Robots Taking Over

Remember when you were young and the future was going to be full of labour saving devices? We’d be sitting around sipping cocktails while robots did everything?

Well … we’re here!

The future is now.

We’ve got some cool stuff, but where’s them robots so I can go kayaking all day long?

And how come we’re busier than ever??

It’s actually the latest badge of honour - 

“How you doing?”

“Oh you know - super busy, like crazy busy …”

Importance and social standing these days in the rat race is based on how frantic you are.

No one has any time any more, especially for “frivolities” like mental health and happiness.

Hmmm … you know, maybe that’s the thing.

Your internal state is treated like an “extra”;

A “when I get around to it” …

A "nice to have" ...

And yet 50% of all sick days are due to stress.

Attention spans are dropping hugely - from 13 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds by 2013.

(a goldfish's is 9 seconds so they beat you ...

and they're way better at holding their breath under water)

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks - all more and more common. Even in kids!

There’s no focus, no ability to ignore a particular thought pattern - or to hold one -

People just BECOME whatever goes through their heads.

We are busier than before but finding less and less happiness.

Before I became a dad I had the perfect answer to that:

“Prioritise your peace - make time for you”

Now I am a dad I realise that is easy to say and harder to do.

But it’s no less important. It's actually even MORE important for parents.

Because your internal state of being isn’t a “frivolity” …

It’s an essential.

It is the thing that makes the difference between effectiveness, fulfilment and enjoyment …

And stress, struggle and misery ...

The difference between being the struggling you and the great you.

Running on empty? Not good …

You might be able to carry it off for a long long time,

But when something even a touch big comes along?

You are thrown way off,

And it takes a long time to get back on your feet.

Take the time for you to recharge and take stock.

To nurture what you need so you can be full on.

You need to carve out the time -

Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day.

You have to.

You have to.

It’s not selfish.


Go well Arjuna



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