Naked Swimming

naked swimmingSummer is a good time for a spot of swimming, isn't it? I know it's called wild swimming these days. Back when I was a kid it was just plain old swimming.

Wild swimming does sound cooler doesn't it?

Been at the coast for a few days and got some “wild” swims in.

Then headed to Brighton to see some friends.

My buddy who lives there loves swimming naked.

I’m not a prude, but on Brighton beach in the middle of the morning?

Not for me.

For him though, it makes him feel totally alive.

Totally free, unencumbered.

Just being in the ocean does that for me, shorts on.

The cold is not the most pleasant thing for the first few moments, but then the reward kicks in.

Such a great effect on the body. It makes you come alive, everything "zinging".

That's the thing about being out in nature, isn't it?

It clears the senses.

Puts everything in perspective too.

Gives you a sense of calm and goodness.

Imagine if you could have that every day … ?

Not just after a trip away in the outdoors, but imagine if you were able to chose to be calm, clear, content and alive any time you wish … ?

It's a great thing to have.

And why not? Why not live with such a perspective, such balance, such Life?

It's a funny thing how some people don't want that.

Or maybe they DO want that, it's just they don't know how to get it.

Well, you can live like that.

And all it takes is a simple practice.

It does take you prioritising living life thriving rather than surviving.

It takes you valuing calm and Life more than stress and struggle - enough at least to do something about it.

That’s what my next course is all about.

If you're interested, the way forward is here.

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A simple practice that makes all of life so simple.

All it takes is for you to reach out and give it to yourself.

And your loved ones. When you're in good shape, it's so much easier for everyone to be in good shape.

Have a great day now! Arjuna


No seriously -

Have a great day. Choose to enjoy it. Make it so that you stay present and calm and full of happiness.

No one else will do it for you.

This one is on you!