Trouser Snake Stupidity

rattlesnake-toxic-snake-dangerous-38438I like the weird news. Somewhere, somehow there is always someone doing something a little stupid.

Like the Darwin Awards - prizes for people evolution should have forgotten -

These stories give me a chuckle, and a quick burst of gratitude that it wasn’t me that was caught so publicly.

Recent news announced that CCTV filmed a man stealing a snake from a pet store by stuffing it down his trousers.

The owners said he was lucky it wasn’t feeding day as these snakes get very, very hungry.


Have you ever done anything stupid?

I know I have.

My wife might say every single day, but I think she might be over estimating.

She does that a bit - I often say that I must have told her a million times to stop exaggerating.

Now I think stupidity is fine, as long as you learn from it.

(That’s my excuse anyhow)

But -

Doing the same thing and expecting different results over and over again, that’s probably not so wise, don’t you think?

Yet I see it a lot.

People are quite content to tick along, going up and going down, doing the same thing and kind of hoping things will get better.

Rarely do they look to see how they can get off the self inflicted rollercoaster themselves.

Perhaps they don’t realise it’s self-inflicted.

So few stop, and ask:

“Surely there must be another way to live life than just waiting for the weekend, or the next holiday, or the next high?”

Surely there is a way to avoid pain and get more fun, in every moment?

There is - it lies in getting more aware, clear and focussed and developing free choice in what thoughts you listen to.

You might call this being mentally fitter - getting the ability to master your own mind.

I can help with that.

If you want more from your time in the outdoors:

- more performance, more enjoyment, more Flow -

As well as every single part of your life - your health, your work, your relationships, your family …

I’m running a course that will give you the tools and the understanding and the support -

- Everything you need -

To live the biggest life possible.

To stop waiting for the weekend, to stop being bored and frustrated, to stop getting worried and anxious.

To find your true potential and permanent peace.

Get more information, how to register your interest for a seat, as well as daily emails like this one to remind and inspire you, right here:

Good on you.

Keep the peace!



Don’t steal, and don’t put animals down your trousers.

And don’t tell me I never give useful tips.