Make Your Relationship Even Better (Get More Loving!)

make-yourYesterday I did a three hour intro to meditation with some guys in the fitness industry. Everything from “why you should” to how to do it. I love this kind of thing - it's a real challenge.

Meditations got a skewed image, especially amongst active people. They just can't see the point of sitting down when there's things to be done.

Busy people, really physical people often use activity to de-stress and chill out and get perspective.

The idea of sitting around, seemingly not achieving anything or doing anything is abhorrent to some.

I get that - but that is EXACTLY where the problems in their lives stem from.

So that’s what we addressed yesterday.

It was an amazing three hours. We talked, we closed our eyes, the time flew.

I think the guys really got the reasons why. Not only did they walk away way more relaxed than when they began, they saw how a regular practice could transform their lives.

Calm and fun is one thing.

Focus is another - the ability to stay on track and not let negativity or day dreaming or procrastination sway you or keep you at work longer than you need to be.

Dumping the cares of the day and constantly being on the go was a huge one -

All six guys - all of them - admitted that often when they were at home with their wives and partners, they weren’t really there.

They were still BUSY - at work, with clients, with the upcoming event, in discussion with colleagues -

All in their heads.

So they were at home, but missing in action. Lost in their minds. Lost in business.

No real quality time with their loved ones, because they were absent - thinking.

Their kids growing up around them, and they’re missing out.

Their wives and partners wanting a deeper connection and attempting to do so but they just weren’t listening. Not fully.

Here’s the thing:

They all said they knew their relationships could be better.

They all knew they “should” be more present -

- but either they didn’t realise when they weren’t really there -

Or they didn’t know HOW to get out of their heads and be fully in the room, away from the events and concerns of the day.

And so I gave them a bunch of simple meditation tools to do that,

But since they’re all action men I also gave them a few solid practical things to achieve and tick off every day to make their relationships really fly.

So a question for you.

Based on the above, what is one small thing you can do to be more present and make your relationship better?

Let me know if I can ever help out, with anything.


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