useful.

If you'd like to know more about simple simple tools you can use,

Head this way for my free guide to 108 ways of being more present and mindful:


If you had the power to remove someone’s pain, would you?

Have you seen the video of that guy,

Who stops his baby from crying by chanting OM?

I did, and yup …

It didn’t work for me either. She cried harder. Ha!

And I’m a monk.

I must say I’m a bit disappointed in the absence of monkly (no spell check, not monkey, no) super powers.

Guess I didn’t read the fine print when I signed up, huh?

Yesterday I talked about the power of being really present with your relationships,

How it can even make a demanding squawking bubba monster into a happy, giggling angel.


It doesn’t work all the time. It’s not a cure all.

Everyone would love the super power to make our loved ones’ problems vanish.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing.

But - and so many people do this - taking on, say, your kids’ anxieties is a recipe for disaster.

Feeling their suffering as if it was your own is understandable,

I get that.

It actually doesn’t help them, or you.

This may sound selfish, but actually it’s the opposite:

The best thing you can do for someone who is freaking out about anything,

Is get super calm and present.

Is NOT get wrapped up in it.

It’s not a super power, it doesn’t magically vacuum away their troubles -

But it helps you respond, not react, in a clear way,

So you can do the very best thing for them - from stability and perspective not emotion and exhausting yourself.

It also shows them they also have a choice.

They can get all wrapped up in what is wrong, what is concerning them,

Or they can take a step back and learn to not dwell in it.

They can learn to get present, calm and happy too - no matter what the past or future may contain.

(the past and the future = those mysterious things we think so much about but can do so little with)

Getting good at choosing the “how” is the end of stress. The end of it.

And it’s part of what I teach you in this free challenge to being more mindful -

Which also means you get on my email list and get super regular inspiration and tips like this one:


Go well!



It is kind of a super power - mindfulness, awareness, the controlling of your mind.

It makes every part of your life easier and more fun.

It removes the worry and doubt and struggle.

What if that ^^^ was true?


Calming a raging beast child the quick, easy way

A valuable lesson yesterday I did learn -

Regarding a grumpy child and how to make her less demanding, really quick.

Want to hear it?

I was feeding bubsy.

Actually no, feeding bubsy is like feeding a lion … I imagine.

You throw food in the general direction and stand well back, get safe as quick as possible.

Bubsy feeds herself and if you get in the way, you're a casualty.

I was tired, I had a busy, productive day ...

And I just wanted to switch off for a moment or two.

Bubsy was happily mooshing food in her forehead and I thought,

“I'll just see what's happening on Facebook”, as you do.

About ten seconds into Facebook she gets all agitated, which makes me agitated too.

“Can't you see I'm doing something really important here?” - shouts everyone wrapped up in their Facebook cocoon.

I throw the bubsy beast another scrap - she's happy, I turn back to the book of face.

Do you know what happens next?

Of course you do.

When I'm on my phone she gets agitated. When I'm off it, she's happy.

And it only takes me 12 goes to realise this.

Happy bubsy is a happy peaceful me …

So I stop fighting and chuck the phone out of my reach and out of temptation.

I rest my head on the table and just look at bubsy.

No effort - and she's completely different. Happy and content.

All she wanted was me to pay attention.

And it's the same with all your kids, no matter how old they are.

It's the same with your partner too.

They just want you to show up.

Checking out on your phones be one thing - but make sure you're not switched off and thinking about something else either.

That's more subtle and possibly just as common.

They know that too.

Fully be with them. Right here, right now.

And you'll enjoy peace and a really happy alive relationship.

You'll end so many arguments and hassles - I promise you.

Ultimately when you give them a little you'll get more peace for you.

And that's what you wanted in the first place - right?

So pay attention!

Job done, and you’re welcome.

Making your life stress free since 2003.

Go well!



If you like that, you’ll want to be on the "HOW to" workshop I’m doing soon - 22 October.

Saying “be more present” is one thing,

Getting the right tools and the right understandings to make it an easy, simple habit is another.

Here’s the link should you to come:


I know Faye the organiser was saying there were only a few seats left, so if you want one, jump in!

