Lost your mojo? Here’s how to get mojo invulnerablity

So often people say, “I’m stressed” or “I’m anxious” or “I can’t sleep because I’m thinking too much” … Do you ever get like that?

The reason you’ve lost your mojo… and it’s temporarily for sure, always temporary, you will come out the other side given time

But the reason you’ve lost your mojo is that you’ve listened to your head tell you all about a problem and you’ve gotten stuck into all the “why’s?”, “what if’s?”, and “then what’s?” … 

You've given far too much attention to what you need to do and what could go wrong, and it's crushing you.

How to stop thinking incessantly, and get your mojo back when YOU want to, and not just rely on “time”?  The solution is to be present.

Always. The solution is to show up to now. Fully and completely. 

Now, being present is simple. It’s so simple, it’s hard to describe. Be here, in the same place as your body, tuned into your senses not your thoughts and emotions.

OK? Are you doing it, now? Excellent.

How to be morepresent?

Well, you can only be present now. You can have the intention to stay out of a distressing past or future, but you can only be present it NOW.

OK? That’s important. Because you will forget.

That’s not me being a downer and getting all negative on you, it’s a fact. Chances are very likely you will forget.

No deal. Honestly, no deal – this is a practice of remembering. When you remember, there you are! Awake and present. Alive again.

You will forget, you will remember again. Just make the most of the times you remember, ok?

Keep it that simple and you’re home and hosed. Practice as much as you can remember.You’ll develop that kind of bullet proof-ness to those thoughts. You’ll be able to keep them at bay, to drop them when you want to.

Getting great at being present means you can be free from the negativity and overwhelm of your own mind and be cool and calm all day long with a big phat smile on your face.


Go well! Arjuna

PS. Are you here, now?

PPS. Good stuff.

PPPS. Tools and techniques to make you present, for more of the day?

Here's a fine list for free, simple to read, easy to do, fun too - https://mailchi.mp/60dbe4ffeccf/freedom-from-thinking-so-much