My confession (nothing big, but a little embarrassing anyway)

I run my own business, and I do it because I love it, I love the freedom to sit on my floor with my back to the radiator and create something that helps people.

It’s a challenge for sure, but I love challenge, I love seeing what happens when I take a step outside my comfort zones.

Aptly enough, everything that I write about is for own education and growth.

The reason I teach meditation is because I need it. I need to constantly let go.

I love the challenge of my work, but sometimes it takes over.

Yesterday and this morning has been a case in point.

I’ve been obsessing over a minor point, constantly.

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit - since my job, and my business, is about not obsessing, not getting caught up in stuff.

And that is exactly what I was doing.

You see, and you’ll know this whether you’re self-employed or not…

You’re sitting there with your fiancee, having some quality time, and you’re actually thinking about work, and not hearing a single word she said.


You’re in bed, trying to sleep, and she turns to you and says “are you still thinking? Stop it, I can hear you”.


I wake in the morning and the problem is still there, and I’m teasing it through in my head, over and over again.

The fiancee gets exasperated and slaps me on the head (figuratively).


Then I realise what I’m doing. And that I don’t need to. That constant working it through is just creating stress, pointless stress, for me and for her.

It took that reminder to walk my own talk and actually use the tools I teach:

  • to detach, to stop obsessing, to be present again, to come back to balance.

When I actually sit down and use the Ascension meditation techniques, they work, beautifully. The turmoil I’ve been creating begins to settle down.

I’m actually clearer, even though I still don’t know what to do. But the answer will come, in clarity not from stress.

Seems like there is no end to the lessons I learn, or no end to the reminder to get out of my head and be alive to now.

And actually, honestly: long may it continue.

Long may I see the times when I’m “asleep”, or making choices that aren’t useful - to clarity, to my stress levels, to my relationship.

Just gotta get back on the horse, again and again. No matter what you’re doing.

There you go. A little story for you. Surround yourself with people who can remind you!

If you want to learn great techniques that work to stop stress and obsession, when you use them, come along to my course:

15-17 April. £200. All support, and reminders should you ever need them, for free for your lifetime.

Email me for a seat.

Have a great day - and take it easy!

- Arjuna

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