Meditation is your natural state...?

Did you know that the meditative state is your natural state?

I know… hard to believe.

But not the state you might think of, the one where the guy with a bald head and saffron robes is crosslegged on the floor in a cave.

But the state of being totally alive.

Totally aware. Completely at ease. Calm, centred, capable.

Free of drama, struggle, self-doubt.

Free of regret and worry.

If it is your natural state to be like this - then it should be natural to live like this continually, no?

It is just a habit not to.

Just a habit.

The practice to get back to it?

That’s right - closing your eyes, and meditating.

You don’t have to sit on the floor, be comfortable. If you can’t be comfortable you’ll be thinking about your body all the time, and that’s a pain.

Give yourself ten minutes and simply observe everything.

If you wish, try gently noticing the breath as it comes in and out, in and out.

Fight nothing, resist nothing, accept and allow everything.

If how you meditate isn’t working - don’t throw the baby out with the water.

Not all meditation techniques are created equal.

Find a teacher who is alive and at peace.

Get them to teach you a quality tool.

I think you know what I would suggest …

I would personally learn the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension, except I’ve already learnt.

No matter.

Take ten minutes for yourself. You will come to love it.

Why not start today?