Who stole my baby?

I spent the last 4 days on my own.

Man solo, left to his own devices, what could possibly go wrong?

Famous last words!

Don’t worry - I survived.

And the lawns even got mown and the floors vacuumed.

Good job it wasn't the other way around, huh?!

But when my little bubsy came back -

I was a little shocked.

You see -

She was different.

Someone must have done a swap.

4 days! And she’s all changed, a new mini me.

How does that happen so quick?

My first response was a bit - “I want the old bubsy back! Don’t ever grow up!”

Impossible to freeze time isn’t it?

No matter how hard we try.

Life is change.

And that is a huge source of inner troubles -

Clinging to the old.

When you have kids, all of a sudden life is completely different.

Isn’t it?

Your sense of freedom definitely takes a big change.

(I’m typing this with one hand as bubsy’s in the sling asleep and her little head keeps flopping around)

Especially mums - because they’re at the pudgy little coal face.

You have to step into a new role, a new you, immediately.

That can be hard.

But it’s the clinging to the old version of you that causes the suffering.

You used to freely do this and that, and now you can't.

The new you isn’t worse though - or better.

Just different.

And as soon as you embrace that change, as soon as you do -

The easier, the more fulfilling everything in your now is.

Now being the operative word for whatever your life situation:

As it is, right NOW.

The truth is though -

There is part of you that never changes, even in a complete upheaval of life.

When you get to know that, any change, any uncertainty becomes easily sail-able.

As in, you can sail through anything in life.

With a big grin on your face.

No more drama.

The whole purpose of meditation and mindfulness, that is.

And so it's well worth practicing.

If you wanted to learn the simplest, most powerful meditation tools in the universe?

Here's how:


Be great to have you.

Go well!



Remember - if you’ve learnt already, and it doesn’t matter if this was a billion years ago,

It’s completely free to repeat, as many times as you like.

I love that, because the course makes a billion times deeper sense when you hear it again.

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