If you don't have Facebook, or are feeding a raging bubba beast at the moment, just hit reply.

I'll help you out!

How to be as free as a monkey

Free as a monkey?!

OK - if you insist - how about as free a bird?

Make more sense to you?

Down to business then we shall get:

The most wonderful moments of your life were when you were totally present to them.

This moment, now, is the secret to enjoying the fullest, the most effective, stress free, happiest existence possible -

As free as a monkey bird.

It is THE foundation for a life well lived.

The past is gone - you can no longer do anything about it.

The future? Not here just yet - it really is unknowable.

Life with a capital L is right here, right now.

Don't miss it by dwelling in on what you should have done or being anxious for what might happen.

Don't spoil it either for thinking how now should be different.

How now brown cow?

What is here is all you have.

What are you going to do with it?

Find contentment in now, for contentment is the same as loving what is.

Loving what is? The path to freedom.

Loving what is isn't being a doormat - it's also loving your voice, your choice, your action.

Different yes it is to grasping for change that cannot come now, grasping for what “should be” ...

That is a path of suffering.

Be content, be present, focus on what you CAN do, what you DO have rather than what you insist you should / could / would have.

Don't just nod your head -

“Yup, heard it all before"

You’re right - there is nothing new under the sun.

What is new is you actually getting the experience that all the wisest women and men of this world have talked about for millennia.

Give up the glamour of new knowledge. Choose to have the experience.

Be here now. Be filled with presence -

Then your life has truth and permanence at its core, rather than solely the chasing of dreams.

Go well!



Dream chaser?

Certainly don’t go giving them up,

Just make sure you colour them with reality.

Colour each step to them with satisfaction and contentment.

And that is wholly within your power to claim.

Here’s a wonderful way of doing just that:


A quick story, a podcast and some book links too

Just a quick one today -

I have lost my brain somewhere so I have to go find it.

It could well be under my pillow where I left it last night for safe keeping before I went to sleep.

Hopefully it hasn’t rolled off and is now under the bed, covered in dust and fluff.

Or bubsy hasn’t found it and is giving it her own brand of slobbering love.

Not good for what was a small brain to begin with.

OK - so:

I was on another podcast the other day.

A ton of fun, the hostess was very cool.

Lila’s New Zealand accent took me back to my roots.

Here’s the link should you wish to have a listen.

You can even download it so you can take it with you:


There were some fantastic questions.

Lila wanted me to come up with a book I could recommend to others.

I said “Awareness” by Anthony de Mello,

Apparently it has the ability to annoy people.

It didn’t annoy me, but it sure did make me go “wow” when I read it first, 20 odd years ago.

Anthony sure doesn’t hold any punches.

He basically says “wake up and stop sleepwalking through life”.

If you like that sort of thing then I fully recommend it.

Just make sure you grab your brain before you head up and out though.

If you want something a little more fluffy -

A touch fluffier, not fluffy like a pink unicorn fluffy,

Still straight up the line …

Narain Ishaya wrote “Chit Happens” - a nice little play on words,

And it's true - it does happen when you put yourself in the way.

Now that IS indeed a cool book.

Good questions there, all answered beautifully.

It’s a book full of wonderful guidance on how to meditate and how to live a “spiritual” life.

Tricky word “spiritual” - means many things to many different people.

And so it should.

How you live your life in awareness and fulfilled with connection and meaning and purpose and gratitude and happiness is a slightly more longwinded way of saying the same thing.




Want to be more mindful?

Want to wake up and be more aware of what you're doing?

This little challenge (it's free) will really help you do just that:


It's all about how to forget being stressed by remembering to be awake and mindful.

Super cool.

Do you know the half step back?

How do you be?

I’m sitting here in my little office, trying not to stare out the window at the lovely trees across the way.

Oh - there I go again …

Good job I can apply my laser-like relaxed focus - IF I wished to apply it, that is.

Laser-like relaxed focus?

You got me - complete awareness on the thing, but without effort.

Spacious and relaxed, but absolute.

Let’s apply it now.

You feeling it?

Excellent. Me too. Let's go!

The half step back -

Robbie and I were talking about it the other day -

And how useful it is.

