Make Sure You Enjoy This

A really cool thing about having a baby, Is all the strangers wanting to stop and chat.

As well as a oogle at bubba.

So many people love little bubba!

And they take the chance to give advice -

“Ooh, it’s colic …”

“Do it like this and you won’t have to do it like that …”

I think I said this recently but the best advice we got was to ignore all advice.

And make it up as we go along.

But one piece of advice has been consistent - as well as good:

So many people stopping and saying:

“Make sure you enjoy this phase”

Which is super smart advice.

You see -

We all look for the next best thing.

Which is cool, but it’s at the expense of now.

Especially with a baby that is true.

So many mums feel like they're little more than furniture -

And can’t wait for the bubba to be more independent.

The focus on when things will be different means you miss out on right now.

Now is - at best - endured -

Or at worst, struggled through -

Until some future moment that - let’s face it - MIGHT be better.

A life lived through endurance at best and stress and struggle at worst?

Constantly in the future, wishing for something else?

That’s no life.

No one wants that.

See what you're doing here.

See where your attention is -

Enjoy this phase, because this is it.

This here is life itself.

If you do tune into what’s happening right in front of you?

Whatever is happening gets simple and stress free, and even fun, no matter what mayhem and chaos it may contain.

The future might be better, but now?

Just dandy, thanks.

Good stuff,

Go well! Arjuna


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