“I just can’t do it - it’s too hard …”

Yesterday morning was a tough morning. For no reason except my mind was reacting to the mere fact of being alive.

For the little kid in my head it was too tough to simply be out of bed, walking around, making coffee and small talk with the fiancee. A mind tantrum, you might call it.

You ever been in the supermarket and see some kid sprawled on the floor screaming, with their mother dragging them to the checkout?

Do you ever have those days?

I used to get this a lot. I wouldn’t say often, just more frequently that I would like. It used to hurt too, I would be swallowed up by this sense of “I just can’t do it - it’s too tough”.

The more I dwelled on that thought, the more deeper into a pit of despair and darkness I got. Errk. Not a nice place to be in.

The good thing about yesterday is that I know my own mind so much better than before.

In awareness there is choice.

In choice I can do something different, or in the case of yesterday know that the tantrum is just a sign of doing too much for too long.

I’ve been on the road teaching and travelling for three weeks. I saw the fiancée for a single night in a dodgy hotel near an airport. No wonder my mind’s kicking off - I should really schedule things a bit better.

So I put the plans on hold and give myself some space to do nothing. Nothing at all.

And even though the thoughts don’t change - they’re still telling me being alive is too hard - it’s simple to ignore. The thoughts have no influence to my mood.

I actually laughed out loud at one point. Being alive is simple. It’s just a fact. You can’t help but be alive. It’s the mind and thoughts that makes it harder or easier.

If you want a way out of your own mind - not to force it to change, but to be able to see it clearly and laugh, then join me for the ultimate answer.

There is a weekend course of Ascension meditation on the 15-17 April and it’s going to be fine. I’ll give you a treasure map, complete with compass and shovel - in other words, all the tools you need to find and live as the ruler of your own mind. And in that, happy and alive:

  • An end to stress, struggle and self-sabotage.
  • The ability to focus when you need to, let go when you want to.
  • To be happy and content, no matter.
  • To be the best version of yourself, always.

If you want in, email me for a (comfy) seat.

Any questions just email me too.

Have a great day,

- Arjuna


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