A brilliant concept is the half step back.

Wait! Before you jump back - 

It's not a physical thing, no, not at all -

More of an attitude, I guess you could say …

A sense of perspective, a touch of distance from your life.

A smidgeon of witnessing too, some mind space.

See -  when you’re too close,

When you’re mega involved in something,

Everything else goes out the window.

That can be a wonderful sensation - like in a state of flow or being in the Zone, when you’re completely absorbed …

But so often for people it’s more SO involved they don’t have a sense of perspective,

When you’re like this you forget what the whole point of life is.

You’re too easily made wobble by things that go unexpectedly.

Sense of humour is out the window quicker than a dog sneaking a tasty morsel from the kitchen bench ... 

Or quicker than a bubsy grabbing something she shouldn't really put in her mouth just as you turn your back for a single second ...

Like for me today - drove to town, a quick trip I thought …

2 hours later … you know that story right?

Every Sunday driver is out, and as I write, it’s not even Sunday!

What ARE they doing driving on their non-allocated day?

A half step back is choosing to have the insight when you’re starting to fight and get stressed -

And how actually that is counterproductive to you.

So instead with the half step back,

You’re able to accept, be fluid with what’s happening, and most of all keep your calm about you.

Keeping of your wits about you too … (love that saying).

An eyes closed practice of meditation, such as the Ishayas’ Ascension, works wonders for maintaining the half step back.

However - with your eyes open?

Well Ascension has you covered too.

If you don’t know how (yet) - you can still choose to "engage" the half step back,

Just apply it when you remember.

Let getting stressed be a good sign … a reminder -

“Oh yeah, that’s right - I don’t need to be stressed … I have an option … half step back … breathe …”

Might just save your sanity.

It did mine.

If you want to know more about how to get that?

Here's a free thing for you:


Let me know how you go - I’d love to hear.

Go well!



Here's that link again, if you'd like more half-step backness in your life.

Which is code for an end to stress and mucho happiness and laser-like relaxed focus:


I can’t be mindful - I’m busy!

A great question from a busy mum on our hour a day mindfulness challenge.

(to join, head this way: https://arjunaishaya.lpages.co/houradaymindful/)

It basically is (and sorry for misquoting you!) - I’m so busy I can’t be mindful.

I need to get stuff done.

It’s a super common statement / question -

But first -

I started on all of this because I really didn’t like how I felt when I was stressed.

When I was so busy and overwhelmed that my body and mind rebelled.

I couldn't sleep right, my jaw and shoulders ached, I would be paralysed with "what to do"...

I also knew those times when getting stuff done was simple and orderly and even a little bit fun.

It's why I got into this meditation and mindfulness business.

The thing many people don’t know is how being present and aware ALSO helps you be busy.

Busy in the sense of achieving, ticking off the to do list,

Rather than being busy in the sense of spinning around in small circles getting faster.

Moving with haste and not getting a lot done.

It means you will enjoy it more too.

You don’t get all overwhelmed and snappy and grumpy at everyone -

Your sense of humour stays firmly in place.

So actually a mindfulness and meditation practice gives you two things:

The ability to be more effective and the ability to enjoy yourself fully - no matter what you’re doing.

So you don’t get that stressed, frazzled overwhelmed feeling.

So you don’t snap and react in ways you regret.

So you do things once, and do them right …

And you CAN learn to be present and mindful and incredibly productive.

It’s a skill. An easy skill too, when you know how to get it.


If you’d like that kind of balance -

A productive AND profound life …

This is a brilliantly simple way to start -

I'll tell you what to do, and what to do next too:



Let me know!

Go well-



It’s not an either or thing -

Being mindful or being productive.

It actually is a “you need both” thing.

And it only takes a little practice to really get both going.

Let me show you how easy - and rewarding - it can be:


Wotcha gonna do when it goes “SQUEAK!”?

The power of the mind.

When I was young my swimming coach would talk a lot about the power of the mind over the body.

And I knew the power it had.

Those 5am starts, training twice a day, what seemed like constant shaking from hunger …

I could listen to the whiney voice in my head,

I could slump and feel exhausted and resentful that my friends were out socialising,

Or I could put it aside and go a little bit further,

Many times a lot further.

And all with a better mood, making the hard work suddenly much more enjoyable.


It’s an incredible skill to have in any sphere of life -

I’m talking about exercise here,

But how about raising a Mini-me?

As amazing as they are, it isn’t a walk in the park.

(I have so much respect for single parents …)

Whoever you are, this skill - and it is a skill - is for you.

For you athletes, for you parents, for you working a tough job or setting up a new business, for you who are studying …

For you who are exhausted, for you who are facing health/money/relationship issues,

For you whose head just seems like the enemy some days …

For you who are ALL of those things.

The ability to gently and persistently put your mind to one side can literally save your life.


Inevitably, even if your life is amazing,

There’ll come a time when your mind squeaks.


It can be a roar of squeak, or just a "squeakette".

(You might know both very well)

Regardless of the quality of the squeak -

You can listen to it and do what it says - quit, give up, hide away …

Or you can be curious as to what is on the other side of that squeak.

“If I ignore it, what will happen?”

“Just because a voice says I’m exhausted, does that mean I can't gone on a touch longer?”

“Just because a voice says I’m useless, do I have to listen?”

“Just because a voice says “PANIC!”, can I choose not to?”

"Just because a voice says "I wonder what's in the fridge?", do I need to look?"

Curiosity …

Put the thought down,

Don’t let it define you,

Instead - get super present and see what happens from that.

Because when you really get good at this -

You find everything is manageable away from the squeak in the present moment.

“I can’t go on”

“I can’t possibly do this”

Becomes a case of “well, perhaps I could … oh, and actually, I am”

And that’s a life saver.

There’s times when you HAVE to go on.

There’s times when you can’t have a strop, throw your toys down and sulk.

There’s times when you just have to forget what you’d rather be doing, and get going.

But if you do it full on, it becomes you.

You find you have greater abilities and reserves than you ever knew.

All … and this is a big part of it for me -

All with a lightness of being that wasn’t there before when you were listening to those thoughts.

You can come out the other side and find what appeared to be a wall,

Was just a curtain.

What your head says is not reality but simply an option.

Your thoughts don’t need to have the power to define you, and what you do.

You get to choose.

You do.

Go well!



Top tip -

Don’t wait. Don’t delay,

Practice now while the going is good so you can sail through those SQUEAK-y times.

A mighty fine practice for that - simple, effortless, enjoyable - is Ascension.

If you’re liking my approach to stress and meditation and all this stuff?

Here’s a free guide to being less SQUEAKY, more mindful and more alive.

You'll love it:



Switching off a busy head thats getting frantic

Do you have a busy head, that thinks too much? I know you do!

99% of all humans have a head that is far too busy.

And busy in a way that is full of stress and negativity.

Sleep problems are through the roof, mental illness and anxiety on the rise.

I heard that the average human thinks something like 70,000 thoughts a day.

At least.

Before the coffee kicks in.

Now, what to do?

How do you have a calm, nice head -

One that means you don’t feel guilty for spending a little bit of time for you,

That you don’t snap and react in ways you later regret (especially with your kids),

That means you don’t spend hours thinking about what they’re thinking about what you said (whew) ...

and how you might counteract that,

Getting deeper and deeper into that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You CAN sedate with gin and tonic and/or Facebook,

That works in the short term.

But you tend to be upping the intake of both and that’s not a great long term strategy is it?

Especially when you have young kids,

And you wake with that cotton wool fog ache from a little too much alcohol and social media well into the night.

The best way is all about distraction.

Which is nice - it’s not about force, it’s not about stopping your head,

It’s about giving yourself something else to focus on.

Which is super good because you can’t stop your mind thinking.

You think because you’re alive!

Alive, I tell you!

What helps is being aware of what you’re thinking about.

More mindful and present,

Because then you shift your attention sooner.

And not let the monkey between your ears build up momentum and become a run away train.

That’s why exercise helps SO much with stress.

You’re so focussed on just making it through your pilates or your run or your swim or your gym session.

