Only you can choose peace or pain

You are constantly choosing your response to life. This choice defines how you live, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in. This choice is total: You decide whether you live in peace or in suffering. No one and nothing can cause you to suffer; you decide to suffer.

I know it doesn’t feel like this. No one wants to suffer, everyone is looking for a way to avoid it. The trouble is we don’t know how.

We believe our happiness is dependent on the conditions of our life: people, things, events. We choose to feel hurt, stressed, or angry when things don’t go according to expectation, and all because we believe our happiness lies not within us, but is given to us.

If happiness can be given, it can be taken, so we struggle to secure everything: our emotions, bodies, relationships, careers, possessions. All conflict comes from this mistaken belief, all war, all fear.

We have the reality of life back to front. Our inner state is never conditional on what happens or what we have. The external conditions of your life do not create peace, you - and you alone - make the choice to be at peace.

Your birth-right is to know that it isn’t life that brings you happiness, it is you that brings happiness to life. Consistently making this choice brings you beyond suffering, forever.

Imagine - How would life be if you lived like that?