How to be as free as a monkey

Free as a monkey?!

OK - if you insist - how about as free a bird?

Make more sense to you?

Down to business then we shall get:

The most wonderful moments of your life were when you were totally present to them.

This moment, now, is the secret to enjoying the fullest, the most effective, stress free, happiest existence possible -

As free as a monkey bird.

It is THE foundation for a life well lived.

The past is gone - you can no longer do anything about it.

The future? Not here just yet - it really is unknowable.

Life with a capital L is right here, right now.

Don't miss it by dwelling in on what you should have done or being anxious for what might happen.

Don't spoil it either for thinking how now should be different.

How now brown cow?

What is here is all you have.

What are you going to do with it?

Find contentment in now, for contentment is the same as loving what is.

Loving what is? The path to freedom.

Loving what is isn't being a doormat - it's also loving your voice, your choice, your action.

Different yes it is to grasping for change that cannot come now, grasping for what “should be” ...

That is a path of suffering.

Be content, be present, focus on what you CAN do, what you DO have rather than what you insist you should / could / would have.

Don't just nod your head -

“Yup, heard it all before"

You’re right - there is nothing new under the sun.

What is new is you actually getting the experience that all the wisest women and men of this world have talked about for millennia.

Give up the glamour of new knowledge. Choose to have the experience.

Be here now. Be filled with presence -

Then your life has truth and permanence at its core, rather than solely the chasing of dreams.

Go well!



Dream chaser?

Certainly don’t go giving them up,

Just make sure you colour them with reality.

Colour each step to them with satisfaction and contentment.

And that is wholly within your power to claim.

Here’s a wonderful way of doing just that: