No One Is Stressed (According To The Research)

business men phonecall No one is stressed. Stress doesn’t exist. It isn’t a problem.

Seriously -

According to science, 96% of people would not class themselves as stressed.

And YET -

The UK Dept of Health says roughly half - 50% - of all sick days from work could be attributed to stress.

So either “stress” is a nice easy excuse for throwing a sickie on a Friday -

Or people are SO unaware of their state of being that stress is the new “normal”.

It’s all become a case of “it’s what we do”.

What I see -

And I know ALL of this because this is how I used to be until I realised -

Is that most people are ALSO chronically tired.

Long busy work days with a long, less than mellow commute.

A packed weekend throwing yourself into DIY, getting into the outdoors, catching up with family and friends, going out on the town.

Trouble sleeping, perhaps young children adding to the mix of sleeplessness.

A reliance on TVs, mobiles, gaming to try and unwind and switch off which actually creates MORE sleep problems.

(as they mess with the brain chemical balance when you’re looking to wind down).

Throwing the coffee back - in an attempt to maintain the “go” and stop slumping.

Reaching for sugary snacks or fatty crisps in the afternoon, dessert and alcohol every night.

A layer of fat that just doesn’t shift or gets bigger, no matter the time exercising, no matter the diets.

This exhaustion just leads to stress which leads to more exhaustion, in an endless cycle.

It doesn’t even FEEL like you’re stressed.

And the research says just that. You just don't see it.

But there's often overwhelm, or being slightly on edge, or constantly busy, never with a moment to yourself, always a sense of running here and there -

There's ginormous expectations of ourselves - with ever growing to do lists.

There's feeling snappy, reactive, worried or anxious, unable to laugh as much or as quickly as you used to.

There's getting annoyed with your kids when they drag you away from the phone, yelling at people when you’re out driving, feeling like a right grumpy bugger ALL the time.

There's regularly picking yourself up out of feeling like "where’s the fun gone, it’s all a waste of time, life used to be better, didn’t it?"

I know - I know.

I wouldn’t be writing this unless I’ve been there and done it.

So - the first step is to recognise that there could be more to life than what you’re living.

Recognise that there's a need to take stock.

Don’t let stress and tiredness be the new normal.

Recognise there's a need to make some changes to lighten your load.

If you do?

Everything gets simpler and easier.

All of life transforms.

Your relationship starts to blossom again, your kids enjoy your company, you get more productive, you can stick to that diet, you sleep like you used to …

The worry, the anxiety, the overwhelm?

All you know is that life got REALLY fun again, just like it used to be.

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Take care Arjuna

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