The Meaning Of Life At 3am

Do you know what I noticed the other day? At 3am on my early morning nappy call?

Groggy and bleary eyed though I was -

Sometimes you're hit with great clarity at the weirdest times aren’t you?

This was one of those moments.

Bubba, on the nappy table,

Half naked,

NOT caring an inch.

About the time,

About the poo,

About anything.


No self-confidence issues,

No self-doubt, no self-criticism, no perfectionism,

Just hanging out.

She doesn’t get all wrapped up in that.

She just meets the moment as it is.

Quite the little philosopher.

We have chats all the time.

“This is what is happening”, she tells me.

“It is what it is …”

“And I am what I am”.

No hiding, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to fear,

Just legs in the air

(I only put that in cos it rhymed)

Sure -

You might say she’s not that productive.

She doesn’t DO much.

(But I can tell you she definitely does in the nappy department)

Indeed she has nothing to do -

And that is where the doubt and self-criticism comes in, doesn’t it?

When you’ve got responsibilities and goals and external pressures and stuff like that.

I DO see your point.

The point I want to make back at you -

Is that none of us were born with self-doubt,

Or harsh perfectionism,

Or regret,

Or judgement.

Were we?

I think not.

Somehow it was learned.

If it was learned, it CAN be unlearned - even with your life as it is.

It can.

The first step is wanting to do something about it.

The second step is awareness.

Being mindful of those loops of habit.

Getting full of awareness and presence means you’re not unconsciously supplying momentum to said loops.

They fade away.

They do, I promise.

All from creating another habit,

One that is creating a new type of relationship with your mind.

And that's what we do here.

If you want that?

I think you'll really like my FREE guide.

108 ways to being less self-doubt full and more just you Makes life so much easier.

Go well! Arjuna

PS. Bubba doesn't REALLY talk to me

She is talented, but not that talented

Just before you have thoughts about stealing her away and forcing her to join your performing genius circus troop