Breathing becomes the only important thing -

But there are other ways too,

Faster, simpler, smoother ways at that.

Download this (for free) and it'll give you a bunch of ideas:


Go well! Arjuna


Ascenders have their own day workshop at the end of the month.

Times to retreat, even just a day are priceless to switching off


Wife Pride

I’m so proud of my wife. As part of her after-baby classes she was videoed “interacting” with bubba -

So she could get some feedback.

The teacher was impressed -

And now the national organisation is going to use the clip as an example of great baby interaction.

I asked what she did that was special - 

“Nothing” said she.

But she is also an Ishaya and an Ascension meditation teacher and so I know what was special.

What was special was that she is truly present with bubba.

Sumati can focus her attention like a laser.

(Which I know very when I’m in trouble)

But the thing is, kids really respond to you being present with them.

And it’s not only kids - everyone does.

When you listen, when you’re really there, when you’re focussed on the person in front of you, everything changes.

Every single great interaction with anyone that I have ever had in my entire life -

From a teacher to a masseuse to a shop keeper -

All of them were simply but completely present with me.

The worst ones?

They were doing the same job, but “they” weren’t there.

MIA, in their heads, thinking and being somewhere else in space and time.

The moral of the story is if you want better, closer, more alive and connected relationships?

We’re talking romantic, family, friends … professional too,

Making all of life easier and more “full” and more fun for you?

Show up for them.

Be there.

Fully listen and be present.

The simplest thing, but so rarely done.

Know the theory but want help doing the practical?

Here are a bunch of super simple ideas:


Go well! Arjuna


Connecting with people is important to me,

It really is, it makes life so much … richer I guess is the word.

Life is to short for poverty of the soul, is it not?

Nothing Better Than …

I don’t know what to tell you. There’s not a lot to say.

You may scoff,

But this is the sum total of your life.

This moment.

It's not some kind of bus stop on the way to another, better moment,

This is it. When you get present, when you tune into this moment in time -

No matter what your body is doing.

Busy with things,

Or sitting on the couch with a cuppa.

Here you are.

The whole secret is in being.

You may have heard that - a lot.

It’s become somewhat of a cliche -

“We are human beings, not human doings”

But the secret to being super free of stress and sabotage and guilt,

Living in calm and clarity - “centred”

Able to handle anything with style …

To be fulfilled, content and super alive:

Is to “be” while you “do”.

To not lose yourself in the busy-ness and the chaos and the ups and downs.

This is the game of life.

Not just being.

Not just doing.

But merging and becoming the two.

200% of life you might say -

Inner and outer goodness coming together.

There’s nothing better than a life lived as such.

If you don’t know how?

This Thursday - 4 May at 8pm GMT

I have a online live training which will be especially relevant if you are a busy mum.

How to be a great, on it mum without losing yourself to impossible standards, guilt and to do list franticism.

Just takes the right understanding and the right practice.

Head this way if you’re interested on Thursday at 8pm.

https://business.facebook.com/MrArjunaIshaya Go well!



Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to cover.

Getting Yourself Familiar

Do you know what? I remembered something this morning.

It’s one of those cool things that makes a lot of sense.

But first -

Some of you know that I am a monk.

A modern day monk for sure,

With a family and a house and a penchant for pork pies and coffee and cups of tea.

I like music, especially old reggae dub … and I love to cook, while listening to said music.

(In fact with Sumati being on bubba duty I’m doing a lot of cooking.)

A full participant in this life -

Not hiding out in some cave somewhere.

Which is what I liked about the Ishayas.

The only reason I became a monk -

(Because it sounded full on before I really knew what it was all about)

Was because I was tired of my own head getting me down.

Sick of ruining my own party.

I used to be an outdoor instructor you see, and even though I tried to escape into the hills and the rivers,

My head came with me.

Couldn’t shake it.

Tried to - but it always came back, like some random dog full of ticks and a bit of foam hanging out it’s mouth following you home …

So I thought:

“There has to be more to life than this”

And so I jumped into doing something a little different from what other people do,

In order to find it.

This is what I can report back,

And it ties nicely into what I recalled this morning:

It’s only and will always be about remembering.

