They Were Complaining About Having A Quiet Head

“I have a problem” Said a fellow recently that I’d taught Ascension meditation to earlier in the year.

“I have no thoughts.”

“It’s all just quiet in there”

A lady also piped up and said:

“Me too! It’s just silent and still in my head”

Do YOU ever have that problem?

Would you LIKE to have that problem?

I must admit I guffawed out loud when I heard about their “problem”.

Because -

The people coming to me are coming because they are tired of having a frantic head,

And what that means for their life:

You can’t sleep because of it.

Your “to do” list constantly running in there,

Which means you’re missing out on what’s in front of you.

It’s making you anxious, and grumpy, and snappy.

And not very effective because you’re trying to do 12 things at once.

At home thinking about work, at work thinking about being at home.

Trying to live up to impossible standards that you’ve set for yourself,

Based on comparison with what you THINK you see in the people around you,

Trying to be the perfect parent,

Your head’s giving you grief when you think you’ve failed.


Giving, giving, giving, bleeding yourself dry for your family because you want to and yet …

“Where’s the time for me?”

It’s tough in there, I know. Brutal sometimes.

Hence me laughing out loud at the "problem" of a “too quiet head”.

Now - Laughing at your people is not “good practice” as a teacher of any kind, is it?


But … you can understand why, can't you?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have THAT problem?

Yes indeed.

Let me help you GET that problem.

Download this, and we'll keep talking more after:

Go well, Arjuna