Sleep less, die earlier

Did you do better today?

Did you maximise your day?

In our world there is a full scale attack on “doing nothing”,

On resting, kicking back.

Everything is about productivity - doing, achieving, going, ticking off goals.

Everything. Everything is measured, with fitness trackers and mobile phones everything can be put down to a number.

Did you do better today?

Did you maximise your day?

Even meditation and mindfulness, the ultimate of doing nothing.

A quick check of the internet and it’ll tell you how good it is for productivity, getting stuff done.

There’s no time nor space left for just chilling.

Being busy - frantic - has become such a badge of honour,

Resting and sleeping has become associated with being lazy, slothful, weak.

People feel guilty if they seem to need more than 8 hours sleep every night.

“I’m wasting time” is how I used to feel.

“If I slept less, I’d be able to get so much more done” …

How about you?

Now I’m all about living a full rich life, creating projects and doing things and enjoying ticking them off.

But when I teach any kind of mindfulness or meditation it is so obvious how exhausted people are.

Even 10 year old kids, knackered.

Inter-related with all this extreme tiredness is anxiety, worry, overwhelm that is through the roof.

Something is wrong when lack of sleep is such a problem that in the UK it costs £30 billion in lost revenue.

Again - a number that represents lost productivity … but sometimes thats the only number that makes sense.

All of your health, your abilities to think clearly and creatively, your relationships …

All of your life suffers when you don’t get enough rest.

Now - don’t panic about this.

This isn’t an excuse to stay awake thinking about it.

But it is an excuse to ask yourself:

When are you going to do something about it?

Read this:

Then do something about it.

If you need help, then learn to meditate - and do it every day.

It will not only help you get better sleep,

If you’re not sleeping so well, it’ll give you more rest so you can cope with that lack of sleep.

Getting more sleep and rest could be the single greatest thing you do for yourself -

And your loved ones.

Don’t wait until it’s an over the top, obvious problem.

When you’re snapping at your kids, resenting everything, being worried and stressed about everything, just getting through the day via chocolate, coffee, and reaching for the gin.

Or go ahead and ignore it. Up to you.

Any questions? Just ask. I'm here to help.

Go well!



Now I know all about meditation and mindfulness, I don’t know how I lived without it.

Here's a free guide to help you get going:

Seriously. I don’t know how people live without it.

Perhaps they’re not really living, just getting by.

Want to do something about it?