It’s all about a slight tweak into what and how you live and do things.

You don't need to change much at all.

You need gain no special knowledge because you already have what you need to free yourself of anxiety and worry and doubt.

You see, you are so familiar with the contents of your mind.

It’s addictive - you can’t let go of your own head.

You think you are your thoughts -

But you’re not.

You are the awareness and the presence that is aware of thoughts.

The secret to freeing yourself of all the erks you is becoming familiar with that awareness and presence once again.

You just forgot, that’s all.

And that there is what the Tibetan word for meditation means:


Making friends with yourself once again.

A lot easier than straining and trying and controlling

Searching and going somewhere …

You’re already there.

Stop. Make yourself familiar with what is already here.

Keep it that simple.


Go well! Arjuna

If you'd like to know more on HOW to do this easily, this is a free download that will give you tons of ideas on how: https://arjunaishaya.leadpages.co/sane-fb/

Then of course there is my webinar to get busy mums free of the frazzle,

Getting a balance between your family's life and your own,

Staying clear and calm and struggle free no matter what is going on around you:

Thursday 4 May at 8pm (GMT).

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Not Doing It Right

There can be so much thinking “I’m doing life all wrong” And if you have kids it can lead to much guilt -

Because now not only are you messing up your life, but your kids as well …

This man recently talked about it beautifully:

Harry, Prince Harry - the UK royal that looks like he’s having a great time

The one who is blessed with a full head of hair

(Before you get on my case for getting on William’s case, I am fully aware of the irony of a bald man teasing another) But Harry has recently talked about mental health and specifically his own in the wake of his mum’s death.

Not an ordinary death in the family, no way …

Something he said really sparked this little chat we’re having.

He said when you look around,

It seems like everyone else’s life is perfect.

Especially in this age of selfies and instagram and tweaking images with photoshopping all the rest of that …

When your life seems a little tough, or doesn’t seem to be perfect, it can be easy to think,

“There’s something wrong with me”

And it’s so true.

There is so much pressure to get it right

It leads to anxiety and depression and worry and overwhelm and good old guilt.

All due to comparison.

And as Theodore Roosevelt once said,

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Comparison with other people,

Comparison with some standards you should be living up to,

Comparison with some former version of yourself perhaps.

True, huh?

Sumati reports that stepping into being a mother has just sent that through the roof.

She’s getting to know some mums and they’re all trying to get it right

So conversations all seem to be about how good their bubba is doing

And it’s all just masking a not knowing,

A scramble to be getting it right.

And no wonder.

I know the mental habit of thinking particularly well.

When I was a young fella I looked around and it seemed like everyone else had life sorted.

I had no idea, at least I THOUGHT I had no idea.

But what I was trying to do was find by observing other people a way of living that I could fit into

Something I could conform to -

A ready made life cut out …

If that makes any sense at all.

What I should have been looking for instead -

Was investigating how I myself wanted and needed to live.

Giving up trying to get it right, and comparison,

And just doing it.

My life, without apologies.

It comes down to a kind of quiet confidence, doesn’t it?

Not an “alpha dominate the room” type proving yourself confidence,

That’s crazy.

Just an ignoring of those thoughts that say “something is wrong with me”

I found that the way forward,

To go beyond that negative tendency of our minds ,

Comes from being more and more present and aware of this moment in time.

From there you become more familiar with your own presence, that state of being that needs nothing.

Which brings a quiet contentment and calm in yourself.

Which means your partner, your loved ones, your friends,

They all relax within themselves too.

Nothing to prove, nothing to hide.

I once again spoke about this on Facebook recently, head this way if you've got the interest and a few moments: https://business.facebook.com/MrArjunaIshaya/videos/1465091973533911/

Go well ok?



If you'd like to "master" comparison and doing it wrong thoughts,

Be super present and full of presence,

This is an excellent place to start, a free download with 108 ways of doing just that:


Let me know if you have any questions about it, ok?

The other thing is a live workshop I’m doing specifically for busy working mums

It’s free - Thursday 4th May at 8pm on the internet

You don’t have to go anywhere, just find a quiet corner somewhere and show up to Facebook:

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